Fox Unbalanced: Balanced by Bubbly

For this week’s Fox Unbalanced, Greg has brought in renowned Damn Lies commenter “Bubbly” to provide balance to the question: Who is the Most Valuable Fantasy Player, and who is the Least Valuable Fantasy Player, so far this season? As usual, Bubbly’s answered aren’t recommended to be read while sober.

Bubbly’s MVP: Good arguments can be made for Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge or Rudy Gay. All of them are having stellar fantasy years. But the fantasy player of the year is Dorell Wright. Wow. I hate that guy. The current leader in my league has him and that must be the case for hundreds of leagues. Steals, blocks, 3’s, points, low TO’s, almost acceptable percentage’s. Stunning. He has started to falter of late, but most do before the break. Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis managers also take hits from this shark. Yes! Shark! For some reason I associate Wright with a big, hungry shark. Swimming in northern California waters wearing a Warriors jersey perfectly tailored on his sharky frame! Now, when I see Wright’s line I start quoting Jaws.

“You’re going to need a bigger boat”…”‘Got soft, city hands Mr. Hooper. Been counting money all your life”… “‘I’m talking about working for livin! I’m talking about sharkin’!!”… “You go in the cage. Cage goes in the water. Shark is in the water.”

Fox Unbalanced Couterpoint: While more Whitman’s Samplers were delivered to Wright on Valentine’s Day than anyone in America, and despite Bubbly’s incredible metaphor with the toothy fish, I’m going to have to go with Aldridge for Fantasy MVP. Wright was a mid-round selection in most leagues, but Portland’s Lone Wolf wasn’t too far off with an ADP of 53. As his 22.1 points, 8.9 rebounds, 1.3 blocks, 1.2 steals, 2.1 turnovers and 49 percent shooting can attest, he will win just as many leagues for his owners. Yes, the loss of Brandon Roy has been a big part of his eruption, but who cares? Roy is expected back shortly, but I don’t think that will have a huge effect. And when I think of Aldridge, I think of a rebel. A man who has gotten little respect and recognition for his improvement. I harken the memorable words of John Rambo after he singlehandedly took out about 3,500 Afghanis: “I want, what they want, and everybody who came here and spilled his GUTS, WANTS!! For our country to love us, the way we love it; that’s what I want.”

Bubbly’s LVP: You can not have a least valuable player in fantasy ball because you could include Ricky Rubio, Allen Iverson, Lindsay Lohan or Bubbly. All have had poor fantasy years. But you definitely can have a most disappointing player. This one is easy. It is Troy Murphy. Yahoo has him ranked at 345 with an original rank of 47. What happened? It was supposed to be a glorious homecoming for the Jersey native. There were supposed to be a load of 3’s, boards and blocks while ‘Darkness on Edge of Town’ played in the backround. Now he does not even travel with team let alone play. I am thinking he made fun of Avery Johnson’s voice or Prokorov’s accent. Eleven million this season. Wow. Prokorov did not get that rich by overpaying. If you take away half for taxes the interest alone would enable me to have great weed FOREVER! The Nets are apparently trying to trade him. Good luck. Gilbert Arenas and OJ Mayo could have claimed MDP in other years but not this time.

Fox Unbalanced Counterpoint: With a clothes pin attached to each nostril, I went digging for a more worthy candidate than Murphy. It wasn’t easy Bubbly, but I think I can trump you with the name Aaron Brooks. With an ADP of 54 and embarrassing across-the-board production, Brooks recently had a wing named after him at the Betty Ford Clinic as many of his owners have turned to the bottle. I see Murphy as more of a Bon Jovi kind of guy. It was evident early that he would not be any part of Avery Johnson’s rotation, and it was an easy call to either drop him or let him languish on benches until a trade was pulled off. With Brooks, we had no choice but to occasionally start him as we all thought the breakout was going to happen at any moment. If the 12.0 points, 3.9 assists and 0.6 steals aren’t sickening enough, try a 36 percent showing from the field on for size. That’s pretty impressive considering he gets one or two bunnies a game. And how about the notion that Brooks thinks he should have his starting job back from Kyle Lowry based on a solid 2009-10 campaign in which he shot the ball pretty well. Lowry is a hard-nosed, unselfish point guard and an aggressive defender. Brooks has no trouble sleeping at night while getting abused defensively and jacking up shots at an alarming rate.


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