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Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show: Memphis Blues

Time for another Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show, and with the news that Zach Randolph is out eight weeks, who better to discuss it than the resident Grizzlies expert, Tom Lorenzo? Only Tom was late, leaving Jeff and Greg to flail around without a net until about the 22-minute mark. Okay, so it wasn’t that bad – we hope. You get your traditional Knicks rant from Greg, detailed reaction to all the latest injuries, and suggestions on who might be worth picking up in the wake of Wednesday night’s action. It’s a very special show when all three guys are on, so download and savor it! Continue reading

Outrageous Claims: Gary Neal

Welcome to Outrageous Claims, where the Damn Lies writers examine players that fantasy basketball owners might want to add to their teams. If you agree or disagree, or just want to vent, leave a message in the comments.

Gary Neal (SG, SAS)
Fantasy owners got booted in the groin on Monday when Manu Ginobili went down with a broken hand. Ginobili was playing fantastic basketball to start the year, which makes the injury doubly crushing. He’ll miss at least a month. Into the void steps… James Anderson? Not so fast. The Spurs have Gary Neal waiting in the wings, playing in the NBDL while recovering from an appendectomy. He’s back with the big club, and looking like the guy to own in the short term. Neal’s per-36 stats last year were solid: 16.7 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 2.1 APG, 2.8 3FG. He won’t do much in the defensive categories, but he can help replace a decent chunk of what Ginobili was producing. Certainly Anderson should be monitored as well. He’s been averaging 21.4 minutes per game in the early going and he’ll likely get the first crack at stepping up. But the smart money is on Neal, who was a legit weapon last year as a rookie off the bench for the Spurs.

Jeff’s Claim: Neal takes a game or two to get going, but he’ll stake his claim to the starting two-guard spot by the end of the week and justify you picking him up as a Ginobili replacement.

RotoExperts Draft Kit: Top 25 Shooting Guards

"Women, Dwyane, amirite?"

From the RotoExperts 2011-12 NBA Draft Kit

These rankings were written on Dec. 15 and published a day later. Stephen Jackson should probably be dropped as he’s dealing with a troublesome back issue. O.J. Mayo should be a few spots lower as well until his role is more clear. Feel free to reach a little higher for Tony Allen as long as he remains the starting shooting guard in Memphis. 

The following rankings are based on a nine-category, head-to-head league format (PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3FG, FG%, FT%, TO), using Yahoo!’s positional eligibility. We break down players into tiers as well to help you organize them within your overall cheat sheets. Finally: this is a list of true shooting guards expected to play the majority of their minutes at the position this season. There are several combo guards, such as Dwyane Wade, who are eligible at point guard in some leagues but ranked on the shooting guard list for our purposes.

These rankings take into account not just stat projections, but injury risk, competition for minutes and other intangibles.



1. Dwyane Wade, MIA

Projected Stats: 24.3 PPG, 5.8 RPG, 4.7 APG, 0.8 3FG, 1.6 SPG, 1.2 BPG, 3.2 TO, 49.6 FG%, 75.0 FT%

Yes, Wade is in a tier all by himself. In fact, of all the shooting guards on this list, he’s the only one worthy of a first-round draft pick. Sure, there’s always the injury concern when it comes to Wade, but when he’s healthy he’s all but a lock to be among the top 5-7 players in the game. Continue reading

Fantasy & Free Agent Fest: Southwest Division

In the days leading up to the start of free agency on Dec. 9, Damn Lies & Statistics will be taking a look at each team’s potential moves, top fantasy players and more. Behold: The Southwest Division.

Fantasy-Worthy Players Under Contract (H2H Draft Round in Parentheses): F Dirk Nowitzki (1/2), G Jason Kidd (8), G Jason Terry (10/11), C Brendan Haywood (13), F Shawn Marion (14)
Key Unrestricted Free Agents: C Tyson Chandler, G/F Caron Butler, G Jose Juan Barea
Key Restricted Free Agents: None
What to Look For: Things could be different for the defending champs as free agents Chandler, Butler and Barea might be bowled over by money elsewhere. It behooves fantasy owners to be on their toes with this group. Haywood is worth considering if Chandler walks, but the big man is risky if you are relying on him as a No. 2 fantasy center. Rudy Fernandez is now a Mav, but there is chatter that he could stay overseas. Roddy Beaubois has a chance to really take a larger role this season, but we’re in “believe it when we see it” mode. He’s coming off foot surgery. Nowitzki is no longer a top five pick. I like him at the end of the first round in most formats.
The Damn Lies Bold Recipe: The Mavericks should do everything in their power to keep Chandler, as heading into your title defense with Haywood at center isn’t ideal, to say the least. Mark Cuban and/or Nowitzki need to convince Fernandez to play for Dallas this year. He’s a nice infusion of energy who can replicate much of what Barea and Butler gave them. Continue reading

