Outrageous Claims: Jeremy Lin

Welcome to Outrageous Claims, where the Damn Lies writers examine players that fantasy basketball owners might want to add to their teams. If you agree or disagree, or just want to vent, leave a message in the comments.

Jeremy Lin(PG, NYK)
After posting a huge 25-point, five-rebound, seven-assist, two-steal line on Saturday, all everyone wanted to talk about this morning was Jeremy Lin. Oh, and some NFL game being played later today. The big question, though, is whether or not one game makes Lin a must-own in standard leagues. Well, does it? Let’s find out…

My gut is telling me two things. First, that I’m hungry. Second, I have to believe that Lin is a nice pick up in all 12-team leagues. Is he a pick and plug? It really depends on your team’s needs, but I don’t think he’s a must-start by any means. Right now, he’s an add, but I have a tough time suggesting you start him based on one performance. That said, he could turn into a must-start on a team that has/had a need for a point guard and whose system can cater to someone with Lin’s skill-set. Sure, you have to keep an eye on the Baron Davis situation, and there’s still cause for concern since we all went ape-s over Iman Shumpert’s start to the season, but should we buy into Lin?

Tom’s Claim: For now there’s no harm in picking him up and at least holding onto him for the next week — a week in which the Knicks play four times. If we start to see him play at an ownable pace, consistently, then you can start looking to slot him in. I just worry, again, that putting him into your lineup this week might result in some frustration.

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