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Damn Lies & Statistics Season Preview: Sleepers

We are a mere nine days from the start of the regular season and have yet to deploy our annual Sleepers column, the Rolls Royce of Sleepers columns, if you will. So, without any pomp and circumstance, Greg “Ambien” Fox is ready and up to the task. Remember, it was I who announced to the world to take an unknown named LeBron James last year. It was I who said back in ’89 that this Jordan fellow might be worth a mid-round flier. It was I in ’61 who implored fantasy enthusiasts to jump on Wilt the Stilt (those of the female persuasion took me a little too literally). They threw me out of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in ’83 after I said that Edmund Sherrod would be the next Bob Cousy. I showed them back then and I’ll show you again. So without further ado… Continue reading

I’ll Be Damned: Magic Tricks and/or Illusions

In the "Careful What You Wish For Dept.", Stan Van Gundy and the Magic have traded Vince Carter and brought in Gilbert Arenas.

There’s nothing like a major trade to jolt us out of our routines. It’s mid-December, and things were starting to get a little monotonous. Now we have the ballsy Otis Smith, GM of Orlando, gutting the roster of a title-contending team with two monster deals. The fantasy landscape is turned on its head. It’s time to examine the fallout across the rosters of the Magic, Wizards and Suns, I’ll Be Damned-style.

This week, I’m naturally very damned by the following deals and their fallout:

Washington trades Gilbert Arenas to Orlando for Rashard Lewis

Phoenix trades Jason Richardson, Hedo Turkoglu and Earl Clark to Orlando for Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, Marcin Gortat and a 1st-round pick

I’ll be damned if

…Orlando doesn’t regret this.
As a fan of the Boston Celtics, I must say that I’m pretty happy that Dwight Howard has no backup center and that killer perimeter defender/dagger-three-point-shooter Pietrus is out of our hair. The Magic are hoping the, ahem, magic of Turkoglu running the offense circa 2009 fire up this team again. Positives: switching out Carter and Lewis for Richardson and Turkoglu is a wash at best and probably helpful. Of course, Arenas is such a flake that he could single-handedly screw this whole thing up. Advantage: Celtics and Heat. Continue reading

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