2011-12 Damn Mock I: Tenth Round

This is it! The last round! Our heads are spinning. We may have forgotten some deserving players. Thems the breaks. The bottom line is we got it out there for the world to see. We may not be the best mock drafters, but we’re certainly the first. I can’t wait until the real NBA draft and free agency, not to mention the lockout, which will make all of this moot. In the meantime, enjoy. We’ll be analyzing it soon and posting the entire draft order.

The rules: Jeff, Tom and Greg are taking four teams each in this 12-team league, which is a nine-category rotisserie league (FG%, FT%, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, 3FG, TO) that will draft the following: 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 2 C, 1 F, 1 G, 2 U. We’ll be building each team ourselves based on this format. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to mock us in the Comments.



109. Team 12 (Tom) – Paul George – Time to start taking shots on upside players. George has tons of talent, but the questions now remains whether or not he’ll get the opportunity. He did start 19 games last season and added decent value–7.3 points, 0.7 threes, 3.8 rebounds and 1.2 steals in 23.5 minutes. If he pushes up to 28-30 minutes we might be looking at a dozen points, 5 boards, a three-plus, and 1.5 steals. I can live with that this late. Think of George as this season’s DeMar DeRozan. If he gets the opportunity, he can pay pretty high dividends. 

110. Team 11 (Jeff) – Arron Afflalo – We’re filling out our imaginary starting lineups, and Team 11 grabs a guy who is the classic “won’t hurt you” type in Afflalo. He’s just solid across the board, though not spectacular in any one thing. He’s a good percentages shooting guard, hits some threes, and has earned the trust of George Karl. J.R. Smith is likely gone to free agency, and Ray Felton could be moved. That combination would make this pick a steal. As it is, Afflalo should provide steady production for a team that could use what he brings to the proceedings.

111. Team 10 (Greg) – Amir Johnson – Johnson is coming off June ankle surgery, but is expected to be ready for the start of training camp. He will battle Ed Davis for playing time at power forward and could also spell Andrea Bargnani at center. If he can carve out a 25-30 minute role like I think he will, Johnson will have tremendous rebounds, blocks and field goal percentage potential. Why he waited until June to have his surgery is beyond me, but assuming good health, he could come of age. Team 10 badly needs his skill set.

112. Team 9 (Tom) –  Derrick Williams – It’s still not certain where Williams will land in this year’s NBA Draft, but I happen to believe it won’t matter much at all. Williams is a terrific talent, and it seems as no matter where he ends up he’ll get some significant playing time as a rookie. I don’t see him having a huge impact, though, but enough of one to where he’ll have decent fantasy value. He runs the floor well, can step out and shoot jumpers, and score in the paint. Some uncertainty here, but worth the risk. 

113. Team 8 (Jeff) – Tyrus Thomas – Ahem. Do I really need to write the same paragraph that has been written about Tyrus Thomas for the last four years? You know the drill with this guy, arguably the most disappointing fantasy player in recent history. Reasons to be optimistic: Charlotte is very thin up front and might have no choice but to give Thomas a lot of run; I’m sure I’ll think of some others. He still averaged 1.6 blocks in just 21 minutes per game. That’s pretty good.

114. Team 7 (Greg) – Jameer Nelson – It comes as a surprise that Nelson is still available this late in the draft. While it is true that Gilbert Arenas is also a member of the Orlando Magic it is also true that the mercurial one is capable of hijacking a hot air balloon and never being seen from again. Nelson is one of the most underrated point guards in the game, both in real life and fantasy. This clutch performer averaged 13.1 points, 6.0 assists, 1.0 steals, 1.6 threes and shot a respectable 45 percent from the field in ’10-11. If he can duplicate those totals he’ll rank among the elite third guards. Team 7 is buying.

