Moving And Shaking: Aces High

Hello, this is Tony Allen... My mother was a Geechie.

Trades, trades and more trades. That, my friends will be the focus of my piece this week. It seems as if fantasy hoops owners are now coming to the realization that their football season is officially over and it’s now time to start showing their hoops roster a little TLC.

First, though, I wanted to take a second to address the O.J. MayoTony Allen fight over a gambling debt. Apparently Mayo and Allen were playing “Boo-Ray” and Mayo owed Allen “short money,” according to Allen. Others calim that Mayo owed him “a few grand,” which is a lot to you and I, but probably the equivalent of about $50 to these guys. Not that I don’t think Allen should have asked for what was rightfully his, but to get into fisticuffs over a card game on a chartered plane seems a bit ridiculous. Now that we’ve gotten the particulars out of the way, I’m not here to condemn their actions. I am here, however, to condone a fight between Jeff Andriesse and Greg Fox over a game of Chutes And Ladders.

Just last week while playing said game, Fox landed on space 87, which slid him all the way down to space 24 — wah-wah! Andriesse was on space 22 when he rolled a five. Andriesse was six spaces away from landing on space 28, which would have laddered him all the way up to space 84. Andriesse counted out his five spaces, yet skipped over space 24 since Fox occupied the space. He promptly landed on space 28 and began to ladder all the way up to space 84. Fox was not having it. He felt that two players can occupy the same space, while Andriesse insists that you skip over a space occupied by another player. Boo-Ray! Andriesse pulled a gun, Fox pulled a hammy and all hell broke loose, according to sources close to the two men. DL&S reached out to Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace (for some reason) who promptly responded with a trade offer of Mike Conley and fight details for a cuban sandwich. DL&S agreed to the deal, which is why we are pleased to announce the writing debut of Mike Conley on this week’s Moving And Shaking! Mr. Conley, welcome aboard. Please, feel free to take the first trade offer of the week.

Traded: Me (PG, MEM)
Traded: Andrew Bynum (C, LAL)

Now this deal happened in one of Lorenzo’s leagues by two of his league-mates. Here’s what I don’t get: why would you trade me for a 7-foot center who is a butterfly kiss to the knee away from missing the remainder of his career? I’m Mike Conley! Sure, on paper I’m not as good as Bynum, but the game isn’t played on paper. And for good reason — Bynum’s knees are made out of paper and it just wouldn’t be fair to allow a man to play on the same surface that his joints are made out of. I am averaging 13.6 points, 7.1 assists, 1.9 steals and hitting about one 3-pointer per game. Those are career-highs in scoring, dishing and stealing. Bynum, my old swimming buddy, is averaging 9.0 points, 6.6 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in just 21 minutes per game. He’s only played in 11 games! I’ve played in 35 games! Do you understand what I’m telling you? I know I have a personal bias here. No one likes to be traded. But if you’re going to trade for a player like Bynum you shouldn’t give up a point guard who has missed a total of two games over the last three seasons. Maybe you should offer up someone like… Tracy McGrady? Or Tony Allen even! (Boo-Ray!) In the end, I think the owner who got me in this deal won. Bynum is another injury away from joining the likes of Yao Ming and Greg Oden as disappointing, hobbled bigs. (You know I love ya, O-Dizzle!).  – Mike Conley (note: this was not written by Mike Conley)

Traded: Roy Hibbert (C, IND) and Landry Fields (SG/SF, NYK)
Traded: Stephen Jackson (SG/SF, CHA) and Nenad Krstic (C, OKC)

Jeff Andriesse made a trade!! Jeff got the Jackson-Krstic side of the deal. Seems like a nice win for Jeff. First, he got the best player in the deal — Jackson. Second, he dealt Hibbert away just as his minutes and playing time were starting to slip.  Knowing the situation, I am aware that the other owner in this deal wanted blocks. He’ll get blocks, but I’m just not sure how many. It’s also worth noting that Jeff moved Fields just as he too started to slip a little. With Danilo Gallinari out, Fields will get more opportunities to play, but it’s Wilson Chandler who is getting the extra touches left behind by Gallo. The strength of Jackson’s game here is what gives Jeff the edge in this deal. We still don’t know what Hibbert’s role will be going forward, with Coach O’Brien vowing to play small ball. Hibbert is anything but small, so it remains to be seen just how he’ll work into the rotation. Give Jeff the Moving and Shaking seal of approval on this deal…for whatever that’s worth.

Trends: I’ve seen Shawn Marion added in just about every league I’m in. I agree with this move… I also have seen owners start to take Taj Gibson off the waiver wires. To this I say, “about time!” I was one who dropped Gibson but that was before Joakim Noah went down. Forget Kurt Thomas. He’s merely starting as a formality. Gibson is the real talent here… Dropping Brandon Roy is not advised. I’ve seen this happen in a few leagues already. Roy is hurt and there is a good chance we may not see him play again at all this season. I realize that. But I also know that he has trade value still. Some owners aren’t as tuned into the Roy news as you are. See what you can get for him, maybe as a throw-in as part of a 2-fo-1 deal. I would rather see you get something in return aside from Jerryd Bayless.


2 responses to “Moving And Shaking: Aces High

  • Renardo Sidney

    While you and Jeff play paddy cake, like Toney Allen & OJ Mayo, over a game of Chutes N Ladders, I’m gonna come over like Renardo Sidney and kick that game over.
    Damn Lies is right, we’ll sorta, because you didn’t really lie you just left out a lot of the truths of the SJax/Kristic for Hibbert/Fields trade:
    1. My centers were David Lee,CFrye, Jordan Hill, Kristic, & Big Z
    2. We can only play 2 centers and even w/ that kitty litter box of centers when would I play Kristic anyway? (Note:Rhetorical question:)
    3 My team has been near the bottom in blocks, FG%, and rebounds
    4. My team leads league in 3’s and steals & has solid guards, especially when Jennings returns. (Andre Miller, Russell Westbrook, Mike Conley, BJ, Brandon Rush, Lou Williams, and now Fields unless I can move him to Forward)
    5. Fields can be moved, or allow me to trade someone else on my team, that will bring a higher return then Kristic would.
    6. We’ll see how long Pacers play “small ball”, but if anything a few less minutes for a big now, can hopefully keep him healthy in the long run.
    7. SJax had his knee drained
    8 is enough, you get the point. Readers now that you know “the rest of the story” you decide for your self who won the trade?

  • Michael Pichan

    Where’s the “don’t like” icon for this article? I want to click on that about 100 times to get out my rage….article make mike mad aggghhhh (white hulk reference for those who have seen Tracey Morgan stand-up)

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