Moving And Shaking: Death Pool

Everyone’s moving Charlie Sheen up to the top of their death pool, which seems to be a good idea. Me, however, I have a few fantasy teams that have all but died and gone to fantasy heaven. Here we are, in early March and either you’re with us, or against us! Meaning, you’re either finishing out the fantasy hoops season with a bang or you’re prepping for your fantasy baseball drafts. Ian Desmond!!

Most leagues have already seen their fantasy basketball trade deadline come and go. So, we don’t have many moves to talk about, at least not in the leagues I’m involved with.

This week, it’s all about drops. I’m not going to look necessarily at the average players who are being dropped in my leagues — not the Paul Georges of the world — but the name players who your mother might actually know. Well, maybe not your mother…

Tony Parker (PG, SAS)
This is the time of year where rostering a healthy Jodie Meeks is more important than sitting on an injured Tony Parker. We already know that Parker is out 2-4 weeks with a strained calf. With a 49-11 recorded, the Spurs aren’t going to rush him back. In his place, George Hill is going to start at point and makes for a great stretch-run add. In deeper leagues, Gary Neal makes some sense. Parker should be dropped.

Why your mother might know Parker: He cheated on Eva Longoria.

Rudy Gay (SF, MEM)
It’s possible that Gay will return by the end of the month, but a lot rides on how the Grizzlies play over the next few weeks. If they crumble and fall out of the playoff race, they won’t rush him back. If they continue their run, the Grizzlies might bring him back to help close out the season. Still, another 3-4 weeks sidelined is a bit too long. With Shane Battier now in the mix, Memphis isn’t as desperate as they were a week ago in getting help at small forward, which is another factor to consider. Keep Gay on the waiver wires.

Why your mother might know Gay: She’s open-minded.

Antawn Jamison (F, CLE)
With a broken finger, playing on a team whose season ended months ago, Jamison likely won’t return to the basketball court this season. He’s all but done, even though there has been no official word indicating his season is over. Samardo Samuels takes a bump in value, but he doesn’t really move me much. It’s been one heckuva season for Jamison!

Why your mother might know Jamison: He’s happily married with two kids.

Jeff Green (F, BOS)
In his two games with the Celtics, Green has yet to hit the 20-minute mark and has scored a total of just 12 damn points. He is absolutely dropable right now. His value has never been lower over his first three-plus years in the league than it has now. Until the Celtics start resting guys like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Then again, with Troy Murphy now in Boston… Drop Green.

Why your mother might know Green: The color of his jersey is printed on the back. How cute!

Gilbert Arenas (PG, ORL)
Arenas can’t seem to shake those bad knees. The season continues to turn for the worst for our old friend Gil, as he posted season lows in minutes, points, FG%, and threes in the month of February. Please do feel free to drop him. In fact, if you’re just dropping him now, you’re a few months too late.

Why your mother might know Arenas: She’s a member of the NRA.

A few other guys who are being dropped are Darko Milicic, Danilo Gallinari (which is not advised!), Tracy McGrady and Rashard Lewis. Good call on McGrady and Lewis. Neither really have much value going forward.


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