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Damn Lies & Statistics Season Preview: Sleepers

We are a mere nine days from the start of the regular season and have yet to deploy our annual Sleepers column, the Rolls Royce of Sleepers columns, if you will. So, without any pomp and circumstance, Greg “Ambien” Fox is ready and up to the task. Remember, it was I who announced to the world to take an unknown named LeBron James last year. It was I who said back in ’89 that this Jordan fellow might be worth a mid-round flier. It was I in ’61 who implored fantasy enthusiasts to jump on Wilt the Stilt (those of the female persuasion took me a little too literally). They threw me out of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in ’83 after I said that Edmund Sherrod would be the next Bob Cousy. I showed them back then and I’ll show you again. So without further ado… Continue reading

Fox Unbalanced: Udoh/Uzoh Union Usurps Universe

Oo-yay ould-shay ick-pay up-yay Ekpe Udoh.

It’s been a wild and woolly few weeks as trades, buyouts and signings have turned fantasy basketball into a Strat-o-Matic league. Ten bucks to anyone who can name the starting five for the Cavaliers right now, and this includes Byron Scott. No cheating Byron! Hey Bubbly, I hate to break it to you but Jim Chones hasn’t started in the Cleveland pivot in more than three decades.

While many intoxicated owners are currently under the influence of roto baseball, here is the perfect opportunity to make up some serious ground in the standings. For whom to pick up or drop since the fallout, I leave that information in good hands as my Damn Lies colleagues have pretty much covered everyone who has switched teams, including Elton John. But there are a few guys remaining, who haven’t been traded, who haven’t been bought out, who haven’t signed elsewhere, who no one knows exists, who could soon be making waves. Let’s take a gander. Continue reading

Damn Lies Fantasy Preview: Toronto Raptors


Mess with the bull and get the horns, Lorenzo!


Well, it was bound to happen. Welcome to the 2010-11 season, Raptors fans. I would like to introduce you to your franchise player, Andrea Bargnani. My brother from another madre. Gone are the days of a soft 20 and 10 from Chris Bosh, and here are the days of an even softer 18 and 8 (plus 1.5 blocks and 1.5 threes!) from Bargnani. To be honest with you, from a fantasy standpoint Bargs might have better year-end value this season than Bosh. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. But then again, he’s a fellow paisan.  My love for him doesn’t go as deep as my adoration for Danilo Gallinari, but no one’s ever complained about being Tom Lorenzo’s No. 2.

Jose Calderon is the highest paid Raptor, yet it’s Jarrett Jack who’s earning his pay at the point guard. Calderon burned fantasy owners last season and it’s pretty evident from the early mocks I’ve been in that they’ve yet to forgive and forget. He was nothing more than a mediocre point guard, when healthy. Jack wasn’t much to write Rome about, but at least he played all 82 games. That being said, neither interest me that much. If I can grab Calderon in the 10th I might give him a look. Hey, how about giving Marcus Banks a look?

Linas Kleiza has returned to the NBA! Woo-hoo! I wonder, yes, it’s true, I wonder what kind of value he’ll have in Toronto. I mean, it’s not as if he was a terrible player when he left for Greece. With Denver he was good for about 10 points, 4 rebounds, and over a three per game. Not terrible. But then again that was in Denver where the ball was dominated by Carmelo Anthony and for almost the entire 2008-09 season he was in a timeshare with J.R. Smith. Look at the Raptors roster and tell me you can’t see Kleiza playing 22-25 minutes. That could turn into a productive value add, no? Yeah, you’re probably right.

Not only do I like the numbers that Bargs can put up this season, but I may just take Leandro Barbosa as my second Raptor. Barbosa is a guy who can give you 15+ points and add 1.5 threes and close to 1.5 steals. How’s that for a 10th rounder! Seriously, though, after Bargnani who do you take? Amir Johnson has nice upside and I can see him posting big blocks numbers, but nowhere else has his game developed. He’s a last round pick as far as I’m concerned. Julian Wright intrigues me as someone who could steal some balls, but he too is unproven. Then there’s DeMar DeRozan. I would definitely take a shot on DeRozan in the final few rounds, but he’s got some holes in his game. I like how efficient he is (49.9 FG%, only 0.8 TOs), but he can’t shoot the three-ball, doesn’t dish the ball, and isn’t a good rebounder. Nice value, but I’m not crazy about him. Again, after Bargs tell me who you would take next. Barbosa?

