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RotoExperts Draft Kit: Top 25 Small Forwards

Durant edges LeBron as the NBA's top flag football player

From the RotoExperts 2011-12 NBA Draft Kit

These rankings were written on Dec. 16 and published a day later. Derrick Williams is flying up draft boards, while Corey Maggette has been available late. Andrei Kirilenko’s future remains cloudy; rumors persist that he will sign with New Jersey but nothing is official yet. Austin Daye looked strong in the Pistons’ first exhibition game and has more upside than Tayshaun Prince. Watch that situation closely. 

Positional eligibility is important to consider when building your Fantasy basketball team. The top sites usually vary in terms of positional leniency, and the games played at a position is much foggier than in, say, Fantasy Baseball. For the purposes of the RotoExperts Top 25 positional rankings, we limited players to one list only; namely, the position they play most of the time. Under these circumstances, the small forward position is very top-heavy, with stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant heading the list. The talent drops off significantly, so it is crucial that, depending on your league’s positional rules, you check to see what shooting guards and power forwards could also slot into your SF spot.

In general, drafting based on positional depth is a solid strategy, and true small forwards and true centers are in shorter supply this season than the three other positions. It’s just something to keep in mind while you are drafting; it might be a good idea to get one of the top SFs on this list before it’s too late.

The following rankings are based on a nine-category, head-to-head league format (PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3FG, FG%, FT%, TO), using Yahoo!’s positional eligibility. We break down players into tiers as well to help you organize them within your overall cheat sheets. These rankings take into account not just stat projections, but injury risk, competition for minutes and other intangibles.



1. Kevin Durant, OKC

Projected Stats: 28.6 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 2.7 APG, 2.0 3FG, 1.1 SPG, 1.0 BPG, 2.9 TO, 46.5 FG%, 89.6 FT%

He’s Fantasy Basketball’s 1A to LeBron’s 1B. Who you choose comes down to, perhaps, personal preference (do you dislike rooting for LeBron because of “The Decision”?) or, if you are a cold and calculating Fantasy player, or league format. In rotisserie scoring, Durant is the clear No. 1 overall pick because of his incredible free throw percentage at such a high volume. In H2H formats, it is more of a toss-up. Durant turns it over less than LeBron, has that better free throw percentage, and even bests him in blocks. He’s also easier to root for. There’s your tiebreaker! Continue reading


I’ll Be Damned: The Shallow End of the Pool

Jim Burr reminds Memphis coach Josh Pastner that he should check his fantasy lineup as soon as his team is eliminated.

You’ll have to forgive my absence last week, dear reader (and by dear reader, I mean Bubbly). But Greg and I were on a mission to construct the single worst NCAA Tournament bracket in history and needed total concentration. We were so sure our first two rounds couldn’t have gone worse that we called the Guinness Book of World Records, but of course dialed the wrong number. It was that kind of week.

Between the debacle that was our bracket (we had Pitt winning it all, Temple and Washington in the Elite 8, etc., etc., ad nausea) and a week from hell at work, I really lost track of the NBA at the absolute worst time of the year. My absence can absolutely be blamed for an embarrassing loss in the RotoExperts In-House League playoffs. I earned the No. 3 seed but performed like Purdue against VCU in falling to Tom Lorenzo’s squad last week. Season over. Did I mention I hate head-to-head leagues?

Yeah, I know that’s what a lot of you guys play. I’m in several, even as the No. 1 seed going into the semifinals this week in one league (I had a bye last week, and of course guys I own like Kyle Lowry and Dwight Howard went nuts). Everyone is flipping out about the fantasy playoffs. But in the league format I prefer, rotisserie, you play until the end of the season. There are still several weeks of work to be done. Let’s take a look at some players who can help down the stretch in roto formats, particularly players who shine in either field goal or free throw percentage, or both, plus at least one other category. If you want to push for that elusive roto championship, now’s the time to hope for a foul at half court on a desperation inbounds play with time running out and you falling out of bounds. In other words, like the end of every NCAA game. Between the quick whistles, botched five-second calls and lack of a charge circle, these college games must make Tim Donaghy blush. But if you are going to win your league, you’ll need a little help from the refs. Consider me your Jim Burr for the week. Continue reading

I’ll Be Damned: Category Hunting

Rudy can fail, but you might have to take that chance if you need threes and/or steals.