2011-12 Damn Mock I: Fourth Round

We’ve reached the fourth round of the Damn Lies mock, and you know what that means: time to pick the old and the injured! We’ve gone and made our upside picks, now as you’ll see as we begin to pluck the old and the injured. Many of the players in this round have seen better days, in one way or another. Yet, in true DL&S fashion, we also throw in a few surprise picks in the midst of our AARP-HMO run.

The rules: Jeff, Tom and Greg are taking four teams each in this 12-team league, which is a nine-category rotisserie league (FG%, FT%, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3FG, TO) that will draft the following: 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 2 C, 1 F, 1 G, 2 U. We’ll be building each team ourselves based on this format. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to mock us in the Comments.



37. Team 12 (Tom) – Nene – After having gone with Tyreke Evans at the turn, I figured I’d follow up that pick with one of the most balanced fantasy basketballers out there. Nene is rock-solid, and a near lock to go 15-8-2 with a block and a steal, along with a 60% showing from the floor. I wanted to go Andrew Bogut here, but I’m a bit too concerned with his injuries (considering the current makeup of this team already). Nene provides great value in the middle, and considering he’s playing for a contract extension, this could be another highly valuable fantasy year for the Brazilian.  Continue reading

Fox Unbalanced: Wake Me Up for the Playoffs, Part II

VCU has Shaka'd the world

You know, I’ve watched this VCU team a few times during the NCAA Tournament and not until the Elite Eight did I realize that Shaka Smart was the head coach. I swear I thought Nantz and Kellogg were referring to the team’s undersized big man who is killing people down low. Live and learn. He doesn’t look like a Shaka Smart… I mean, if one is born with this name, this person’s career is pretty much mapped out for him. It’s either bouncer, hitman, Zulu warrior or power forward. I wouldn’t think “coach” would be in the mix.

Last week, as the sight of my team in the Damn Lies standings had me on the brink of forging a prescription request from my internist for a cauldron of Zoloft, I escaped from the depression by breaking down the potential first round of a 10-team, eight-category, points-based playoffs league. Since it did momentarily have me thinking twice about accepting that harnessless window-washing job at the Chrysler Building, I figured I might as well put together round two.

Here was Round 1…

1. Derrick Rose

2. Kobe Bryant

3. Pau Gasol

4. Kevin Durant

5. Rajon Rondo

6. LeBron James

7. Dwyane Wade

8. Russell Westbrook

9. Serge Ibaka

10. Luol Deng

Round 2… Continue reading

Damn Lies Midseason Report: Southwest Division

Let’s be honest, all you care about is the Super Bowl. Am I right? Of course I’m not. You only care about the commercials.

This weekend Super Bowl XLV will be played in Dallas. In case you’re reading this and you don’t know who’s playing, mom, the matchup is between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. BUT, this week it’s all about Dallas. Just ask Jerry Jones. And since we’re talking about Dallas, we might as well hand out our Southwest Division hardware. And in case you wonder where I’m going with this, mom, the Dallas Mavericks are in the Southwest. Yes, I made this intro come full circle.

In our fifth installment od the Damn Lies Midseason Awards, we present our readers with the Southwest Division hardware… show.

Continue reading

I’ll Be Damned: Bosh is a Problem

Thanks for stopping by our web site. Every Tuesday during the season I’ll be offering up my thoughts on the fantasy hoops landscape, focusing on things that I find unusual, surprising or just plain interesting. I feel it is important to throw oneself fully into the daily ebb and flow of the NBA season, to gobble up every morsel in a quest for an advantage over the majority of fantasy players who are pretty casual. This time of the year is the craziest. Everyone is panicking about their stars who are under-performing, and trampling each other on the way to the waiver wire to grab tonight’s version of the Next Big Thing.