PG: Jarrett Jack, Jose Calderon
SG: DeMar DeRozan, Leandro Barbosa
SF: Linas Kleiza, Julian Wright
PF: Amir Johnson, Ed Davis
C: Andrea Bargnani, David Andersen

Up Next: Charlotte Bobcats

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Daily Lies & Statistics: Calderon v. Jack – Settled on the court.

With only two games on the schedule Tuesday night (thanks Jeff!), the big fantasy-related story is the timeshare in Toronto at the point guard position. In one corner you have a 6-3 point guard out of Georgia Tech. In the other corner, a 6-3 Spaniard with nothing to lose!

Jarrett Jack has been starting for the Raptors since Dec. 5 of last year and has played well enough to lead the team to a 12-7 record. Jose Calderon, before going down with a hip injury (not a “cool” one, but the body part), was the starter and in most leagues drafted in the late-second or early-third rounds. Jay Triano has insisted that Jack will remain as the starting point guard even as Calderon has returned. However, right now we’re looking at a timeshare in which both players are logging almost the exact same amount of minutes. At least up until three games ago…Calderon has logged a few more minutes than Jack in each of the last three games, and on Tuesday night in Cleveland he played 26 minutes to Jack’s 21.

It's only a matter of time before Calderon grabs the bull by the horns...

The Spaniard came off the bench to score just six points on 2-of-9 shooting, but also added a team-high six assists and two steals. Jack was more efficient from the field going 4-of-6 for 11 points, but he played less of a role as a ball distributor dishing out only three dimes.

I think we might see Calderon regain his starting gig sometime in the near future. I’m not saying that he’ll come back to play as a second-round talent, but he’s much more valuable now than he was a week ago and his stock should continue to rise. I’m thinking about buying low on Calderon when I can. I’m not selling the farm, but I’ll give up a sell-high point guard to get him.

Enough about these two fine men…let’s talk action!

Raptors vs. Cavs

Hedo Turkoglu’s game is nasty! Ugly! He scored three points on Tuesday in Cleveland on 1-of-6 shooting. I’ll continue to urge you to sit him. The idea that he’s less comfortable in Toronto since he’s not playing much point-forward seems to be spot on. He’s lost in the offense and essentially useless to fantasy owners.

Marco Belinelli (flu) returned to the basketball court after missing the last two games. He came off the bench to play 20 minutes and shoot the ball pretty effectively — 6-of-12 from the floor and 1-of-2 from beyond the arc for 14 points. Belinelli is essentially splitting time with DeRozan, so his value is mainly for deep leagues only.

LeBron James just missed picking up his third triple-double of the season — 28 points on 8-of-18 shooting, 12-of-14 from the line, nine rebounds, 11 assists, three steals and three blocks. Damn he ‘s good. If there’s one aspect of his game you can complain about it’s his three-point shooting — 0-of-7 from beyond the arc. Other than that…he was unstoppable.

Mo Williams chipped in with a double-double, his third of the season — 22 points on 7-of-15 shooting, four 3-pointers and 10 assists. Williams has been steady all season long. More valuable than his current trade value. Guys seem to feel that he’s worth Jason Terry on the market. Try again.

Pacers vs. Heat

Brandon Rush was back in the starting lineup for the Pacers. I’m fairly certain he’ll remain there for some time after he lead the team in points and minutes — 17 points on 7-of-9 shooting, 10 rebounds, one 3-pointer and a steal in 36 minutes. He’s a nice add right now.

Danny Granger missed 11 straight shots on Tuesday to finish 2-of-16 from the floor. He scored just eight points, which is the first time he’s failed to hit the double-digit scoring mark since December 5, 2008. Granger’s on a 6-of-29 slump over his last two games. What can you say? You have to keep starting him.

Tyler Hansbrough sat out with an inner ear infection. He is still listed as day-to-day. I just felt that I needed to mention his status. He doesn’t have much fantasy value right now.

Rafer Alston keeps putting up mediocre numbers — eight points on 3-of-5 shooting, two 3-pointers, five rebounds, three assists, one steal and one block in 27 minutes. It’s a bit disheartening to see him not take advantage of the opportunity he’s been given in Miami. The good news, though, is that Mario Chalmers is not making much of a case to move himself back into the starting lineup.

Michael Beasley has logged 39 minutes in back-to-back games. On Tuesday he doubled-up going for 21 points on 9-of-15 shooting and 10 rebounds. You have to love his recent play.

