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Fantasy & Free Agent Fest: Southwest Division

In the days leading up to the start of free agency on Dec. 9, Damn Lies & Statistics will be taking a look at each team’s potential moves, top fantasy players and more. Behold: The Southwest Division.

Fantasy-Worthy Players Under Contract (H2H Draft Round in Parentheses): F Dirk Nowitzki (1/2), G Jason Kidd (8), G Jason Terry (10/11), C Brendan Haywood (13), F Shawn Marion (14)
Key Unrestricted Free Agents: C Tyson Chandler, G/F Caron Butler, G Jose Juan Barea
Key Restricted Free Agents: None
What to Look For: Things could be different for the defending champs as free agents Chandler, Butler and Barea might be bowled over by money elsewhere. It behooves fantasy owners to be on their toes with this group. Haywood is worth considering if Chandler walks, but the big man is risky if you are relying on him as a No. 2 fantasy center. Rudy Fernandez is now a Mav, but there is chatter that he could stay overseas. Roddy Beaubois has a chance to really take a larger role this season, but we’re in “believe it when we see it” mode. He’s coming off foot surgery. Nowitzki is no longer a top five pick. I like him at the end of the first round in most formats.
The Damn Lies Bold Recipe: The Mavericks should do everything in their power to keep Chandler, as heading into your title defense with Haywood at center isn’t ideal, to say the least. Mark Cuban and/or Nowitzki need to convince Fernandez to play for Dallas this year. He’s a nice infusion of energy who can replicate much of what Barea and Butler gave them. Continue reading

Fantasy & Free Agent Fest: Southeast Division

In the days leading up to the start of free agency on Dec. 9, Damn Lies & Statistics will be taking a look at each team’s potential moves, top fantasy players and more. Jeff tackles the Southeast Division.

Fantasy-Worthy Players Under Contract (H2H Draft Round in Parentheses): F/C Al Horford (2/3), F Josh Smith (2/3), G Joe Johnson (4/5), G Jeff Teague (10/11), F Marvin Williams (13/14)
Key Unrestricted Free Agents: G Jamal Crawford
Key Restricted Free Agents: None
What to Look For: Is this the most boring team in the league or what? Smith was shopped at the draft and could conceivably be moved before the season. As a H2H shot-blocking forward, he still has a ton of value. Horford is a nice pick for those who don’t like to gamble. He’s simply as solid as they come. Johnson, however, has the kind of contract future lockouts are made of. He’ll be serviceable in fantasy and perhaps even a tick better than last year with Crawford likely to sign elsewhere. Hinrich is still around to hold back Jeff Teague, but Teague seems poised to be the starting point guard. It makes the most sense, as he injects needed energy into this yawn of a unit.
The Damn Lies Bold Recipe: Atlanta seems ready to declare Josh Smith “available”, and it is certainly worth seeing what they can get for him. A true center who allows them to play Horford at power forward would be nice, and Smith could snatch someone like, say, Andrew Bynum or Brook Lopez as part of a multi-team deal. The Hawks should certainly stay active regarding one of their top assets. Continue reading

Fantasy & Free Agent Fest: Central Division

In the days leading up to the start of free agency on Dec. 9, Damn Lies & Statistics will be taking a look at each team’s potential moves, top fantasy players and more. Here’s a look at the Central Division squads.

Fantasy-Worthy Players Under Contract (H2H Draft Round in Parentheses): G Derrick Rose (1), C Joakim Noah (4), F Carlos Boozer (6/7), F Luol Deng (7)
Key Unrestricted Free Agents: None
Key Restricted Free Agents: None
What to Look For: Chicago is close, very close. They will try to add a shooting guard who can be an upgrade over Keith Bogans. Jason Richardson or Caron Butler are options. Boozer is a risky pick in fantasy as he just can’t stay on the court, so Taj Gibson is a necessary handcuff. Rose can make a case for the No. 4 pick in drafts. While his minutes might be more in check during a 66-game slate, he remains an unstoppable offensive player who is young and eager to win a championship, not to mention try like heck to get the No. 1 seed in the East over Miami.
The Damn Lies Bold Recipe: Richardson and Butler are decent but aging options who aren’t built for the kind of schedule we have coming up. They might be a little pricey. If the Bulls miss out on them or decide to go a cheaper route, they should make an offer for Golden State’s Reggie Williams – he’s restricted, but the Warriors might not have him in their plans. He could really stretch the floor and spot up to receive kickouts from Rose. Continue reading

Fantasy & Free Agent Fest: Atlantic Division

In the days leading up to the start of free agency on Dec. 9, Damn Lies & Statistics will be taking a look at each team’s potential moves, top fantasy players and more. We’ll start with the Atlantic Division.

