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Join the Damn Lies bloggers and friends for a fantasy basketball chat on Thursday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. EST. We’ll take all of your lineup and add/drop questions, and discuss the latest news in the NBA while watching the Orlando-Boston game. Join us!

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Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show: Weird Wednesday

Andray Blatche

The latest Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show taped on Wednesday night, after the early games, so Jeff and Tom start out discussing the strange stat line of Tyrus Thomas, the awful Bobcats and the potential of the Wizards post-Flip Saunders. The also touch upon the Nets upsetting the Sixers in Philly and whether or not 76ers can be trusted in fantasy. Next up was the Miami-Detroit game, which featured an Austin Daye breakout. Or did it? Andrew Bogut’s injury and Ersan Ilyasova’s big game were next, and then Greg came on about 20 minutes in with yet another epic Knicks rant focusing on the loss to the Cavaliers. Tom checked out, but Jeff and Greg still had things to say about David Kahn, Kevin Love and the strange ways of the Timberwolves. Enjoy!
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Damn Lies Monday Live Blog: Week 5 Lineup Prep

Welcome to the Damn Lies & Statistics Monday Live Blog, where Jeff Andriesse, Greg Fox and Tom Lorenzo will post late-breaking news and analysis to help you prepare to set your weekly lineups. Send us your questions on Twitter, and we’ll do our best to answer them here. Follow us at @JeffAndriesse, @TomLorenzo and @gregfoxy5.

You can read Jeff’s Week 3 Lineup Rankings here. Greg’s Start, Drop & Roll weekly preparation column is here.

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Start, Drop & Roll: Week 5 advice

hey Chris, I'm wide open every time, man

We’re getting into that part of the season when many beleaguered owners begin to lose faith and start to not pay as much attention to the waiver wire and free agent pool. Don’t be one of these owners! Be more like your Start, Drop & Roll author, who thinks whining about his fantasy basketball team should be a profession. On to some sage Week 5 guidance.

Start ’em:

Nicolas Batum, SF, Portland: I, for one, can’t make up my mind on Batum this year. He has been on the wrong end of a congested swing rotation in the Great Northwest, but is making the most of his opportunities. Gerald Wallace missed the Blazers’ last game with a sprained finger and Crash has never been known to make speedy returns. Batum should offer a nice across-the-board return in a four-game week. Continue reading

Week 5 Lineup Rankings

Doing rankings this weekend was nearly impossible; there are many stars questionable to play because of injury. Among the top players ranked lower than usual because of injury concerns are Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Gerald Wallace. Miami is scheduled for four games, and Wade could return this week but probably not right away. I’d be surprised if Paul doesn’t play Wednesday vs. the Lakers, but the Clips only have three games. Rose’s status remains day-to-day, and it is hard to know when he’ll return. Rondo’s wrist injury kept him out again on Sunday, and we’d be surprised if he played Monday night vs. Orlando. Wallace (sprained finger) should be back but he could be limited.

We know Dirk Nowitzki (knee/conditioning) will miss at least three games this week. Spencer Hawes, Luol Deng and Joakim Noah are all day-to-day and should be used with caution.

I ranked each of these guys based on who I would or wouldn’t start over them on Sunday night. Be sure to check updates on Monday for these and all players. Here at Damn Lies, we’ll have a running live blog throughout the day, answering your lineup questions and providing analysis on the latest news.

The format for these rankings: Standard 9-cat leagues of 12 teams or less. Players ranked are solid weekly starts, while players unranked are not ideal, and should only be monitored.

Games in bold are the second of back-to-backs, while games in bold and italics are the third of back-to-back-t0-backs.

Rankings take into account schedule strength and injury issues.

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Outrageous Claims: Jason Smith

When not being flung out of the way like a rag doll, Jason Smith (right) is a serviceable basketball player.

Welcome to Outrageous Claims, where the Damn Lies writers examine players that fantasy basketball owners might want to add to their teams. If you agree or disagree, or just want to vent, leave a message in the comments.

Jason Smith (PF, NOR)
Smith is being scooped up in some of my deeper fantasy leagues right now after starting the last three games for New Orleans. He contributed 17 points, five boards, three blocks and a steal last night in an overtime loss to Houston, and had 14 & 6 the night before. He played 29 minutes in both games. Smith seems to have wrested the starter job away from Carl Landry and Chris Kaman, curiously. Kaman is more of a center and playing him and Emeka Okafor together is like having a cruise ship race across the Pacific. But Smith over Landry is a minor surprise. Landry’s defense has been questioned by head coach Monty Williams, so Smith is getting his shot. He’s had a couple of nice games. Should he be grabbed?

Jeff’s Claim: I couldn’t pull the trigger on Smith in a 12-team league this mornign, so I’m not going to suggest you do the opposite. If you are in a 12-teamer and are absolutely desperate for a forward, he’s not a bad short-term solution. But you have to think both Landry and Kaman, not to mention the mysterious Gustavo Ayon, will all put a dent into Smith’s production.

Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show: Buyin’ or Sellin’?

It’s a Jeff & Greg production on this week’s Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show. The two put on their thinking caps and immediately got cases of lice. It’s been a while. On the agenda is discussion of some possible “sell high” and “buy low” targets. The hot starts of Joe Johnson, Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon, DJ Augustin and Mario Chalmers are debated, as well as the poor showings from Joakim Noah, DeMar DeRozan and Luis Scola. If you can get past these two Kobe haters gloating over a LeBron-led Heat win over the Lakers, you’ll find a show chock-full of knowledge. Bug free!
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