Dwyane Wade could not be stopped by the Pacers — 32 points on 12-of-20 shooting, four 3-pointers, three assists, two steals and three blocks.

Thirteen games for Jeff on the schedule tonight! Here are a few notes…

Kevin Garnett will not play, but he is looking at a possible Friday return.

Brandon Roy (hamstring) said he’ll play, but it’s worth checking in on his status.

Gerald Wallace (ankle) did not practice on Tuesday and is questionable for Wednesday night’s game against the Heat.

It’s still possible that the Warriors will dress only seven players against the Nuggets. If that’s the case, Cartier Martin could be a nice flier in deep leagues.

Daily Lies & Statistics: Jack in the Box Score

Could this really be it? Something good happening to my fantasy team?

In the weekly league I’m in with Tom and Greg (Let’s call it the “Damn League”), I’ve been stashing Jarrett Jack, who I drafted with my final pick in the 20th round. With Jose Calderon out for at least two more games and probably much longer, I’m looking around nervously while inserting Jack into my lineup. When I hit ‘submit’ will the fantasy police storm into my office and tap me in the head with a billy club? I’m definitely getting away with something here.

Jeff has found a new team logo for his squad

To wit: I drafted Lou Williams, Greg Oden, Michael Redd, Andris Biedrins, Tyrus Thomas, Yi Jianlian, Mike Miller and even Rashard Lewis, who missed the first 10 games. Every week is a new disaster. On every dribble, shot or screen I cover my eyes.

But the funny part? I’m in 2nd place (tied with Tom as of this writing; Greg is in… never mind). I have no idea how this is possible, but adding Jack to the mix has to help, right? Here is when I start chuckling under my breath at my own gumption. No good news goes unpunished. While Jack could indeed average a 19-7-7 this week, someone else will then get hurt, Calderon will come back quickly, followed by Jack becoming depressed and joining a remote cult in Bolivia or something. So the answer to my first question in this post is: Yes. To the second: I wish.

Okay, taking my doomsday prophet hat off for a minute and dissecting Sunday’s games:

Trevor Ariza was booted after throwing a punch at DeMar DeRozan. Ariza could be suspended, although he didn’t land the blow. He was 0-for-9 from the field at the time, so I might have taken a swing at someone too.

Jack is a great add in all leagues after his 17-8-8 performance in Calderon’s place Sunday. Jose will miss the next two games and probably more, and Toronto plays four times this week.

Carl Landry had another phenomenal game, scoring 25 points on 10-for-13 shooting. He’s now scored 20 or more in seven of his last 11 games. During the Damn League draft, late, I sent Tom an IM asking him to please just let me pick Landry when our picks were up later in the round (Tom was picking one before me). Before it could even get to Tom, someone else took Landry, and my sleeper pick was ruined. Of course he’s unbelievable.

The Hawks are blowing people out reguarly, including a 130-107 win over the Nets Sunday. Atlanta is deep and talented, and certainly doesn’t need Maurice Evans to be shooting 4-for-4 from three and scoring a game-high 22 points. Evans is 11-for-15 from deep in the last three games.

Zach Randolph and Mike Conley cooled off a bit for Memphis, but they weren’t needed as Rudy Gay went all Dwyane Wade on Dwyane Wade and the Heat in Miami. Gay poured in 41, none of which were needed by Greg, who is leading the Damn League in points by a wide margin.

Two more lopsided road wins I don’t feel like writing about: Spurs 115, Clippers 90 and Cavaliers 102, Thunder 89.

My sleeper for the week is Dorell Wright, who had 16 points off the bench for the Heat in 27 minutes on Sunday. Quentin Richardson is nursing a sore hamstring and could miss a few games. Wright has seen his minutes spike recently and could be a nice deep-league addition.

Daily Lies & Statistics: Nellie Nets New-monia

Tiger Woods?... I hope Don Nelson was reading up on his pneumonia, because he would not have liked what he saw last night -- excited players!

Don Nelson missed last night’s game against the Mavs as a result of coming down with pneumonia. As was his dying wish, the fill-in coach Keith Smart played just six Warriors, with Monta Ellis, Anothony Morrow, and Vladimir Radmanovic each played from start to finish. Ellis led the way with 37 points, 8 assists, 4 steals and 11 turnovers (niiiice!). the player everyone will be wearing this spring, Anthony Morrow, finished with 27 points on 9-of-16 shooting, 6 treys, 9 rebounds and 3 steals. Man I can’t stop talking about this guy!He needs to, has to be added across the board.

