Moving and Shaking: April Showers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m in way too many fantasy hoops leagues. Next season I need to cut back. I can no longer follow 12 teams throughout the season. Sure, some prosper but it’s usually at the expense of a few teams getting the cold shoulder. And to those teams, I apologize.

Now, with two-plus weeks remaining in the 2010-11 season I am already telling you that I don’t want to be in your league next year. Who’s “you?” I have no idea. But I do need to cut back. Consider, I’m in one league where I picked up Jordan Crawford and am rooting my tail off for him to continue to  go off in the final two weeks of the season. In another league, I’m playing against Crawford and have to root against him. Or, I suppose if I wanted to get cute, I would have to root for some sort of balance where Crawford helps me in one league and doesn’t hurt me in the other. How fun is that? Not so fun, I tell you. Lesson learned? Time to cut back.

I don’t really have much movement to report in my many leagues, especially considering that in H2H leagues at most you have four teams still competing. So, I figured this week I’d just throw a few random thoughts your way.

Kris Humphries deserves some sort of award this season. He’s not the most valuable player, nor is he the Comeback Player of the Year, but he deserves something. Just look at his March numbers: 14.2 points on 54.3 percent shooting, 14.9 rebounds, 0.7 steals and 1.8 blocks in 13 games. Holy…! Humphries has been a great help this season. In fact, in Yahoo! leagues he is owned in 18.8 percent of H2H teams and 14 percent of Roto teams in the overall Top 500. And you drafted Brook Lopez thinking he’d be the best big in New Jersey. Boy were you wrong!

Speaking of players rostered on teams in Yahoo!’s Top 500.. there are some interesting names on the list. Dorrell Wright is owned in 39 percent of Roto and 43 percent of H2H leagues in the Top 500. Wesley Matthews, Kevin Love, Paul Millsap and Marcin Gortat are just behind Wright in both H2H and Roto leagues.

Interestingly enough, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant are not among the Top 50. They fail to join Chris Paul and Kevin Durant on the list. What does this say about guys like James, Wade, Howard and Bryant? Well, I don’t want to assume anything here, but it seems to me that maybe those players aren’t as valuable in fantasy as we believe them to be…. No, that’s not the case.

I think what it shows is two things. First, team building is not nearly as easy as “pimping.” Sure you can draft LeBron and Kobe and look like a genius doing it, but can you fill out a roster around their talents? Apparently not! Second, we gather from this list that winning the draft doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win your league.

Guys like Gortat, Humphries, Kyle Lowry, Tyson Chandler and Ty Lawson are all rostered in at least 17.76 percent of teams in the Top 500 and likely went undrafted in your league. Working the wires is key, WHICH, is why I wrote about the movement in my leagues. (See how I cam full circle there!). Pay attention knuckleheads, as my high school gym teacher would say.

Hey! Want to know what I think about…

Tyreke Evans? He nearly triple-doubled on Tuesday night (11 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists). He can play alongside Beno Udrih and Marcus Thornton, so get him back in your lineup. I like it!

Dwight Howard? He picked up his 17th technical foul of the season on Monday night. He’s one more away from seeing a one-game suspension. At this point in the season you can’t afford a missed game from Dwight. Chill out, Dwight. I don’t like it!

the Miami Heat? They lost to the Cavs on Tuesday night! I like it! LeBron actually hid during the intros. Can you believe this guy? Has there been a player who’s hurt his reputation this season more than LeBron? Heck, he makes Kobe more likable. I love it!

Kevin Love? He says he’s ready to play on Wednesday night. I’m hopeful that he will play. So, I like it! Buuut… Anthony Randolph can’t like this news. He was starting to make some noise, but now with Love back in the mix Randolph should head back to the bench and see limited action.

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