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Moving And Shaking: Old Hat, Old Guys, Old Shoes (And Picture Postcards)

"I ain't never gonna be like you, man! NEVER!"

Rudy Gay (shoulder) is officially out for the remainder of the regular season and the playoffs, should the Grizzlies get there. Gay has been out since Feb. 15, so this is old news. It’s not like you lost his services on Tuesday morning and are scrambling for a replacement. He’s been long gone. And we already know who has benefited from his absence.

Tony Allen: Love this dude! I’ve been advocating for Allen for close to a month now. Since Gay’s injury, Allen has posted 13.4 points on 53.5 percent shooting, 3.7 rebounds, 2.2 assists, 1.9 steals and 0.6 blocks in 14 games. That’s in just 27 minutes. Two steals in 27 minutes. There’s no better player at closing out the passing lanes than Allen. He is the must-add in Memphis, and has been for a month now, so go get him!

Sam Young: I’m no Young fan. I’ll let that be known up front. He’s not gifted enough on offense to make an impact, and his defense is far too spotty, which leads to his limited playing time. Since the Gay injury he’s averaging 26 minutes, 8.3 points, 0.2 threes, 3.4 rebounds, 1.4 assists, 1.1 steals and 0.3 blocks. Meh. His game is quiet. The presence of Shane Battier has hurt his value as well. When the Grizzlies need a lock-down defender they call on Battier. When it’s offense they need, they call on…

O.J. Mayo: No one has been a bigger bust at the shooting guard position this season than Mayo. Think about it; your expectations this season for Mayo were probably similar to that of Eric Gordon’s. We talked about Gordon and Mayo being a coin-flip in terms of which one you draft first. Mayo has been just downright awful while Gordon, when healthy, has looked like a fantasy superstar in the making. That said, Mayo now stands to continue to benefit from Gay’s absence in that he would be glued to the bench if Gay were able to return. Mayo’s had his moments. He hit three 3-pointers against the Jazz on Monday, had two steals and a block against the Pacers last Saturday night, and over a week ago dropped 19 points on the Heat. He’s not the best option, but he’s a better fantasy player than Young.

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Moving And Shaking: Playoffs, Yo!

This piece each week goes through the add-drops and trades in the 147 leagues that I’m in. Fortunately for you, hater, we’re into the first round of the playoffs and there has been little movement in most of my leagues. “Go with what got you here” seems to be the popular sentiment among fantasy basketballers these days.

So, this week, I figured I’d start off by talking about the schedule. Does that suit your needs? Sure it does.

The best place to look for a breakdown of the upcoming schedule over the final weeks of the season is Scary! You can get a good look at the weekly schedule grid as well as weekly player projections. It’s all in good fun.

Over the remainder of the season, only one team has a 2-game week, and that’s not counting the “final week” of the season. That team happens to be the Houston Rockets. With such a lousy schedule, you probably want nothing to do with an of the Rockets next week. I guess I could see you holding onto Kevin Martin or Kyle Lorwy, but that only depends on your needs in certain categories.

Other than that, you’re looking at a bunch of teams with three and four-game weeks. The best among the bunch are the Wizards, Kings, Suns, Nets and Celtics. Bingo… bang-o! Nenad Krstic, Jordan Crawford, Anthony Morrow and Marcin Gortat as playoff value picks? It depends on your needs.

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Moving And Shaking: Budget Cuts

It’s all about staying active on the waiver wires this late into the fantasy basketball season. Some owners, however, seem to be playing a bit desperate as they fight for playoff positioning.

In one of my expert(?) leagues I saw an owner dropped Stephen Jackson to pick up Sasha Vujacic. Rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-yet-still-able-to-type! Jackson missed two games with a strained hamstring, yet is expected to play on Wednesday night. Jackson hasn’t been a highly valuable fantasy player, but he’s more valuable than Vujacic. I do recognize that “The Sash” dropped 25 points on the Raptors this past weekend, but that was while playing 47 minutes in a triple overtime win. In his previous 10 games he hit double figures in scoring just four times, while playing 28 minutes per. A healthy Jackson can go off on a given night, as we saw just over a week ago with a 35-point performance against the Magic.

I get that he’s struggled and the Bobcats might be looking to go young down the stretch, but let’s not get crazy here and drop value like Jackson for someone like Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend. Right, ya’ll?

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Moving And Shaking: Death Pool

Everyone’s moving Charlie Sheen up to the top of their death pool, which seems to be a good idea. Me, however, I have a few fantasy teams that have all but died and gone to fantasy heaven. Here we are, in early March and either you’re with us, or against us! Meaning, you’re either finishing out the fantasy hoops season with a bang or you’re prepping for your fantasy baseball drafts. Ian Desmond!!

