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2013-14 Fantasy Basketball Top 150 v1.0

Hey everyone, sorry for the blog being dormant. I did do projections and rankings this offseason, so I wanted to share. Would love to hear your feedback here or on Twitter (@JeffAndriesse).

These rankings are a Top 150 for a 9-category rotisserie league (in general), so turnovers is a factor, as was injury history and probability, team role, etc. I’m hoping to do a new version next week with updates.

Good luck!

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Thursday night fantasy basketball chat

We hosted our weekly live fantasy hoops chat at on Thursday, Feb. 2.

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Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show: Bad Raps

Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan

The Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show on Wednesday night touched on many of Wednesday night’s early games. Greg joined Jeff first to discuss Serge Ibaka’s 10 blocks, followed by – what else? – some whining about our fantasy teams. The Nets were the next topic of discussion, which led naturally to a roundtable on the future of Dwight Howard as Tom joined the show about 22 minutes in. From there the fellas talked about the pitiful Raptors, the up-and-down Rockets and the crazy rotations of the Spurs. And much more! Thanks for listening – the link’s after the jump.
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Fantasy Basketball Live Blog: Week 6 Lineup Prep

Mondays at Damn Lies headquarters during the season are similar to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange after, say, the collapse of a European economy, or a major oil spill in the Gulf. The only difference is that we take our fantasy basketball WAY more seriously. We oscillate between spittle-heavy adding and dropping on the waiver wire to catatonic stares lasting upwards of a half hour at the latest injury news as it rolls in. In the latest Damn Lies live blog, we try to harness our calm and rational thoughts into something useful for fantasy owners. Throughout the day today we’ll be discussing the latest news around the league and offering our analysis in hopes that we can all set lineups that won’t have us walking into traffic by halftime of the first game tonight.

Follow along throughout the day, and feel free to send your lineup, add/drop or trade questions to us on Twitter. Follow Jeff here, Tom here and Greg here. We’ll answer some questions in this post. You can also check out Greg’s Start, Drop & Roll advice column here, and Jeff’s Week 6 Lineup Rankings here. Good luck! Continue reading

Week 6 Lineup Rankings

The frustrating and completely unpredictable 2011-12 season continues, and here I am with another stab at weekly-league lineup rankings for Week 6. There are plenty of players who are bringing injury issues into the week, but at least we saw several return on Sunday. It looks safe to play Ray Allen, Dirk Nowitzki, Ryan Anderson and MarShon Brooks this week (although Brooks didn’t step back into the starting lineup Sunday). Meanwhile, fantasy owners still have to be concerned about the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Ty Lawson, Kevin Martin and Luol Deng. There’s also been some rough injury news for many players fantasy owners have been counting on, such as Andrea Bargnani, Rajon Rondo and Andrew Bogut. It’s rough seas out there. Hopefully these rankings (compiled Sunday night) can help you make some decisions. Stay glued to Damn Lies & Statistics throughout the day on Monday as we live-blog the latest news throughout the day. Best of luck in Week 6!

The format for these rankings: Standard 9-cat leagues of 12 teams or less. Players ranked are solid weekly starts, while players unranked are not ideal, and should only be monitored.

Games in bold are the second of back-to-backs, while games in bold and italics are the third of back-to-back-t0-backs.

Rankings take into account schedule strength and injury issues.

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Live Fantasy Basketball Chat TONIGHT

Join the Damn Lies bloggers and friends for a fantasy basketball chat on Thursday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. EST. We’ll take all of your lineup and add/drop questions, and discuss the latest news in the NBA while watching the Orlando-Boston game. Join us!

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Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show: Weird Wednesday

Andray Blatche

The latest Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show taped on Wednesday night, after the early games, so Jeff and Tom start out discussing the strange stat line of Tyrus Thomas, the awful Bobcats and the potential of the Wizards post-Flip Saunders. The also touch upon the Nets upsetting the Sixers in Philly and whether or not 76ers can be trusted in fantasy. Next up was the Miami-Detroit game, which featured an Austin Daye breakout. Or did it? Andrew Bogut’s injury and Ersan Ilyasova’s big game were next, and then Greg came on about 20 minutes in with yet another epic Knicks rant focusing on the loss to the Cavaliers. Tom checked out, but Jeff and Greg still had things to say about David Kahn, Kevin Love and the strange ways of the Timberwolves. Enjoy!
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