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Fantasy Roundtable: Shameful Draft Picks

For this week’s fantasy basketball roundtable, we had to pick one player who was our most shameful draft pick. Since I’m in a thousand leagues, there were many to choose from. But in the end my decision was easy. The question and my answer is below. You can read the entire roundtable over at fBasketball Blog.

Who has turned out to be your most shameful draft pick?

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Fantasy Roundtable: Overlooked Bargains

Thanks to Will Overton over at for hosting this week’s fantasy hoops roundtable. This week’s question was:

Looking at the owned percentages on different popular fantasy basketball sites, who is one player you feel is still being overlooked and should be added in more leagues?

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Fantasy Hoops Roundtable: Selling High

Props to Justin Kendall over at Life is Just a Fantasy Basketball Blog for hosting this week’s fantasy hoops roundtable. Justin posed the following question to the web’s premier fantasy bloggers, and then also let me answer:

Who do you recommend selling high on, and who are some possible targets?

My answer: Continue reading

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