I’m guilty of focusing too much on the high and lows (okay, maybe just the lows). I’ll Be Damned is my attempt to remain level-headed and bargain with the devil on my shoulder.

I’ll be damned that…

Chris Bosh explains how he plans to sacrifice five rebounds per game for the good of the team. LeBron and Wade don't seem too thrilled.

…roles are solidifying in Miami.
LeBron James is the do-everything. Dwyane Wade is the scorer. And let’s just leave it at that, because at this juncture Chris Bosh doesn’t deserve to be in the “Big Three”. He’s been a big dud, averaging just 14.4 points and 5.4 rebounds. 5.4 rebounds! This is ugly. LeBron looks like he isn’t interested in trying to score 30 a game, so we’ll have to settle for a 21-5-8 in terms of averages. Will he be better than that? Probably a little. He’s a nightly triple-double threat. But the Heat will win many games handily, knocking everyone down a peg. The great news is that Wade is still putting up monster stats, including a 27.7 scoring average in the last three games and 24.1 for the year. So much for that hamstring injury and worries that he couldn’t fit in. He’s the one Heat who is outperforming his draft slot, and his 6.4 boards, 1.7 steals and 1.1 blocks make him arguably fantasy’s premier shooting guard so far. Continue reading

Damn Lies Fantasy Preview: San Antonio Spurs

The beginning of the final verse of Frank Sinatra‘s “My Way” perfectly encapsulates the 2010-11 San Antonio Spurs: “And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain.”  It’s been a great run, but this is one old team.  Timmy Duncan, fantasy legend and one of the greatest power forwards of all time, is 34 going on 70.  Manu Ginobili is listed at 33, but has felt the impact of the Medicare donut hole.  Tony Parker Longoria is only 28 but with Abe Vigoda‘s ankles.  I won’t even get into Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess.


Getting up there in age, Manu Ginobili is trying anything to cover up his bald spot.


While things have been looking kinda bleak since being bounced in the second-round of the ’09-10 playoffs by the Suns, something funny happened on the way to the Alamodome.  Reinforcements, namely George Hill, DeJuan Blair and Tiago Splitter, have rejuvenated hope in Southern Texas, and the Spurs may just have one final run left in them.  Duncan has fallen off the last few years, but still produced 17.9 points, 10.1 rebounds, a surprising 3.2 assists and 1.5 blocks and should come somewhat close to repeating those numbers this season.  No longer a high fantasy pick, you’ll still get value out of the future hall-of-famer in the late third/early fourth round.  I’m sure I’ll pass on him as much as I’m sure that I’ll regret it.

Word to the wise: Never count Ginobili out.  For my money this is one of the 10 best shooting guards in my lifetime and a multi-category beast.  I would have donated a kidney if it meant the Knicks would sign him, just to change the organization’s culture.  He is passionate about winning and despite the injuries and the proclivity to produce more off the bench, keep those 16 points, 4.0 rebounds, 4.0 assists, 1.5 steals and nearly 2.0 threes per game in mind in the eighth round or so.  Parker was crushed by injuries last season and was never able to get it going.  His lack of steals and inability to knock down the three keeps him as a better point guard in real life than in fantasy, but he ain’t half bad.  He’ll make up for the those categories by being one of a handful of lead guards capable of shooting 50 percent from the field (.490 career), and is an injury to Duncan away from becoming more aggressive on the offensive end.  Don’t forget when this happened in ’08-09, and Parker was dropping 30 a game like it was nobody’s business.

Ready to take on a much larger role this season is Hill, who will likely be involved in an even minutes split with Parker and Ginobili.  The third-year man is loaded and a solid sleeper this season, especially given the injury history of his backcourt mates.  I think I’m going to casually look his way in the 12th or 13th round and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him finish the year averaging 14 points and 4-5 assists with decent threes and steals.  Jefferson is an interesting case.  Like Parker, he has always been a better real-life player than a fantasy one.  He didn’t seem to fit in at all last year and his numbers (12.3, 4.4, 2.0) suffered.  I think he is a bounceback candidate, but won’t do enough to warrant consideration before the  13th round.  Even though he will probably not start, I will take a look at Blair long before Jefferson.  Per minute, the beast from Pitt is one of the top rebounders in the league and his field goal percentage should be sublime.  Not only would Parker reap the benefits of a Duncan injury, Blair is capable of physically decimating his opponents with more court time.  If the Splitter thing doesn’t work out, I’d like to see Duncan slide to center and Blair start at PF.

