Moving And Shaking: Are We There Yet?

"Everyone wants to know, Melo. WHO are you wearing?"

All this talk about trades in the NBA is making me thirsty. Anyone else? How many teams are in the hunt for Carmelo Anthony? Two? Three? Thirty? Sixty? Who knows. And really, who cares. In the end Melo is going to get moved to the Knicks, we’ll all dissect the deal, the Knicks will make the playoffs, win a round, lose in the second round and then we’ll talk about what went wrong this season. So you’re not going to miss much. Trust me.

We’re also hearing talk about Aaron Brooks being moved before the trade deadline. One possible destination, the Knicks! Yes, the Knicks are going to trade everyone, except Amar’e, for Brooks and Anthony. What are the odds that a team made up of three players — Melo, Brooks and Amar’e… OK, throw in Timofey Mozgov — would make the playoffs in the East? I think it happens. Whatever happens, we’ll be talking about the player movement and the fantasy implications as they happen. It’s what we at DL&S do best.

OK, it’s time to look at the moves made in my many leagues. Not all of these moves were made by me, in case you were wondering. To the moves!

Trade Offer: (I Get) Al Harrington (PF/C, DEN) and Ersan Ilyasova (PF, MIL)
Trade Offer: (I Give) Andray Blatche (PF/C, WAS)

This deal was proposed to me. It’s an interesting proposal. Though on the surface it doesn’t look like a deal I would make. First, I really want nothing to do with Harrington. I also don’t want to make a 2-for-1 deal because I essentially would have to add another player to this deal (meaning, drop another player) and I don’t have a dropable player, to be honest with you. The Ilyasova-Blatche trade looks one-sided on paper, but if you look at the numbers it’s really close. In fact, Ilyasova is ranked 89th overall per Yahoo! while Blatche is ranked 91st. So it’s not so far off. Here’s where I pause. I just don’t see the value in adding Harrington. And I am not comfortable moving Blatche for Ilyasova straight up. Why? Defense. Blatche is averaging 1.5 steals and 0.8 blocks on the season, while Ilyasova is at 0.9 steals and 0.4 blocks. The turnovers for Blatche hurt, and so too does his 42.7 FG%, but I want the defensive numbers. It helps the makeup of my team. Sorry, but this deal has been DENIED!

Added: Ty Lawson (PG, DEN)
Dropped: Darko Milicic (C, MIN)

I love the addition of Lawson. I see a great post-ASB run in his future. Also, with the trade deadline coming and the possibility of Chauncey Billups being moved (and/or injured) Lawson has the chance to be a huge add. So I have no beef with Lawson being added. Where I do pause is in the dropping of Milicic. I know he has a strained hip flexor and I’m aware that he’s been playing over his head most of the season, but I have to believe that Darko could have been a throw-in player in a larger deal. An added asset, if you will. I just think dropping him now is a little short-sided. Or, really, I think not moving him already was probably where this owner went wrong. Darko was a sell-high candidate weeks ago. Too bad he’s now been dropped.

Added: John Salmons (SG/SF, MIL)
Dropped: Gilbert Arenas (PG, ORL)

Here we are at the point of the season where it’s OK to start dropping Arenas. To be honest with you, I can’t believe he’s been held onto this long. With Orlando he’s only playing 21 minutes per game, averaging 8.4 points and 35.4 per cent shooting from the floor. I hate to inform you, but Arenas has no place being owned in 12-team leagues. Salmons, on the other hand, has been just as disappointing. However, he at least has injuries to point to. Now we’re learning that Scott Skiles wants to right Salmons’ ship, unlike the situation in Orlando with Arenas. The Bucks have announced that Salmons will return to the starting lineup on Wednesday night. Again, his value could take a nice bump in the right direction. Arenas, unfortunately, has no daylight in sight. He needs to be sitting on the wires in most formats, despite the name on the back of his jersey.

Added: Peja Stojakovic (SF, DAL)
Dropped: Gilbert Arenas (PG, ORL)

See! Dropping Arenas is the new black. I don’t necessarily like Peja, but he is getting playing time in Dallas, and in his debut he shot 3-of-9 from the floor, hitting one 3-pointer, grabbing five rebounds and scoring eight points. He at least has room to grow and is in the starting lineup for the Mavs. Again, I’m not big on Peja but I think he has more value than Arenas.

Other adds I like: Christian Eyenga, Sam Young, Anthony Parker and Corey Brewer.


2 responses to “Moving And Shaking: Are We There Yet?

  • bubbly

    It hurt to drop Arenas today. I am wearing black too. In mourning. For my season which ended in the 6th round of the draft with his selection. Jeff warned me too. Cant say no to blks and fg% and am tiered in ft% so I went with Kendrick Perkins. So long Agent Nero.

  • bubbly

    NEWS UPDATE! I am not emotioally prepared for TYRONE CORBIN to be a head coach!

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