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RotoExperts Draft Kit: Top 25 Small Forwards

Durant edges LeBron as the NBA's top flag football player

From the RotoExperts 2011-12 NBA Draft Kit

These rankings were written on Dec. 16 and published a day later. Derrick Williams is flying up draft boards, while Corey Maggette has been available late. Andrei Kirilenko’s future remains cloudy; rumors persist that he will sign with New Jersey but nothing is official yet. Austin Daye looked strong in the Pistons’ first exhibition game and has more upside than Tayshaun Prince. Watch that situation closely. 

Positional eligibility is important to consider when building your Fantasy basketball team. The top sites usually vary in terms of positional leniency, and the games played at a position is much foggier than in, say, Fantasy Baseball. For the purposes of the RotoExperts Top 25 positional rankings, we limited players to one list only; namely, the position they play most of the time. Under these circumstances, the small forward position is very top-heavy, with stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant heading the list. The talent drops off significantly, so it is crucial that, depending on your league’s positional rules, you check to see what shooting guards and power forwards could also slot into your SF spot.

In general, drafting based on positional depth is a solid strategy, and true small forwards and true centers are in shorter supply this season than the three other positions. It’s just something to keep in mind while you are drafting; it might be a good idea to get one of the top SFs on this list before it’s too late.

The following rankings are based on a nine-category, head-to-head league format (PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3FG, FG%, FT%, TO), using Yahoo!’s positional eligibility. We break down players into tiers as well to help you organize them within your overall cheat sheets. These rankings take into account not just stat projections, but injury risk, competition for minutes and other intangibles.



1. Kevin Durant, OKC

Projected Stats: 28.6 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 2.7 APG, 2.0 3FG, 1.1 SPG, 1.0 BPG, 2.9 TO, 46.5 FG%, 89.6 FT%

He’s Fantasy Basketball’s 1A to LeBron’s 1B. Who you choose comes down to, perhaps, personal preference (do you dislike rooting for LeBron because of “The Decision”?) or, if you are a cold and calculating Fantasy player, or league format. In rotisserie scoring, Durant is the clear No. 1 overall pick because of his incredible free throw percentage at such a high volume. In H2H formats, it is more of a toss-up. Durant turns it over less than LeBron, has that better free throw percentage, and even bests him in blocks. He’s also easier to root for. There’s your tiebreaker! Continue reading

Damn Lies Fantasy Preview: Detroit Pistons

We saved the best for last, didn’t we? DEEE-TROIT BASKET-zzzzzzz… Oh, snap. Look what you’ve wrought, Joe Dumars. The Pistons are the butt of jokes made by normally serious bloggers such as the pillars of journalistic ethics here at Damn Lies & Statistics. We’re proud to wrap up our 2010-11 fantasy previews with the Pistons, the worst team to even think about from a fantasy perspective. I mean, really. This roster is such a horror show. Is there a single player on this team that couldn’t fluxuate between starter and 15th man this season? Let’s wade into the muck.

Congratulations, New Coke, you're off the hook. Dumars signed McGrady.

The Pistons were a once-proud franchise that challenged for the Eastern Conference title annually up until a few years ago. Maybe it was the trade of Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson, followed by rewarding Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva with undeserved riches, that sunk them. Okay, not maybe; it was definitely all of that. What we’re left with is a team with no stars, no clear starter at ANY position and a majority of fantasy players wondering if any Piston is worth it on draft day. I count one who I wouldn’t mind adding as a final starter or reserve: Rodney Stuckey. Even Stuckey comes with too many limitations to count on regularly. His field goal percentage is atrocious (41 percent), he dishes it less than five times a game, he doesn’t hit threes and he is volunteering to be the Sixth Man. And this is their top fantasy option.


I like Gordon to bounce back from a brutal debut season in Motown, but only because he has nowhere to go but up. Who thought that Gordon’s contract would be worth it if he was backing up Richard Hamilton every night? At least they traded Hamilton in the offseason, only they didn’t. He’s still here. What? And knowing all of this, Dumars went and signed Tracy McGrady, a decision that ranks right up there among the all-time historically awful ones ever made, worse than New Coke and nearly as bad as Decca Records passing on The Beatles in 1962. No worries: Hamilton or McGrady can play small forward, right? Since Dumars moved Tayshaun Prince in the offseason? That didn’t happen either? Jesus.

The aforementioned Villanueva has been such a bust that he quite possibly might be the sixth forward on the depth chart among all of this team’s SFs and PFs, and that’s without even mentioning Jonas Jerebko, who will miss the season touring Europe with his brothers. The starting power forward might turn out to be Austin Daye, a second-year player with lots of upside, most of it in the “eating” category. This guy is skinny. Nobody would be shocked if Daye and rookie Greg Monroe saw major minutes in the frontcourt this year, as veterans Chris Wilcox and Jason Maxiell haven’t done enough to stand out and Ben Wallace is hoping to be the first NBA player to play a game completely embalmed. DaJuan Summers is a sneaky sleeper should 43 of the 47 players ahead of him get injured. On a positive note, one of my favorite players in the League is the diminutive Will Bynum, who is a nice deep-league draft pick but, like many of his teammates, a man without a plan. Terrico White is a rookie blah blah blah something. Perhaps. Fascinated to see how this all turns out? Neither are we, to be honest. Thirty teams down, and I’m goin’ to bed.

