About the authors

The bloggers at Damn Lies & Statistics have a combined 347 years of fantasy sports experience, at least according to their significant others. While all three play fantasy football, play fantasy baseball and occasionally bathe, they have always had a special soft spot for hoops, both the majesty of the game and the people involved who prefer to be called ‘your majesty’. All three of us love the game, realize how silly basketball statistics are, and are tickled to death that there’s a time-wasting experience that allows us to combine the two.

The name Damn Lies & Statistics comes from a quote from Mark Twain, whose waiver wire tips were widely read in his day and inspired us to start this venture up. If the act of clicking on an NBA box score reminds you of opening birthday presents at age 5 like it does for us, then we think you’ll enjoy our blog.

Jeff Andriesse – Founder, CEO, COO, President, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Editor of Staff Directory | @JeffAndriesse
Tom Lorenzo – Chief Correspondent, Danilo Gallinari Bureau | @TomLorenzo
Greg Fox – Director, 1970s Knicks Minutiae | @gregfoxy5
Bubbly – Search Engine Optimization Specialist; Coffee runs
Gordon Shumway – Paul Fusco






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