Fantasy Impact: Deron Williams to the Nets

Well, that was quick. Just as the Knicks were starting to think that they were the toast of the town after trading for Carmelo Anthony, the Nets struck this morning pulling off a major trade which landed them Deron Williams. Imagine that, the Nets just traded for the best point guard in the NBA and it didn’t cost them Brook Lopez. Go figure!

The details of the trade are as follows:

New Jersey Nets receive Deron Williams
Utah Jazz receive Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and two first-round draft picks.

Boo-yah! Obviously the fantasy impact goes beyond the players involved in this deal, so let’s take a look at who benefits most from this deal and who loses out.

Deron Williams (PG, NJN)

What can you say, Williams is a superstar and will remain as such in New Jersey. I keep reading that his assist totals will drop in New Jersey, but I’m not really buying it. At least not to a point where we need to be concerned. Maybe he loses a dime or a dime-and-a-half per game, but not enough to downgrade him. Why? Because Brook Lopez is a fantastic scorer and let’s not forget about the number of scoring wings he has who can finish at the rim or from beyond the arc.

Anthony Morrow (SG, NJN)

Love his value now that Williams is in town. He’s going to get more open looks as Williams initiates the offense and gets out on the break. Expect to see Morrow bump up in value with D-Will feeding him from beyond the 3-point line.

Brook Lopez (C, NJN)

Yes, this doesn’t do much for Lopez’s lack of rebounds, but he will see better looks working the pick-and-roll with Williams. His efficiency numbers and scoring should both go up slightly. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about his rebounds.

Travis Outlaw (SF, NJN)

Again, expect Outlaw to see better looks and more opportunities on the offensive side of the ball. I wouldn’t call him a must-grab, but look for Outlaw to see a nice increase scoring opportunities, which could translate into better fantasy value.

Kris Humphries (PF, NJN)

Sure, he doesn’t score much, but if D-Will can at least get him involved in the offense in the slightest we’re looking at a very good fantasy player here. Now with Favors gone, Humphries will step in and start at power forward, save for another trade. I’m calling for Humphries to be a must-own in 12-team leagues right now. Hard to not see him as a 10 and 10 guy with a block per game and a high FG% going forward. Nice add.

Devin Harris (PG, UTA)

He’s probably going to see his value stay the same. That is if he can stay healthy. Still can’t imagine we’ll be talking about Harris finishing out the season healthy, but that’s mere speculation. Harris is not worth dropping or trading for, meaning you should hold on him and see how he responds to the move. It’s not as if Earl Watson is going to steal minutes from him, right?

Derrick Favors (PF, UTA)

He’s not worth owning, period. He wasn’t worth the hassle in New Jersey where he was starting, and now in Utah where he’ll come off the bench behind Millsap and Jefferson his value takes an even greater hit. We’ll see Favors play 15-18 minutes per game, since he will now be advertised as the future in Utah I can’t imagine that the Jazz aren’t going to at least let him sniff quality minutes. But unless Millsap gets moved, Favors won’t play enough minutes to have any fantasy value in 12-team leagues.

Al Jefferson (C, UTA) and Paul Millsap (PF, UTA)

I lumped these two guys together because they are in the same boat. Both players aren’t going to get the same looks from Harris that they were used to getting from Williams. He’s just not as good as Williams, plain and simple. This doesn’t mean that Jefferson and Millsap should be downgraded all that much, but I would worry slightly about their FG%, having to get fed by Harris.

I’ll conclude with this: What you want to do is look to add Humphries and Morrow, and watch for how Outlaw’s offensive numbers climb (if at all) with Deron Williams running the offense.

A nice trade for the Nets and, really, you can’t blame the Jazz for making this deal.


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