PG: Rodney Stuckey, Will Bynum
SG: Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon
SF: Tayshaun Prince, Tracy McGrady
PF: Austin Daye, Charlie Villanueva
C: Ben Wallace, Greg Monroe

Damn Lies & Statistics Team Previews

Daily Lies & Statistics: I’d like to [blank] the Academy

Oscar Night. Such an exciting event that I watched Celtics-Wizards instead. What happened? Did that movie about the blue people win anything? I heard someone joking this morning that Sandra Bullock won for Best Actress for that TV movie about football. Could you imagine? Ha. Well, it was probably someone like Meryl Streep. I’ll read up on it later.

An obviously Photoshopped image of Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar. You can find anything on the wacky web!

I got better things to do, with the fantasy hoops season winding down pretty quickly. It is already March 8, shocking when you consider that it seems like just yesterday when this web site was launched in the preseason, bringing a nation together and feeding those starving for fantasy basketball analysis on the cheap. And with the old saying “you get what you pay for” posted above each of our cubicles here at DL&S headquarters, we charge ahead, looking back only to whine. And also to recap the previous day’s events. ‘Cause that’s what we do.

Sunday’s Notables:

In Boston, a real upset was brewing with the Wizards up 13 on the Celtics with about six minutes left. The Cs awoke from their slumber in time to squeak out a 86-83 win and avoid home losses to the Nets and Wiz on consecutive weekends. My boys have looked like an old team this year, so you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t feel like the addition of Michael Finley addresses this at all. Despite the best efforts of stat hounds Al Thornton (24 & 11, 3 stl) and Andray Blatche (23 & 9), Washington choked the game away. Celtics fans can’t be buoyed by Blatche, Thornton and JaVale McGee vastly outplaying their own front line, even if McGee became the first seven-footer in basketball history to play over 30 minutes and grab just one rebound. He did have five blocks and should be picked up if you need those as he has swatted 19 shots in his last five.

The Pistons, playing without Rodney Stuckey after Stuckey suffered a seizure and collapsed on the bench Friday night, pulled off a 110-107 win over the Rockets, who are now an offensive juggernaut. Kevin Martin and Aaron Brooks are enjoying their green lights (27 and 25 points, respectively) and Luis Scola (20 & 15) has been a beast lately, averaging 21.3 points and 18.0 boards in his last three. On the Deeee-troit Basketball side Tayshaun Prince is taking over, what with high-priced free agent busts Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva wallowing in awfulness. Prince had 29 points and 10 boards and is averaging 20.2 points over his last five. Will Bynum (12-4-11, 2 stl) got the start at point guard for Stuckey, whose status going forward is uncertain. I’m making a move for Bynum if I’m a Stuckey owner for insurance purposes.

It’s a shame to watch the Lakers struggle on their road trip (three straight losses to Miami, Charlotte and Orlando yesterday, 96-94). This is a team that played 17 of its first 21 games on the road. Now Kobe is calling out teammates and the league’s most talented team by far is disjointed. Am I smiling a little more after Kobe missed a 20-footer at the buzzer that would have tied it? Yes, yes I am. But let’s not dwell on this too much as L.A. should get it together. Orlando, meanwhile, has won five in a row and Jameer Nelson (15-9-7 Sunday) is finally playing like the fantasy stud we drafted him to play like. Vince Carter even had a good game on Sunday, scoring 25 points on just 10 shots. No word on whether or not this has accelerated Armageddon.

Chris Bosh returned to the lineup after a stomach bug and sprained ankle, but was underwhelming (12 & 12, 6-14 FG) along with his Raptor teammates in a 114-101 spanking at home against the 76ers. Sam Dalembert played just 13 minutes off the bench, for disciplinary reasons, supposedly. Thaddeus Young was a monster, going for 32 points, four steals and three threes. Jrue Holiday gave fantasy owners a reason to pursue him on the waiver wire with a nice line of 21-7-6, three threes and two blocks.

The Thunder eked one out over Sacramento, 108-102, in a game that featured Carl Landry landing an elbow on Russell Westbrook‘s eye that required six stitches. Westbrook returned to the game and had yet another nice statistical game (21-8-4) as did the regularly ridiculous Kevin Durant (27-8-5).  Landry (20-8, 9-13 FG) keeps doing his thing in Sacramento, but after he and Tyreke Evans (24-4-7) the rest of the Kings aren’t giving us much from a fantasy perspective.

Finally, Denver rolled over Portland, 118-106, and as a Chris Andersen owner I have only this to say: Johan Petro? Petro started instead of Andersen for the injured Kenyon Martin, but Andersen still did block three shots. Watch this closely as it makes sense for Andersen to get a lot more than his 18 minutes from last night going forward. Petro had 10 rebounds, but I’m not rushing out to pick him up.

Five games on the docket in what is sure to be a big week for anyone still in contention in their leagues. Good luck!

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