115. Team 6 (Tom) – Wilson Chandler – Not a bad 10th rounder. The big question with Chandler remains, what do the Nuggets do with him? Do they re-sign him or does he wind up elsewhere? Yes, his value as a Knick was tremendous, but as a Nugget he went somewhat under the radar. He played just 30.5 minutes in Denver and averaged 12.5 points, 1.2 threes, 5.0 rebounds, 1.1 blocks and 0.7 steals. I can live with those numbers here in the 10th round. And I do recognize that he has a greater ceiling than his Denver numbers indicate.

116. Team 5 (Jeff) – Thaddeus Young – The hope with this pick is that the Sixers will rid themselves of Andre Iguodala and open up more minutes for the talented Young at small forward. While Young’s numbers have dwindled over the last few years on the surface, he has actually become a more efficient player, getting rid of the three-point shot to the tune of a 54.1 FG% last season. He’s also good for over a steal a game, and no I don’t mean that statisticians have successfully split steals into fractions. I just meant his averages. It’s late in the draft, and I’m rambling.

117. Team 4 (Greg) – Jamal Crawford – Ball hogs don’t come any finer than Crawford, who will fill a 3-point shooting void for Team 4. He took a step back following his monstrous Sixth Man of the Year performance in ’09-10, but still finished the ’10-11 campaign with 14.2 points, 3.2 assists, 1.6 threes and 85 percent from the line. A free agent in waiting, Crawford would like to return to the Hawks where he’s encouraged to launch shots at will. He could conceivably end up in a starting situation elsewhere, which would likely offer him a few additional shots per game. Regardless of where he ends up, we won’t have to worry about him being bashful.

118. Team 3 (Tom) –  Anthony Randolph – Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, well, that’d be me again… I’ve been a Randolph owner since he was in diapers. Here’s why I’m still buying–he’s playing in Minnesota, where they actually like him. Imagine that! With the T-Wolves, Ant-Rand posted 11.7 points, 5.2 rebounds, 0.8 steals and 0.7 blocks in just 20 minutes. If you push those to per-36 territory you’d be looking at 21 points, 9.3 rebounds, 1.3 steals and 1.2 blocks. I’m not saying he’s going to get 36 minutes, but I’d take 26! Heck, it’s the end of the draft. Why not take a shot, right? 

119. Team 2 (Jeff) – Anthony Morrow – Team 2 needs a three-point shooter to close things out, and Morrow is a lethal marksman. He pretty much doesn’t do anything else, but playing a full season alongside Deron Williams can only help his scoring and shooting numbers. Morrow will be a forgotten man come draft day because he battled injuries last year, but he could be a sleeper.

120. Team 1 (Greg) – Caron Butler – Had to make a tough call between Butler and Baron Davis and went with the guy who will probably be inspired to have a strong season instead of the guy who may very well decide to nap on some team’s bench. I don’t know Butler personally, but I’d bet a dollar to a doughnut that it killed him to see the Mavs win it with him in street clothes. He should still play a minimum 30 minutes and put up 14-16 points, 4-5 rebounds, a steal, a three and decent percentages. Davis will not be sitting on the Cavs or some other team’s bench making 30 trillion dollars, but oh that shooting percentage!

Team 1
PG – Rajon Rondo
SG – Ray Allen
G – Mo Williams
SF – Kevin Durant
PF – Paul Millsap
F – David West
C – Andrew Bynum
C – DeAndre Jordan
U – Nick Young
U – Caron Butler

Team 2
PG – Steve Nash
SG – Manu Ginobili
G – Jason Kidd
SF – LeBron James
PF – Elton Brand
F – John Salmons
C – Joakim Noah
C – Greg Monroe
U – Marcus Camby
U – Anthony Morrow

Team 3
PG – Chris Paul
SG – Jason Richardson
G – Stephen Jackson
SF – Andre Iguodala
PF – LaMarcus Aldridge
F – Carlos Boozer
C – Emeka Okafor
C – Kris Humphries
U – Antawn Jamison
U – Anthony Randolph