Vlad-Rad doubled-up for the first time this season — 14 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals. Man I am done talking about this guy!

The Wizards put their “he called me a dick/he sang Beyonce songs about me” feud behind them last night and rallied around the death to their beloved owner, Abe Pollin, and defeated the 76ers 108-107. Antawn Jamison had 32 points and 14 rebounds. Had he scored one fewer point this game would have been tied. For real. The other story was the play of young Nick Young — 20 points and 2 treys.

One quick rant in regards to the 76ers, namely Louis Williams. I know Williams had a great game — 26 points on 10-of-17 shooting, 4 treys, 4 rebounds and 5 assists — but who else out there thought that he wasn’t going to dribble around the perimeter until the final second and jack up a three-pointer (down by only one point with 9 seconds to go)? Was the math not there? How about attacking the rim? Did you need to win by two points? Were there tacos on the line? I know the Lakers give free tacos when the team hits 100 points. Do the 76ers give tacos away on road games when they hit 110 points? Drive and kick, or take it to the hole. Please?

Elton Brand left the game early after injuring his hamstring. Good thing, since he was shooting just 1-of-9 from the floor. Ugly.

Jeff Foster found himself in the starting lineup last night against the Raptors and probably was as confused as you were. In fact, I don’t know this to be true, but I imagine that Foster even started Roy Hibbert on his fantasy team last night. I know I did. Needless to say, Hibbert has been named the starter for Wednesday night’s game against the Clippers. All is well.

Jarrett Jack damn near & perfect last night going 7-of-7 from the floor, 3-of-3 from beyond the arc, and 1-of-1 from the free-throw line. How was he not perfect? Dude had 18 points, 6 assists, one steal and ONE TURNOVER. NO!!

Courtney Lee returned to action last night and stole six balls. Man we missed you, Mr. Lee. The funny thing about his return was that Chris Douglas-Roberts, who I was worried about, scored just 4 points in 29 minutes. Did CDR check out early last night because of the return of Lee? OR was it because the 0-13 Nets were playing a Nuggets team that had won 15 straight at home? If you are watching me write this post, then you know I am physically leaning toward the latter. The Nuggs killed CDR, not Lee’s smile.

Chris Douglas-Roberts dropped his game. Anyone see it down there?

Roommates (at least in my mind they are roommates), Kenyon Martin and Nene combined for 9 steals and 2 blocks last night. I would take that for the week, but the Nuggets still have three more.

The paperwork has yet to be filed, but Kobe Bryant owns the Knicks. He had 34 points in 40 minutes. This game was over early in the 3rd quarter, so it was nice to see him get over 40 minutes in this one. Bryant is good. Pick him up if he’s available on your wiaver wires.

The Knicks were pretty awful, being out-rebounded 60-38 against the Lakers. The summer of 2011 can’t come fast enough!

Tonight, make sure you check in on Elton Brand and Shawn Marion before you set your lineup. Also, you might want to keep Michael Redd out until he shows that he’s better than Tim Thomas. And remember, call your mother. She’s been worried about you.

The Damn Lies Panel: Injury replacements

THURSDAY’S QUESTION: Amongst NBA reserves, who are your three favorite injury replacements who could end up returning major fantasy value?

Tom Lorenzo:
One of my favorite reserves this season is Randy Foye. He’s obviously blocked by the great Gilbert Arenas, but as we know Agent Zero has close to a five-percent chance of playing 82 games this season. That makes a guy like Foye much more attractive. He’s a 6th-round talent who can be had in the 11th round. Considering that Agent Five-Percent should see some time in street clothes, Foye can be a major fantasy producer at any moment this season — points, steals, assists, threes, and FT%. It seems imperative, if you’re a Gilbert Arenas owner, to handcuff the position by drafting Foye. You don’t want to be that Carlos Boozer owner who slept on Paul Millsap, do you? DO YOU?!

Andray BlatcheBlatche to the future! Foye’s teammate Andray Blatche is already stepping in with Antawn Jamison out nursing a shoulder injury. Blatche has responded with 11.3 points, 7.0 rebounds, 1.0 steals, 0.7 blocks, a 46.9 FG% and an 82.6 FT%. Of course the Wizards expect Jamison to return by opening night, but Blatche is not messing around. I wouldn’t sleep on him, since all it will take is for Jamison to re-injure himself (quite possible) before we see Blatche back on the court and well on his way to posting big fantasy numbers.

