Moving And Shaking: Budget Cuts

It’s all about staying active on the waiver wires this late into the fantasy basketball season. Some owners, however, seem to be playing a bit desperate as they fight for playoff positioning.

In one of my expert(?) leagues I saw an owner dropped Stephen Jackson to pick up Sasha Vujacic. Rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-yet-still-able-to-type! Jackson missed two games with a strained hamstring, yet is expected to play on Wednesday night. Jackson hasn’t been a highly valuable fantasy player, but he’s more valuable than Vujacic. I do recognize that “The Sash” dropped 25 points on the Raptors this past weekend, but that was while playing 47 minutes in a triple overtime win. In his previous 10 games he hit double figures in scoring just four times, while playing 28 minutes per. A healthy Jackson can go off on a given night, as we saw just over a week ago with a 35-point performance against the Magic.

I get that he’s struggled and the Bobcats might be looking to go young down the stretch, but let’s not get crazy here and drop value like Jackson for someone like Maria Sharapova’s boyfriend. Right, ya’ll?

Added: Hakim Warrick (PF, PHO)
Dropped: Sam Young (SG/SF, MEM)

Makes sense. I do have to give this owner credit for adding Warrick the same morning he went for a career-high 32 points, eight rebounds and four assists on Tuesday night. With Channing Frye injured, Warrick gets a huge bump in value. Young, on the other hand has lost his value thanks to the play of Tony Allen (defensively!) and the acquisition of Shane Battier in Memphis. Nice move.

Added: Jordan Crawford (SG, WAS)
Dropped: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (SF/PF, MIL)

This move was made by our very own Jeff Andriesse… I can get with this transaction. It’s speculative, still, since the Wizards have talked about giving Crawford more minutes (he’s averaged 23 per game over his last three) and toying with the idea of slotting him into the starting lineup in certain cases. For the price of Mbah a Moute, this makes sense. Especially considering how often Prince Moute goes from playing 37 minutes one night to playing 14 minutes the next far too often. We don’t quite know who Crawford is — he scored 22 points on Tuesday after topping at 7 points on Sunday — but as I said, he’s worth the speculative add at this price.

Added: Darrell Arthur (PF, MEM)
Dropped: Michael Beasley (F, MIN)

Really? I had to look twice at this one. I like Arthur, a lot, but is he really worth the price of Beasley? I suppose it would depend on team makeup. Do you need help in FG%? If that’s the case, I guess you can consider dropping Beasley for Arthur. But then again you’re letting a 20-point per game scorer and sufficient rebounder go to a competitor. This, in a Roto league, too. On Monday, Beasley scored 20 points with 9 rebounds, two blocks and a steal. He did shoot just 8-of-22 from the floor, but, again, you’re giving your opponents 20 points per game here simply to help yourself in the FG% category. Oh, and this owner is probably kicking himself now seeing as he has Channing Frye on his bench, injured. Now Frye for Arthur would make perfect sense.

Added: Boris Diaw (PF, CHA)
Dropped: Leandro Barbosa (PG/SG, TOR)

It’s pretty obvious, if you spend most of your days around these parts, that I’m no fan of Diaw. I can’t stand lazy basketball players. And apparently neither can Paul Silas. Though after Coach Silas called out Diaw this weekend, he went for 19 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists on Monday night. That’s a typical Diaw move. He does just enough to keep the critics at bay. Now, however, he has to deal with the return of Tyrus Thomas on Wednesday night. Silas has already said that he’s thinking about slotting Thomas into the starting lineup and I see no reason why he doesn’t go ahead and pencil in Thomas at power forward. At the cost of Barbosa, you can’t really knock this move. But don’t expect Diaw to be anything more than a moveable piece.

Added: Kris Humphries (PF, NJN)
Dropped: Matt Barnes (PF, LAL)

I really like this move. I wrote about Humphries once the Deron Williams deal was made and named him as a must-add. He’s back in the starting lineup for the Nets, where over his last two games he averaged 19 points, 17 rebounds and two blocks. As a starter he’s averaging 9.6 points, 11.1 rebounds and 1.2 blocks in 31 games. Simply, he’s no fluke. Barnes, on the other hand is a one-category filler. This transaction gets a big thumbs up from me.


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