Moving And Shaking: Melo’s Yellow

Believe it or not, I’m pretty tired of hearing about the trade deadline and the pending Carmelo Anthony deals out there. True, I expect him to be traded by the deadline (Feb. 24). Yes, he is the biggest name in the rumor-mill, which naturally intrigues NBA fans. But I swear to god if I have to hear about Melo going to (insert team here) one more time, I am turning this blog around and NONE OF YOU, that’s right, NONE OF YOU are getting dessert.

With that, let’s talk about what happens if Melo gets traded. I’m kidding! Let’s talk about some of the other deals I’ve seen go down in my many leagues. I may not have made many moves this past week, but that doesn’t mean my league-mates haven’t gotten in the game. Here are the best and most notable moves I’ve seen over the past week.

Added: Rodrigue Beaubois (SG, DAL)
Dropped: Marcus Thornton (SG, NOH)

OK, this move was made by me. It had been a long time coming, bit I finally cut Thornton. To be honest, I was more than happy to cut Thornton and would have cut any number of players on this team to add Beaubois. I had a thing for Roddy last season, when he averaged 13-plus points on 56 percent shooting from the floor in the final month. Due to a foot injury, however, Beaubois hadn’t made his season debut until this past Wednesday. And in one game, he looked mighty impressive. Roddy posted 13 points, six assists and three steals in just 20 minutes. It’s only a matter of time before he knocks DeShawn Stevenson out of the starting lineup. Right now, in just limited minutes I see Beaubois as a must-add in most formats. Maybe he’s not ready for 10-team league consideration, but it’ll only be a matter of time before he is.

Traded: Deron Williams (PG, UTA) and Rudy Gay (SF, MEM)
Traded: Russell Westbrook (PG, OKC) and Danny Granger (SF, IND)

To be fair, the owner who made this deal accepted it just one day before losing Gay for the next 4-5 weeks. So, this was a pre-injury move. That said, the deal was not so lopsided as it looks now. I can’t blame either owner for making this deal, because each player adds a different kind of value to his new owners. Naturally, Williams is among the best assist-men in the league. Westbrook adds steals, Granger is the best 3-point shooter of the bunch, and Gay may well be the best all-around player of the group. So, there really isn’t much to complain about. With all things being equal, I would lean toward the Williams-Gay side of the deal, mainly because of D-Will. Now with the Gay injury, and not to mention D-Will’s wrist injury, the deal tips heavily toward Westbrook-Granger.

Traded: Greg Monroe (F/C, DET) and Al Jefferson (PF/C, UTA)
Traded: J.J. Hickson (PF, CLE) and Tim Duncan (PF/C, SAS)

This is another interesting deal. I love Hickson and his current value, much more so than Monroe. Hickson is on the rise and continues to show he’s a star in the making. Since the turn of the new year, Hickson is averaging a double-double, and over his last nine games he’s posting 19 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.1 blocks. Love those numbers. As far as the two bigger names in the deal are concerned, Jefferson is the better get. We know that Duncan’s minutes tend to tail off as the playoffs near, while Jefferson and his Utah brethren will be fighting for playoff positioning, meaning he’ll continue to play. Duncan’s value is on the decline and this is the perfect time to sell on him. If you ask me, though, it might be worth the Duncan-Jefferson swap if you can get Hickson back at the cost of Monroe.

Traded: Chris Bosh (PF, MIA)
Traded: Kevin Garnett (PF, BOS)

My instinct is to side with the Bosh side of this deal. We talk about KG as another player getting the Duncan treatment (see above), but this season might be a little different. In a battle with the Heat for the top spot in the East, the Celtics are going to fight it out for home-court advantage. I just don’t see them bowing down and allowing the Heat to take the top spot. That said, I still do think that Bosh is starting to find his groove and over the last week he’s been the 12th most valuable fantasy baller, per Yahoo! Garnett, on the other hand, has seen his value dip. If I had a say in this deal, I would take Bosh over KG, but it has nothing to do with KG losing touches or playing time down the stretch. It has everything to do with Bosh just playing better basketball.

Traded: Jameer Nelson (PG, ORL)
Traded: Kendrick Perkins (C, BOS)

This looks like a need-based deal to me, just by looking at the team rosters. Nelson is by no means a highly valuable point guard, considering that he’s the 107th most valuable player in the game right now, but he does provide much help. Perkins has returned to being an impact player, now back in the starting lineup for the Celtics and averaging 30-plus minutes over his last eight. If you’re looking for rebounds (8.2) and blocks (0.8), obviously Perkins is the better player. If it’s the assists 96.3), steals (0.9) and threes (1.6) you’re after, naturally you want Nelson. Neither is head and shoulders above the other based on what they bring to their specific categories, which makes this deal a fair shake. I know you’re looking at this trade and the trades above and wondering how this one is considered significant, but I’ll tell you that this is the kind of move that wins championships. You need to start looking to fill holes in your roster, and it doesn’t always have to be with a D-Will or a Granger.


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