I’ll Be Damned: Cry the Beloved Bubbly

Bubbly had previously sworn off John Kuester-coached players, but had success with Greg Monroe.

The fantasy season is coming to an end, and for many of us in head-to-head leagues, it has already ended. This year was a headache-to-headache experience for me as I lost in all my H2H playoffs, first as the No. 3 seed to Tom Lorenzo in the RotoExperts In-House League, and then as the No. 1 seed last week after earning a bye in another league. I had Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo and a whole lotta trouble, not to mention a few terrible lineup decisions at key times such as James Harden over Eric Gordon when Gordon went nuts and more. So my ridiculous team crapped the bed in the final week and the season’s done. Kaput.

Meanwhile, in the Damn Lies league, I’m clinging to a tie for second-place despite bobbing and weaving around every little injury under the sun. I’m in another roto league where I’m stuck in fifth place and could conceivably get to fourth. Whoopie. In another H2H league with no playoffs, I’m in like 10th place or something.

All in all, a disgusting season and one I don’t really care to talk about anymore. Time to bring in Bubbly!

Bubbs is our resident commenter extraordinaire. He has joined us on occasion throughout the year as a semi-poster as we like to hear the thoughts of our readers. Plus he’s a funny dude. He and I talked on Monday night and parts of Tuesday, and it’s here for your enjoyment (my comments in italics)…

Jeff Andriesse: Hey Bubbs… I can barely handle writing about my own fantasy teams this week… please distract me. How are your teams doing? Do you have any H2H playoff matchups to talk about it or are you a roto guy?

Bubbly: Only one roto team. So the die is cast and I can do no better than 4th. But here is where you show merit by playing hard even if not able to win.
Very Yoda-esque advice and delivery. Love it.

JA: What have been the biggest issues with your team?

Bubbs: FG%. I saw it on draft night but did not think it would be this bad. Barely over .450 with Melo, Salmons and my wasted Arenas games being prime contributors.
Oh Bubbs, relying on Gil. Shame…

JA: Do you remember having better choices at your draft? What are your draft-day regrets?

Bubbs: Well I guess Steph Curry and Melo have under performed…and Arenas was a bust… But then Love, Deng and Holiday should balance it out.
Actually, um, no. You should have done better than fourth with this team, Bubbs.

JA: How did you do on the waiver wire this year? Who was your best pickup?

Bubbs: Has to be Greg Monroe. A great year. When the Pistons clean house Monroe and Daye will become fantasy legends. CJ Miles is fraught with risk but always gives you something. Toney Douglas is much the same that way.

JA: I see you re-thought your No-Q-Ster strategy. Let’s go back to your comment about showing merit… how do you feel about fantasy owners that don’t play through the season?

Bubbs: Thankfully we only have one dead weight this year. And that guy won the league last year. So he only plays when in the running. Its not a green jacket. He won’t be back. Maybe he is in rehab though. Traded Channing Frye for Andre Miller. I’ve never been that high.
Highly doubtful, and pun intended.

JA: Do you have an NCAA bracket this year? Following the tournament? Any thoughts?

Bubbs: Can I draft Jeremy Lamb now? Blind 2nd round whenever he arrives. I had no Elite Eight teams. Next year I’m going back to cool uniforms as a selection method. Also, If you cant get laid at the VCU campus this week, there is something wrong with you.
What are you doing in Cleveland, Bubbs?

JA: Final thoughts as the season winds down?

Bubbs: Unlike the others here a Damn Lies and Stats, I dont do fantasy baseball or football so the end of the year looms in a grim and terrible way. I will be Caldwell Jonesing for numbers on April 14th. Let me now give out the coveted ‘Cry the Beloved Bubbly’ End of the Year Awards! Player of the Year: KEVIN LOVE. Not even close. I don’t really see how anyone else can be next year’s first pick. Bust of the year: GILBERT ARENAS. He was almost tolerable until the trade. Trades, knees and guns have ruined a once-dymanic player! Best Pick Up: GREG MONROE. After about two months the Q-ster figured out that he was better than Charlie Villanueva. Two months? Took you that long? Have another snort of eau du cologne.

I’ll Be Damned is a weekly look at the world of fantasy basketball written by Jeff Andriesse when he isn’t turning things over to Bubbly. Follow Jeff on Twitter or reach out to him with your hoops questions using the Contact Us link at the top of the site.


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