I hate daily-lineup fantasy leagues.

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I just can’t stand how the best players on the free agent list end up going to whoever happens to be on line when news breaks. You’re on the computer all day and have no life? Congrats, you’re a great fantasy player!

I’m being dramatic, but these leagues where you can pick up as many as five players in a week if not more just get under my skin. I much prefer leagues that lock lineups every Monday and/or use a free agent auction budget for pickups.

But since most of the fantasy leagues on Yahoo! and ESPN and such are daily-lineup formats, you might as well use it to your advantage. I don’t love the term “streaming” and associate it more with pitchers in fantasy baseball, but streaming in hoops is a strategy if your league allows it.

I thought it would be helpful this week if I offered up the top waiver pickups based on individual categories. If you need something specific, take a gander at these potential additions… Continue reading

Moving Without the Ball: Huang In There!

You probably won't hear Roy Hibbert call Jim O'Brien a stand-up guy.

Original to RotoExperts.com.

My friend and colleague Adam Ronis has long made his feelings known; he is not a fan of Jim O’Brien. And when the Pacers fired O’Brien on Sunday, I’m sure he let out a sigh of relief. It’s not just Ronis, however, who are happy to see O’Brien go. Guys like Roy Hibbert and Tyler Hansbrough are relieved since they’re now likely going to see more playing time under the new regime. Rejoice! We’ve been waiting for Hibbert to develop into a star center, but for some reason O’Brien just didn’t want it to happen. Things got so bad under O’Brien that Hibbert had to go see a sports psychologist. Amazing.

This week, I just finished rapping about Fantasy Basketball with my very own sports psychologist, and thought the best way to ease my mental state is to provide some help on the waiver wires. Let me, help me!  Also, our friend Jonathan Huang was unable to post his waiver wire piece, so I naturally had to fill in.
Continue reading

Daily Lies & Statistics: Don’t swat me, bro

It played out in my mind like a WWE storyline. The brothers were once tag team partners, only to separate and clash again as mortal enemies. The epic battle would feature, blood, guts, and… well, it all falls apart when you realize their names are “Brook” and “Robin”. Just looking at the Suns-Nets boxscore from last night, it was more like G.L.O.W. (minus the G), as the game not only featured Brook and Robin Lopez, but a Net named Courtney and a Sun named Channing.

One of them is Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets. Can you guess which one is Robin?

Still, there was something palpable in the air as the behemoth Lopez brothers squared off in the first time that Robin was seeing major minutes in a starting role for his team. We’ve known how good Brook is. But his brother has been tearing it up lately and is the hottest fantasy hoops add in the land right now. How did this catfight go down? I’d call it a draw, unless you think the final score matters. Then I’d call it a huge win for Robin, as the Suns cruised, 118-94. Brook did dominate for 26 points and 13 rebounds, but Robin held his own: 20 pts, 7 reb, 8-10 FG.

Yes, folks, it is time to pick up Robin Lopez, as Tom, Greg and I all attempted to do at the same time last night in the Damn Lies league. Since replacing Channing Frye in the starting lineup four games ago, he has averaged 16.0 points, 5.5 boards and 3.3 blocks while shooting 27 of 38 from the floor. This could very well be permanent, and it makes the Suns tougher and stronger. Well, I could make the Suns tougher and stronger, and I’m 6’0″ in heels. But still.

Wednesday night was a busy one with an unlucky 13 games featuring 400 players who were better than Martell Webster, who I started this week. Let’s take a look at what stood out…

Me starting Webster: My other choices? Luis Scola and Matt Barnes. Barnes was 10-16-6 with 3 steals vs. Indiana. Webster was 1-9 for two points in 20 minutes at Philadelphia.