Fantasy-Worthy Players Under Contract (H2H Draft Round in Parentheses): G Rajon Rondo (2/3), F Paul Pierce (3/4), G Ray Allen (7/8), F Kevin Garnett (8)
Key Unrestricted Free Agents: F Glen Davis, G Delonte West, F Troy Murphy
Key Restricted Free Agents: F Jeff Green
What to Look For: Boston is a team looking to win right now. Allen and Garnett come off the books for the summer of 2012, so this is it. Unfortunately, since the core of the team is aging and expensive, there are few moves Danny Ainge can make outside of trading an asset like Rajon Rondo. Rumors are already starting to percolate that the Celtics could move Rondo for Chris Paul. Crazier things have happened under Ainge’s reign as GM. For now, the team will likely hope Jeff Green doesn’t get any big offers and try to fit him into a reasonable new deal. Davis is likely gone and West could return on the cheap. With the doddering Jermaine O’Neal as the team’s only center, expect the C’s to grab a few cheap big men. The bottom line is that barring a major trade, the fantasy values are set in stone here. However, we’re very wary of spending high picks on Garnett or Allen, and even Pierce, considering the condensed nature of the 66-game schedule. They will have to be rested regularly and are injury risks.
The Damn Lies Bold Recipe: Let both Davis and Green walk, re-sign West, lure Chuck Hayes on the cheap and maybe use the mid-level on Carl Landry or Tayshaun Prince. Fill out the roster with a Roger Mason or Theo Ratliff, and try to win with this group. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul ain’t walking through that door. Continue reading

Wilson, Damn: NBA Players in China Could Be Stuck There Until March

Some interesting and important news for fantasy owners to take into account when working on their draft cheat sheets (and you ARE working on your cheat sheets, right? RIGHT?): According to Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Chinese Basketball Association is not going to let NBA players out of their contracts, and thus restrict players such as Wilson Chandler and J.R. Smith from playing in the NBA until March, when the Chinese season ends.

Chandler, Smith, Kenyon Martin and Aaron Brooks are the relevant names in China right now. Brooks curiously signed his deal on Nov. 17, and is now stuck. Chandler and Brooks are currently under contract with the Denver Nuggets and Phoenix Suns, respectively, while Smith and Martin are unrestricted free agents. Continue reading

Five Post-Lockout, Pre-Draft Things Fantasy Owners Should Consider

For the first time in a long time, my nieces, aged seven and five, will have competition for the most excited person in the house on Christmas Day.

That’s correct: Basketball is back. And not only that, but it is looking like Celtics-Knicks to kick off the season on Dec. 25. Just put a bow on the TV, and I’m good.

Everyone is so excited, and rightly so. We’re so sick of labor negotiations, lawyers and lies. We just want to watch Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffin and Zach Randolph and Rajon Rondo and LaMarcus Aldridge – I could go on and on. We just want to watch them play ball, with all of their talent and flaws on display. We want to worry about little things again, about pick and roll defense, about whether the Spurs have one more run in them, about how stupid The Decision was and how much we can’t wait for The Decision Part II, Dwight Howard Edition, next summer.

And we will embrace all of those things in short time. But unfortunately, the details do matter. With under a month before the season starts, fantasy owners are going to be scrambling. I know I’ll be. So many drafts to mock, so many projections to make, and so little time. With all of that in mind, here are five little details fantasy owners need to consider prior to Christmas. Continue reading

Backup Plans: Updated Depth Charts Post-Trade Deadline

This was one of the most enjoyable and exciting NBA trade deadlines in memory, as we saw superstars are shipped out of town (Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams) and contenders like Boston and Oklahoma City make bold moves. There’s plenty to dissect, so let’s get started. As usual, Backup Plans provides Fantasy analysis and advice alongside the latest depth charts for each team.

All depth charts and statistics are based on information through Friday, Feb. 25.

PG – Kirk Hinrich, Jeff Teague
SG – Joe Johnson, Jamal Crawford
SF – Marvin Williams, Damien Wilkins
PF – Josh Smith, Josh Powell
C – Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, Hilton Armstrong
The Hawks made a nice step towards shoring up at least the No. 5 seed in the East by bringing in Hinrich from Washington for Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford and Maurice Evans. Hinrich is worth grabbing in Fantasy leagues to see if he can put up decent numbers. Teague should get a little more run down the stretch, but the trade doesn’t affect the value of the other Hawks much at all.

PG – Rajon Rondo, Delonte West
SG – Ray Allen, Von Wafer
SF – Paul Pierce, Jeff Green
PF – Kevin Garnett, Glen Davis
C – Nenad Krstic, Shaquille O’Neal (injured), Jermaine O’Neal (injured)
The Celtics surprised everyone by trading away Kendrick Perkins at the deadline, a move that unquestionably makes them weaker up front. The C’s should be a sleeker team with Green able to play both forward positions. We’ll also see Garnett at center a lot, even when Shaq comes back from an injury in the next few weeks. Boston isn’t done dealing here and will pursue many bought-out players. Troy Murphy is one name being thrown around the most. The Celtics could still use another backup guard as Nate Robinson was traded to Oklahoma City in the Perkins deal.

PG – D.J. Augustin, Shaun Livingston
SG – Gerald Henderson, Matt Carroll, Morris Peterson
SF – Stephen Jackson, Dominic McGuire
PF – Boris Diaw, Eduardo Najera, Dante Cunningham, Tyrus Thomas (injured)
C – Kwame Brown, Joel Przybilla, Sean Marks
Charlotte has spent the last year completely gutting its roster in several cost-cutting moves. Is Michael Jordan’s return far off? Kidding aside, this is a very different squad than the playoff team that earned a No. 7 seed last year. Gerald Wallace was shipped to Portland for Przybilla, Cunningham, Marks and picks. Nazr Mohammed is now on Oklahoma City after a trade that brought the Bobcats Peterson and D.J. White. This roster is a mess right now, but what we do know is that Henderson will get all the minutes he can handle and is worth a pickup. Przybilla has a chance to start over Brown, but the two will probably just cancel each other out. Continue reading

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