Team 4
PG – Derrick Rose
SG – Jamal Crawford
G – Mike Conley
SF – Danny Granger
PF – Tyler Hansbrough
F – Dorell Wright
C – Brook Lopez
C – Serge Ibaka
U – DeMar DeRozan
U – Jose Calderon

Team 5
PG – Jrue Holiday
SG – Dwyane Wade
G – Tony Parker
SF – Rudy Gay
PF – Blake Griffin
F – Thaddeus Young
C – Marcin Gortat
C – Tim Duncan
U – Sam Dalembert
U – Jason Terry

Team 6
PG – Deron Williams
SG – Joe Johnson
G – James Harden
SF – Wilson Chandler
PF – Zach Randolph
F – Andrea Bargnani
C – Al Horford
C – JaVale McGee
U – Ed Davis
U – Rodney Stuckey

Team 7
PG – Kyle Lowry
SG – Monta Ellis
G – Jameer Nelson
SF – Michael Beasley
PF – J.J. Hickson
F – Hedo Turkoglu
C – Pau Gasol
C – David Lee
U – Anderson Varejao
U – Darko Milicic

Team 8
PG – John Wall
SG – Marcus Thornton
G – Ty Lawson
SF – Carmelo Anthony
PF – Chris Bosh
F – Trevor Ariza
C – Kevin Love
C – Marc Gasol
U – Kyrie Irving
U – Tyrus Thomas

Team 9
PG – Russell Westbrook
SG – Eric Gordon
G – D.J. Augustin
SF – Wesley Matthews
PF – Andray Blatche
F – DeMarcus Cousins
C – Al Jefferson
C – Andrew Bogut
U – Raymond Felton
U – Derrick Williams

Team 10
PG – Chauncey Billups
SG – Kobe Bryant
G – Darren Collison
SF – Gerald Wallace
PF – Amir Johnson
F – Luol Deng
C – Amare Stoudemire
C – Chris Kaman
U – Danilo Gallinari
U – Gerald Henderson

Team 11
PG – Stephen Curry
SG – Kevin Martin
G – Devin Harris
SF – Paul Pierce
PF – Kevin Garnett
F – Lamar Odom
C – Dwight Howard
C – Roy Hibbert
U – Andre Miller
U – Arron Afflalo

Team 12
PG – Tyreke Evans
SG – Paul George
G – Brandon Jennings
SF – Brandon Roy
PF – Dirk Nowitzki
F – Josh Smith
C – Nene
C – Luis Scola
U – Channing Frye
U – Tyson Chandler


3 responses to “2011-12 Damn Mock I: Tenth Round

  • bubbly

    The DLAS team has more faith in Anthony Randolph that job did with god. Usually this would not bother me but what happened to former DLAS favorite Nichols Batum? Ya’ll is lucky I am getting purple peyote today!

    • Jeff Andriesse

      I certainly considered Batum, and he probably would have been one of my next picks, which means I think he’s about an 11th round pick. With Gerald Wallace in Portland, and Brandon Roy at least a possibility to play a decent role when healthy, Batum’s ceiling isn’t what it used to be when he was a favorite around here. We’ll see.

  • bubbly

    FANTASY LEGENDS! During his rookie year Shaquille O’Neal got into a fight. A Magic-Pistons brawl. There were a bunch of guys standing around jawing at each other. Shaq was jawing with all time scumbag Alvin Robertson. Robertson a had an evil smirk while Shaq looked very serious. All of a sudden Shaq hit Robertson in the face. In truth it was a very girlish punch. No extension. This probably saved Robertson’s life as he collapsed like a house of cards anyway. Asked what happened after the game a still seething Shaq said: ‘He grabbed my balls. I have no respect for him as basketball player or a man.’ At the time I very much doubted Shaq’s version of the event. This melted away quickly when I heard about what Robertson had done. Woe unto those who doubt the big aristotle!

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