An OT beauty in Golden State: Gotta love overtime games featuring Warriors. 123-118 win for Denver, with Chauncey Billups going bananas for a 37-8-8 and six threes. Monta Ellis one-upped him with a 39-6-10, but it is Corey Maggette who is officially tearing up fantasyland. With his 33-9-6, 12-12 FT game last night, he is now averaging a 29.2-7.8-3.8 in January while shooting 91.3 percent from the line on nearly 13 attempts per contest. He’s also shooting 58.2 percent from the floor this month. Very few guys in the league can dominate like this without doing much at all in the three-pointer, steal or block categories. Yes, I own him, and yes, he makes up for Webster. Barely. And I’m talking about his whole January barely making up for Webster’s one clunker last night. Man, I’m bitter.

Utah wins in San Antonio: Nice job by the Jazz as Carlos Boozer went off for 31, 13 and three blocks and Andrei Kirilenko dropped 26-8-2 with two steals and a block in a throwback performance. Eleven more rebounds, and two blocks to boot, for DeJuan Blair.

Delfino shines as starter: The Bucks shuffled lineups again, moving a struggling Ersan Ilyasova to the bench and going with a far-easier-to-pronounce Carlos Delfino at the ‘3’. Delfino responded with 22 points, eight boards, four assists and four threes, and should be picked up if you can afford the roster spot. He’s averaging 18.3 points in his last four with 13 threes.

Roy returns, but is ineffective: Brandon Roy owners have to be happy that Roy is back on the court (he played 18 minutes last night), but he really felt his hamstring injury and is still a candidate to take a few days off. Andre Miller continues to tear it up, either auditioning for a trade or finally endearing himself to Portland. He had 24 points and is averaging 21.0 in his last four games.

Tyrus Thomas, Tease: Yup, I started Webster over Thomas as well. Thomas snuck up on us for 18 points, six boards, three blocks and a pair of steals at the Clippers. Nobody knows when this guy is going to go off or do nothing, and it is becoming a headache. I’m waiting for at least three good games in a row before I think about trusting him. Meanwhile, Marcus Camby had 25 rebounds last night and is single-handedly winning fantasy matchups for his lucky owners right now.

Wolf in sheep’s clothing: Corey Brewer is another guy who needs to give us fantasy peeps a heads up before he decides to go off on a given night. He was sparkling in a 94-92 loss to Oklahoma City last night, scoring 25 with five boards, six asssists, five steals and a couple of threes. I’d call him a must-own, but I’m sure he’ll revert to six points in his next outing.

He has a ceiling, but it’s a fresco: Gerald Wallace continues to paint masterpieces in every boxscore, and last night’s beauty was a 20-10-2 with five blocks, two steals, two threes and 8-8 FT. And this was in a major blowout over Miami. By the way, Charlotte is 21-19.

Quick hits: Kevin Martin may have aggravated his wrist vs. Atlanta, but he did play 38 minutes and had 23 points. Keep an eye on this situation (did I really just use the word ‘situation’ without initially referencing Jersey Shore?)… Mike Conley and Jamaal Tinsley split point guard duties last night, and Tinsley played well, but don’t worry. Conley was just in foul trouble… I refuse to discuss the Celtics right now, even their fantasy lines. Rodney Stuckey lit ’em up for a 27-11-6 last night.

Tonight: Lakers at Cleveland, featuring the two most annoying humans on the planet, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, thanks to those Nike ads. These teams last met on Christmas Day in L.A., a Cavs win that featured foam hands being hurled onto the court in the least-dangerous riot ever. Also, the Clippers go to Denver at night after playing at home, and Denver is back home a night after playing an overtime game at Golden State. Who puts these schedules together? The players will probably be sleeping through this one, and so will I.

Till next time, bros.

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