Speaking of the 6-11 Splitter, he comes to the Spurs already polished, having played professionally in Spain, where he was League MVP in ’09-10. The Brazilian is expected to share minutes in the middle with McDyess, but should prove the more worthy of a larger role as the season progresses.  Tough to say where he should be drafted, but my guess is that he’ll be a solid third center and a nice mid-to-late round grab.  McDyess has battled injuries most of the past 10 years and has admirably continued to produce.  He just doesn’t belong on fantasy rosters anymore.

PG: Tony Parker, George Hill
SG: Manu Ginobili, James Anderson
SF: Richard Jefferson, Matt Bonner
PF: Tim Duncan, DeJuan Blair
C: Tiago Splitter, Antonio McDyess

Up Next: Oklahoma City

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Daily Lies & Statistics: Whole lotta Love

How many folks playing in head-to-head leagues had their playoff series come down to the wire in a hectic 10-game NBA Sunday? Did anyone win or lose because Kevin Love had 22 rebounds? How about Beno Udrih‘s triple-double, at Cleveland no less? Brandon Jennings: where’s that been? And can we stop with this Reggie Williams nonsense?

With our collective NCAA brackets melting before our eyes, those of us who like to follow the bouncing ball were forced to turn their focus back on the players who receive their salaries over the table. It was a fantasy smorgasbord yesterday. Let’s dig in.


Kevin Love – Love’s 23-point, 22-board gem couldn’t have come at a better time for his owners battling in rebounds. For whatever reason, Love’s role has been wildly inconsistent in Minny, so there’s a chance he wasn’t even started in some weekly lineup leagues. He also added two steals, two blocks and a three. That’s a many splendored thing.

You need rebounds? Baby I'm not foolin'...

Beno Udrih – I never would have pegged a Sunday afternoon affair at Cleveland without Tyreke Evans as a game where Udrih and a few of his teammates would go off. Udrih blew up for 18 points, 10 boards and 15 assists in 48 minutes, while Jason Thompson also played the entire game and finished with a 16 & 14. If that’s not enough, Andres Nocioni had 21 points and five threes. And the Kings scored just 90 points! I love late-season fantasy lines.

Dwyane Wade – A throwback Wade masterpiece yesterday against the Raptors. D-Wade dropped a 32-7-6 with five steals and three blocks and has somehow led a putrid Miami team to a 40-34 record this season. I’m sure Kobe will get more MVP votes than Wade, and we’ll bitch about it on this blog all summer as is now becoming tradition.

Brandon Jennings – A 108-103 overtime win by the Bucks over Memphis brought fantasy riches, especially from Jennings, who us fantasy experts had pretty much given up on. But his line Sunday – 29-7-8, 4 steals, 3 threes – has him back in our good graces. Andrew Bogut bounced back from a rough couple of weeks with 18 points, 11 boards and four blocks, and John Salmons continued to make a case for Resurrected Fantasy MVP with a 25-6-6 along with two steals and two threes.

Manu Ginobili – Is there anyone in the NBA playing better right now? Ginobili was magical as the Spurs handled the Celtics easily in Boston, 94-73. Manu had 28 points and seven assists and hit all eight of his free throws.

Vince Carter – Carter left the game two minutes in with a sprained ankle and didn’t return. Sounds familiar. In his stead, J.J. Redick went for 23 points, seven boards, eight dimes and three trifectas. Carter’s never that good when healthy. Is Redick worth a pickup? Probably, as the Magic will hold Vince out so he is healthy in time to ruin Orlando’s season in the playoffs.

Reggie Williams – Williams went off against the other Reggie Williams’ former team, the Clippers, in a 121-103 win. The D-League sensation put up a 25-6-7 with two threes and would be a national sensation right now if six other Warriors hadn’t done similar things throughout the year. There was also a Ronny Turiaf sighting as he started, played 28 minutes, and finished with 13 points, eight boards, five assists, two steals and two blocks. This Warriors season should be a reality show. I’m serious. I hope they filmed it.

Good luck to everyone still playing. Here are the teams with four games this week, if you are setting your lineups: CHA, DAL, HOU, LAC, LAL, MIL, NJ, NO, NY, PHO, SA, TOR, WAS. Everyone else plays three.

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