Most leagues have already seen their fantasy basketball trade deadline come and go. So, we don’t have many moves to talk about, at least not in the leagues I’m involved with.

This week, it’s all about drops. I’m not going to look necessarily at the average players who are being dropped in my leagues — not the Paul Georges of the world — but the name players who your mother might actually know. Well, maybe not your mother…

Tony Parker (PG, SAS)
This is the time of year where rostering a healthy Jodie Meeks is more important than sitting on an injured Tony Parker. We already know that Parker is out 2-4 weeks with a strained calf. With a 49-11 recorded, the Spurs aren’t going to rush him back. In his place, George Hill is going to start at point and makes for a great stretch-run add. In deeper leagues, Gary Neal makes some sense. Parker should be dropped.

Why your mother might know Parker: He cheated on Eva Longoria.

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Moving And Shaking: Melo’s Yellow

Believe it or not, I’m pretty tired of hearing about the trade deadline and the pending Carmelo Anthony deals out there. True, I expect him to be traded by the deadline (Feb. 24). Yes, he is the biggest name in the rumor-mill, which naturally intrigues NBA fans. But I swear to god if I have to hear about Melo going to (insert team here) one more time, I am turning this blog around and NONE OF YOU, that’s right, NONE OF YOU are getting dessert.

With that, let’s talk about what happens if Melo gets traded. I’m kidding! Let’s talk about some of the other deals I’ve seen go down in my many leagues. I may not have made many moves this past week, but that doesn’t mean my league-mates haven’t gotten in the game. Here are the best and most notable moves I’ve seen over the past week.

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Moving And Shaking: Are We There Yet?

"Everyone wants to know, Melo. WHO are you wearing?"

All this talk about trades in the NBA is making me thirsty. Anyone else? How many teams are in the hunt for Carmelo Anthony? Two? Three? Thirty? Sixty? Who knows. And really, who cares. In the end Melo is going to get moved to the Knicks, we’ll all dissect the deal, the Knicks will make the playoffs, win a round, lose in the second round and then we’ll talk about what went wrong this season. So you’re not going to miss much. Trust me.

We’re also hearing talk about Aaron Brooks being moved before the trade deadline. One possible destination, the Knicks! Yes, the Knicks are going to trade everyone, except Amar’e, for Brooks and Anthony. What are the odds that a team made up of three players — Melo, Brooks and Amar’e… OK, throw in Timofey Mozgov — would make the playoffs in the East? I think it happens. Whatever happens, we’ll be talking about the player movement and the fantasy implications as they happen. It’s what we at DL&S do best.

OK, it’s time to look at the moves made in my many leagues. Not all of these moves were made by me, in case you were wondering. To the moves!

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Moving And Shaking: Goodbye, Regis. Hello, DL&S?

Sad news on Tuesday, as we learned that national treasure, and friend of our blog, Regis Philbin is leaving the “Regis and Kelly” show sometime this year. Awwwww. Well, nothing you can do but start to speculate who will take over for Regis in his weekday morning show. It’s no surprise that we here at Damn Lies & Stats have been lobbying for that position for some time now. Long before Regis decided to leave the show. “Damn Lies & Kelly” has a nice ring to it, as far as we’re concerned.

Seriously, though, when I heard the news that Regis was leaving it struck me as funny how the rest of the world functions like it’s in some sort of entertainment fantasy league. The guy couldn’t even finish his farewell announcement before the Internet blew up, speculating as to who would take his place. Much like when Chris Bosh was ruled out on Tuesday night, all fantasy owners wanted to know was which Miami big should they take a flier on, Joel Anthony or Juwan Howard? Then Carlos Boozer was ruled out once again for the Bulls and the Taj Gibson buzz turned deafening.

As it turned out, Anthony paid off with his 16 rebounds, three points and zero shot attempts. Couldn’t have scripted it any better myself. Then, of course, Gibson posted a 9-point, 9-rebound and 6-block line against the Bobcats. Yup, that’s 12 blocks in two games.

Maybe the Regis-Bosh-Boozer comparison doesn’t work quite well, but I have written many times in the past that the toughest columns-blogs-tweets to write are the “Who Replaces Yao MingGreg Oden-(Insert season-ending, possibly career-ending injured hoopster here)” ones. Yes, Regis is leaving on his own accord, which makes the Ming-Oden comparison naturally different, but let the dude have his moment before we start filling in his chair. (Note: I don’t claim to be a Regis fan, as is evident by the fact that I had to Google his last name to double-check the spelling, but it’s hard not to feel for the bro.)

With that out of the way, time to look at some of the moves that other owners have made in my many leagues!

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