Moving And Shaking: Goodbye, Regis. Hello, DL&S?

Sad news on Tuesday, as we learned that national treasure, and friend of our blog, Regis Philbin is leaving the “Regis and Kelly” show sometime this year. Awwwww. Well, nothing you can do but start to speculate who will take over for Regis in his weekday morning show. It’s no surprise that we here at Damn Lies & Stats have been lobbying for that position for some time now. Long before Regis decided to leave the show. “Damn Lies & Kelly” has a nice ring to it, as far as we’re concerned.

Seriously, though, when I heard the news that Regis was leaving it struck me as funny how the rest of the world functions like it’s in some sort of entertainment fantasy league. The guy couldn’t even finish his farewell announcement before the Internet blew up, speculating as to who would take his place. Much like when Chris Bosh was ruled out on Tuesday night, all fantasy owners wanted to know was which Miami big should they take a flier on, Joel Anthony or Juwan Howard? Then Carlos Boozer was ruled out once again for the Bulls and the Taj Gibson buzz turned deafening.

As it turned out, Anthony paid off with his 16 rebounds, three points and zero shot attempts. Couldn’t have scripted it any better myself. Then, of course, Gibson posted a 9-point, 9-rebound and 6-block line against the Bobcats. Yup, that’s 12 blocks in two games.

Maybe the Regis-Bosh-Boozer comparison doesn’t work quite well, but I have written many times in the past that the toughest columns-blogs-tweets to write are the “Who Replaces Yao MingGreg Oden-(Insert season-ending, possibly career-ending injured hoopster here)” ones. Yes, Regis is leaving on his own accord, which makes the Ming-Oden comparison naturally different, but let the dude have his moment before we start filling in his chair. (Note: I don’t claim to be a Regis fan, as is evident by the fact that I had to Google his last name to double-check the spelling, but it’s hard not to feel for the bro.)

With that out of the way, time to look at some of the moves that other owners have made in my many leagues!

Added: J.R. Smith (G/F, DEN)
Dropped: Richard Jefferson (SF, SAS)

This was an interesting move by an owner in one of my H2H leagues. The Smith addition was clearly, as far as I can tell, a speculative move made with the idea that Carmelo Anthony is going to be traded any day now. I really don’t see any other reason to add Smith, especially at the cost of Jefferson. Yes, Smith had a nice game against the Spurs this weekend — 12 points, one 3-pointer, six rebounds, four assists and four steals — but on the whole, his season has been awful. I’m not a huge fan of Jefferson, but at least he’s having a better season than Smith. And there was a time when Jefferson was playing like a top-50 fantasy baller. He’s struggling now, but dropping him for Smith certainly looks like a speculative move. I guess as of today the move looks like a wash, but I don’t see Smith working out in the long-run should the Nuggets somehow find a way to hold onto Melo.

Added: Louis Williams (SG, PHI)
Dropped: Kwame Brown (C, CHA)

Weren’t we supposed to be adding Brown after his most recent play? He’s had two straight double-doubles, posting 15 points and 16 rebounds on Monday. Oh, right, Nazr Mohammed returned and instantly ate into Brown’s minutes on Tuesday night. Plus, the Bulls figured out how to get Brown back on the bench — go small! Can’t this dude catch a break?! Williams has been playing great basketball, so I guess you can’t blame this owner for dropping Brown. Williams has four 20-point performances over his last six games, and we know that he has the ability to be an Aaron Brooks-type of guard, with fewer threes. I would have dropped Brown as well in this case, and I’m admittedly slapping myself for sleeping on Williams this late. Nice move.

Traded: DeMar DeRozan (SG, TOR)
Traded: Nicolas Batum (SF, POR)

I don’t get the DeRozan side of this deal. Sorry. DeRozan is slipping, while Batum is getting ready to take off. With Brandon Roy out for (the season?) 6 weeks (?), Batum is getting some good looks on the court. The Blazers have other injuries which are playing to Batum’s value — namely, Rudy Fernandez and Marcus Camby. The Blazers are starting to need warm bodies out there. I would easily take Batum off of any owner’s hands right now, especially if it’s only going to cost me DeRozan. Let’s put it this way: In 9-cat leagues, Batum is ranked 51st over the last 30 days, while DeRozan is ranked 128th, per Yahoo! Still don’t see the reason for moving Batum. Not when things are looking up and the return is a mediocre two-guard.

Others I like: Greg Monroe has been a steals machine. He actually leads the Pistons in steals this season. Imagine that…. Taj Gibson has 12 blocks over his last two games. You know how excited I get by blocks… Ryan Anderson is getting a lot of buzz, and rightfully so. I told a friend of mine that Anderson would be the key to the Magic’s season once all the trade-smoke had cleared. Where else is the size coming from on that team?… Dante Cunningham should see some extra minutes with Camby set to have surgery on his knee… Joel Przybilla will see minutes too, offering Joel Anthony-type of value.

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