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Moving Without the Ball: Huang In There!

You probably won't hear Roy Hibbert call Jim O'Brien a stand-up guy.

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My friend and colleague Adam Ronis has long made his feelings known; he is not a fan of Jim O’Brien. And when the Pacers fired O’Brien on Sunday, I’m sure he let out a sigh of relief. It’s not just Ronis, however, who are happy to see O’Brien go. Guys like Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough are relieved since they’re now likely going to see more playing time under the new regime. Rejoice! We’ve been waiting for Hibbert to develop into a star center, but for some reason O’Brien just didn’t want it to happen. Things got so bad under O’Brien that Hibbert had to go see a sports psychologist. Amazing.

This week, I just finished rapping about Fantasy Basketball with my very own sports psychologist, and thought the best way to ease my mental state is to provide some help on the waiver wires. Let me, help me!  Also, our friend Jonathan Huang was unable to post his waiver wire piece, so I naturally had to fill in.
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Fox Unbalanced: Run, Blake, Run!

Forrest realizes he got all that way and forgot to set his fantasy basketball lineup.

As we near the midway point of the NBA season, a few things are becoming clear. First, I have about as much luck in fantasy basketball as Major Summerford did in life. Second, those of you who were wise enough to draft Knicks are being handsomely rewarded with some pretty stupid numbers, reminiscent of the 1980s Nuggets of English, Issel and Vandeweghe. Third, Blake Griffin is already a top 10 player. Maybe not yet in fantasy as his blocks (0.6), steals (0.7) and free throw percentage (.609) are still below par, but in real life he is probably already bordering on top five. He simply outworks, out-toughs and out-jumps everyone in the Milky Way galaxy. After sitting out his true rookie year with your basic, everyday busted kneecap, he’s somehow better than ever. He almost has the same look a young Forrest Gump had when he first broke free from his leg braces. He is also the most marketable dude to come along in quite a while and could help vault the league run by David Stern and the Sternettes to its greatest heights since the Bird/Magic era.

This is also the time of year when fantasy teams that have collapsed in the standings begin to disintegrate and are never heard from again. Those with itchy trigger fingers who have bookmarked DamnLiesAndStats.com and have a little extra time on their hands can beat their competition to the waiver wire punch. Players are dropping like flies as in the past two weeks Anderson Varejao and Caron Butler have been lost for the season, while Marcus Camby and Mo Williams have no set timetables for their returns.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest pickups of late and a few others who should have a little notice paid to them, including the cousin of a man they used to call Vinsanity. Continue reading

I’ll Be Damned: Got MLK?

Unsurprisingly, Darren Collison has thrived since Jeff traded him to Tom a month ago.

Martin Luther King Day is typically a wonderful day in the NBA and Monday was no exception, featuring games all afternoon and into the night, several of them excellent or at the very least interesting. This feels like a good time to ponder where we stand in mid-January.

It’s typically time to take stock of your team and make some bold moves to get in position for the stretch run of the season. In fact, this next month will be one of the craziest of the season, leading up to the Feb. 24 NBA trade deadline. I guarantee you have dropped someone or will drop someone who will end up being amazing in the final two months. I usually have about three or four of those guys a year. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t be afraid to be bold. In fact, it is perfectly acceptable to lose a trade if you have to. By that I mean giving up a little bit more than you get back to secure some categories. As long as you trade your good players to teams that can’t hurt you down the road, pull the trigger. It’s a harder strategy to follow in head-to-head formats, where the goal is to sneak into the playoffs somehow and hope to have a healthy team that gets lucky. Reminds me of fantasy football. That’s why I’m a rotisserie league guy. May the best team win, I say.

Let’s pore over the box scores from Monday and take a look at some of my favorite stat lines as well as the more bizarre or interesting ones from the 13-game slate. Continue reading

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