Fox Unbalanced: The Little Dance

If you think Jimmer's excited now, wait until he loses his virginity.

In as much as I can barely bring myself to watch a college basketball game, I will say that there is nothing greater than the NCAA Tournament. While I’ve only seen a handful of games thus far, it’s never too early to take a look at the steals of next year’s fantasy basketball drafts. As we’ve seen the past few years, rookies can win titles. In the Damn Lies League a year ago, Jeff won it going away with mid-round selections Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans carrying the load. Of course I went with those same two guys this year and they are carrying quite the load of manure. I’ve been told that I’ve been muttering something about trying to find some missing sardines ever since.

I’ve heard many analysts say that the current class will not be a great one as far as NBA potential goes, but we at Damn Lies will not except that. We REFUSE to accept that. So without further adieu, Gregger Fox will do league and column-mates Jeffer Andriesse and Tommer Lorenzo a big favor and find a few steals from this year’s NBA-entering class. I’ll update this list to include a few more following The Big Sock Hop.

Jimmer Fredette, G, BYU – There isn’t a bigger chucker in the land than good ol’ Jimmer, but fantasy basketball loves its chuckers. He is only 6’2″, but for his ballhandling ability and proclivity to down shots from just outside Provo, Fredette will be a lottery selection. Many don’t think his game will translate to the next level, but count me as one who thinks it will. He has the poise, toughness and point guard skills to succeed and can also create his own shot, which he will knock down like it’s nobody’s business (3.2 threes per game!). To sum it up, he’s got a lot of Pistol Pete in him. Jimmer is mine, guys. He’s mine. Go away.

Kemba Walker, G, UCONN – Another little dude, Walker’s got a bit of John Wall in him, except he is not as big. Unlike Wall, Walker has played three years of college ball and will join the league next year more offensively polished. He can score with anyone as evidenced by his 23.4 points and 1.9 threes per game in a conference not suited for softees. If he lands in the right situation for playing time, the explosive Walker could terrorize NBA point guards.

Perry Jones, F, BAYLOR – This 6’11” freak has star potential written all over him. As a freshman this season at Baylor, he has averaged 13.9 points, 7.2 rebounds and nearly a block a game while shooting 55 percent from the field. He has the all-around skill set to be great right away, but it is not as easy for a bigger man. Assuming he comes out, this is a top 5 pick. For fantasy purposes, keep him in mind in the latter rounds. He could gather himself quickly.

Brandon Knight, PG, KENTUCKY – Another potential one-and-done point guard for John Calipari, Knight is bordering on NBA-ready. Going from college freshman to the next level requires poise, drive, toughness and unbelievable skills, and the highly engaging Knight possesses all of those qualities and more. This year he is averaging a team-best 17.7 points and is knocking down 41 percent (2.4 per game) from beyond the arc. His incredible ability to shoot and handle the ball render him a high pick. His passion for defense will have him seeing big minutes right away.

Unless he is stricken with a severe case of Ekpe Udoh, Fox Unbalanced will appear in these pages every Thursday. If you or someone you know views a Grizzlies/Raptors game as a religious experience, this could be the perfect destination for you. Feel free to chime in with some feedback. This author also broke down recently and now has an active Twitter account. Anyone interested in fantasy basketball or the mating rituals of Magpie should intensely follow him at @gregfoxy5.


3 responses to “Fox Unbalanced: The Little Dance

  • bubbly

    Good work Greg! On an unrelated matter, what the hell does yahoo have against the Milwaukee Bucks? Did Chris Douglas Roberts steal Matt Buser’s gf or something? Jennings, Salmons and Bogut are 165, 160 and 130 respectlessly! I am no Jennings fan and Salmons has wounded my team in a large way but Bogut at 130? Apparently blks and boards grow on trees in your league. Salmons has rallied since the break as well. Missed games and poor ft% clearly figure a lot in the supersecret yahoo formula. And how come Kevin Love is owned in only 99% of leagues? And why do the Pistons play so many games on sunday at 6 pm? Sry team. I know these are not answerable.

  • Greg Fox

    i tell you what Bubbly, anyone who destroys your FT percentage like Bogut gets crushed rankings-wise. It kind of makes sense. The dude is shooting less than 45 percent from the line. Combine that with the best in the league (Nash, Billups, etc.) and we’re still looking at bottoms in that category. Do blocks make up for it? brings you to the middle of the pack over two categories.
    Yeah, it is interesting how Love and others are owned in 99%. It’s like that fifth dentist who doesn’t recommend sugarless gum.
    The better question for the Pistons is why is Tracy McGrady playing big minutes when there are decent young guys rotting on the bench? Maybe the answer to your question is so that their fans can watch 60 Minutes as no one in the Motor City can stomach that team past halftime.

  • bubbly

    Kicks Scott Skiles. 56 pts? 56 pts? They had an 18 pt fouth quarter so 38 after three quarters. The five writers here could have done better (alf is a 3pt threat). Bogut has the ugly ft%, but he does not miss enough to warrant the low ranking. The yahoo rankings must be for h2h and not roto.

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