DeAndre Jordan is a beast. I’m sure he won’t get much playing time since it would require Marcus Camby and/or Chris Kaman to go down with an injury. Sigh. Too bad that’s not likely to happen… Look out! Not getting any sarcasm past anyone today, am I? Camby is already out with an ankle injury and Kaman is one look in the mirror away from missing 6-8 weeks. Jordan is a high-upside big who can block shots, rebound and shoot a high percentage from the field. It’s only a matter of time, really. I have batteries in my freezer that have a better chance of working than Kaman and Camby do of staying healthy.

Jeff Andriesse:
Fantasy owners often look to security blanket Jarrett Jack in the late rounds when their timer’s running out, their hands are shaking and the previous six picks were all queued up. Jack is going to be my binky this year if I can get him, as he’s annually good for a stretch of basketball heroics that will, statistically at least, make you think Oscar Robertson has reversed the aging process and re-entered the league. For whatever reason, we restart the next season and Jack is a lowly backup again, this time in Toronto. Not a bad place for him, especially if Jose Calderon gets dinged up like he did last year. Also, the Raptors have some shaky two-guards, so I foresee Jack getting enough court time to be a spot starter. If Calderon gets hurt, Oscar is back.

From all accounts this preseason, Marquis Daniels has fit in swimmingly with the Celtics and is even going to play some point guard on the second unit. Fantasy owners got a glimpse of Daniels’ ability last year when he averaged around 15 points, five boards and over a steal a game as a starter due to injuries on the Pacers. Daniels’ new role as a point forward makes him a tremendous backup for not just aging vets Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, but Rajon Rondo as well. It’s looking like an injury to any of those three will thrust Daniels back into fantasy relevance.

Ronny Turiaf seems like one of those centers who averages six blocks a game when he sees 10-15 minutes of court time, yet when he starts and plays 30, he can’t swat a thing. Indeed, the dude blocked 2.3 shots as a reserve in 19 minutes/game and 1.8 as a starter in 27 minutes/game. Maybe he wasn’t so concerned with fouling when he was coming off the bench, but regardless Turiaf is an excellent source of blocks who will get a few rebounds, shoot over 50 percent from the field and hit around 80 percent of his free throws. The obvious handcuffs are to Andris Biedrins and the already-banged-up Anthony Randolph, but with Don Nelson calling the substitutions all bets are basically off. We could see Acie Law at center this year. So you’ve been warned. Still, you have to consider Turiaf, especially if you draft Biedrins.

Greg Fox:
With so many reserves from which to choose, I’ve consulted Vito Corleone who was kind enough to render my selections. “I’m a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall Dwight Howard, if Ray Felton should get shot in the head by a police officer, or if Kenyon Martin should hang himself in his jail cell, or if Nene is struck by a bolt of lightning, then I’m going to blame some of the people in this room. And that, I do not forgive. But that aside, let me say that I swear on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace that we have made here today.”

My Godfather has spoken and spoken volumes. Marcin Gortat would be the main beneficiary of a Howard injury. When it comes to Gortat, as we saw glimpses of in the ’08-09 playoffs, we’re talking about a hard-nosed and skilled big man, capable of points, boards, blocks and a solid field goal percentage. Howard seems indestructible, but his owners would be well served to use a late pick on the 6-11 Pole.

With Raja Bell about to possibly undergo season-ending surgery, DJ Augustin could find himself playing alongside Felton more than he thought. If Felton were to ever go down, we could have a top 10 point guard on our hands. In primarily a reserve role last year, Augustin recorded 11.8 points, 3.5 assists, shot 44 percent from 3-point range and 89 percent from the line. Injury factors aside, this could be Felton’s final year with the Bobcats. Since they are going to be mediocre at best, expect Augustin’s minutes to rise as the season wears on.

Chris AndersenChris Andersen can help his owners dominate the toughest category of them all, blocked shots. In just over 20 minutes per contest last season, the tattooed one denied 2.5 shots per night, easily the highest rate per minute in the league. He is playing behind Nene and Kenyon Martin, two fellas who won’t be challenging A.C. Green’s ironman streak any time soon. The Birdman is a must-target in the middle rounds.

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