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Fantasy Basketball Live Blog: Week 6 Lineup Prep

Mondays at Damn Lies headquarters during the season are similar to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange after, say, the collapse of a European economy, or a major oil spill in the Gulf. The only difference is that we take our fantasy basketball WAY more seriously. We oscillate between spittle-heavy adding and dropping on the waiver wire to catatonic stares lasting upwards of a half hour at the latest injury news as it rolls in. In the latest Damn Lies live blog, we try to harness our calm and rational thoughts into something useful for fantasy owners. Throughout the day today we’ll be discussing the latest news around the league and offering our analysis in hopes that we can all set lineups that won’t have us walking into traffic by halftime of the first game tonight.

Follow along throughout the day, and feel free to send your lineup, add/drop or trade questions to us on Twitter. Follow Jeff here, Tom here and Greg here. We’ll answer some questions in this post. You can also check out Greg’s Start, Drop & Roll advice column here, and Jeff’s Week 6 Lineup Rankings here. Good luck! Continue reading

Live Fantasy Basketball Chat TONIGHT

Join the Damn Lies bloggers and friends for a fantasy basketball chat on Thursday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. EST. We’ll take all of your lineup and add/drop questions, and discuss the latest news in the NBA while watching the Orlando-Boston game. Join us!

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Fantasy Basketball Live Chat Thursday Night at 8 pm ET

Join the Damn Lies bloggers and friends tonight at 8 pm ET for a live fantasy basketball chat during the Knicks-Grizzlies TNT game. We’ll discuss all the latest NBA news from a fantasy perspective, and, as is our guarantee, answer EVERY question you submit. So stop on by if you are a hardcore NBA fan and fantasy player. We’ll go for as long as you want.

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