NBA Draft Live Chat Tonight!

Damn Lies & Statistics is hosting at live chat during the NBA Draft’s first round on Thursday night. Join us at 6:45 pm as we break down every pick from a fantasy perspective, analyze all trades, speculate wildly, then openly weep for the future of our beloved league. You won’t want to miss it.

Click Here to Enter the Chat (Begins at 6:45 p.m. ET)


One response to “NBA Draft Live Chat Tonight!

  • bubbly

    Empty as the tomb (as our christian friends say!) around here lately. Our fearless leader has taken a HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER BLOG. Greg is whipping students into shape and Tom is too damn pretty. Only bubbly is left to sing lockout blues. I stick to my prophecy of no NBA ball til January 2012. Hope I’m way wrong. Will we be able to do fantasy ball? Will people want to (junkies like us aside)? Time for a non sequitur bubbly! ‘Frank Burns is a lipless wonder!’ – Maj. M. Houlahan US ARMY. Yes. The new bubbly secret area is now here.

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