Outrageous Claims: Anthony Randolph

We know you can literally pick up the rail-thin Ant-Rand, but should you pick him up in fantasy?

Welcome to Outrageous Claims, where the Damn Lies writers examine players that fantasy basketball owners might want to add to their teams. If you agree or disagree, or just want to vent, leave a message in the comments.

Anthony Randolph (PF/C, MIN)
I would typically never recommend a player in his mid-30s, who has been in the league 12 years, but I might make an exception when it comes to Anthony Randolph. Oh wait, Randolph is only 22? How can that be? I feel like this guy has been in the NBA since the Reagan administration.

For a young shaver, Randolph has certainly bounced around the league, but he now finds himself in a pretty good situation in Minnesota. There are 144 minutes to go around at small forward, power forward and center. Kevin Love has 40 of them, Michael Beasley may be out for a month, Anthony Tolliver is failing miserably in nearly 25 minutes per game, Derrick Williams has huge potential but is young and somewhat struggling, and Darko Milicic is as much an NBA player as Abner Goldstein. So, whether it’s by default, freakish athletic ability, or a combination of both, the 6’11 Randolph should begin to seize a regular 25-minute role on this team. Last night, he played a season-high 29 minutes against the Bulls and tallied 18 points with a block and a steal. He won’t continue to score like this, but a la Tyrus Thomas, his potential for blocks and steals is staggering.

Greg’s Claim: Randolph has gotten stronger this year, and is athletic enough to play all three frontcourt positions. I have little faith in him to produce as he has done nothing but break our hearts in the past, but let’s remember his age and the fact that he now has a body that wouldn’t be bowled over by a cool breeze. If you have a Rashard Lewis or a Chase Budinger to excavate from your roster I’d take my chances with Randolph, but keep the leash short.


2 responses to “Outrageous Claims: Anthony Randolph

  • Johnny

    IMO you’re missing the most valuable trait in your list of AntRand improvements. His Basketball IQ is nonexistent. This guy makes Charlie Villanueva look like a basketball savant. Randolph’s defense basically relies on his athleticism; he doesn’t seem to really know what he’s doing in relationship to the rest of his team.

    Chandler Parsons, DJ White, Alonzo Gee, Kawhi Leonard, or Josh Howard (all 20% or less owned in Yahoo) would be better F alternatives. And those five actually understand crucial basketball concepts such as “spacing” or “reading a defense.”

    PS: Jan Vesely is looking ready to start contributing.

    • Greg Fox

      Johnny, we first need to separate fantasy basketball from real-life basketball. I agree that those six are probably better basketball players with higher hoops IQs. The most important factor for Randolph is opportunity, which he may now have. We’re also talking blocks and steals – two categories that are extremely difficult to come by and two categories you can probably bank on if Randolph gets the minutes.

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