Moving And Shaking: Hold the O.J.

Looks like someone got Greg PhotoShop for the holidays... or did they give him a wish?

It’s shocking just how many fantasy owners have already given up on O.J. Mayo. Has he really been that bad? Well, yeah, sure he’s been downright awful. But to be fair, he’s getting downright better. After going four straight without hitting double figures in the scoring category he’s now scored at least 13 points in five of his last six games, and in three of his last four he’s scored at least 17 points. Not too shabby.

This past week alone I picked Mayo up in three different leagues. One was for garbage (see: Hakim Warrick), the other was for Drew Gooden (he was the worst player on my team!) and the third was for Thaddeus Young (again, the only dropable player I had). I’m a big believer in Mayo, even if he continues to come off the bench. Though with the way he’s been playing of late I don’t see him riding the pine much longer. He can hit threes, add a few steals, hit his free throws (he’s a better FT shooter than his numbers indicate this season) and he’s starting to improve his FG shooting.

My point is, it’s not worth dropping Mayo. I can see certain players getting the waiver wire treatment, but none as good as Mayo is. And trust me, I’m not trying to make him out to be a Top 25 player, or even a Top 50 fantasy contributor for that matter. I’m just not so sure that you dropping Mayo because Terrence Williams has potential is the right move. Thanks, though, to those of you who bailed on him. You’ve inspired me to get into the holiday season.

Traded: Dorell Wright (SG/SF, GSW) and Tony Parker (PG, SAS)
Traded: Gerald Wallace (SF, CHA) and Darren Collison (PG, IND)

Jeff and Tom pull off the trade of the year!! Jeff got the Wright-Parker side of the deal while I took the Wallace-Collison side. Just for reference, this is in a 9-cat Roto league that Jeff and I are both struggling in. We are both currently at the bottom half of the standings. I think we both agree that when healthy, Wallace is the best player in this deal. However, he’s not healthy. But I expect him to heal in no time. They don’t call him “Crash” because he plays like a wild man on the court, they call him that because his favorite movie was… Crash (the one about the guy who has an auto fetish!). I like getting Collison back in this deal as well. He could, COULD, be the second most valuable fantasy player in this deal. COULD. Right now he’s the least valuable of the bunch, but in his Team Lorenzo debut he scored 18 points on 8-of-11 shooting with five rebounds, five assists and two steals. If he can somehow do that on a nightly basis (wishful thinking…happy holidays!) I would have the second most valuable player. Why? Well, because I feel that Wright is still playing over his head. I think he’s done a great job, but would I put him among the Top 50 players in the league come season’s end? No. To be honest with you, I’d also be surprised if Parker remains in the Top 50. He’s one of those guys who is a better on-court basketball player than he is a fantasy player. Do I think I got the better of this deal? Of course. Does Jeff think he did? Of course, and he should. That’s the way trades happen. No one makes a trade because they want to downgrade, right? The deal does hang on whether or not Wallace comes back healthy. And soon.

Traded: Dwyane Wade (PG/SG, MIA) and LaMarcus Aldridge (PF/C, POR)
Traded: Deron Williams (PG, UTA) and Luis Scola (PF/C, HOU)

I have no beef with this deal. And no, I was not a part of this trade. I like the D-Wade/Williams swap. Seems fair enough. I also like Aldridge for Scola, since they are both quietly effective from a fantasy perspective. Neither overwhelms you with his production, but both are good for nightly double-doubles and the occasional “Did he really go for 20 and 20 last night?” line. All in all, I have to say that this was a fair deal. I’m inclined to like the D-Wade part of the deal but that’s because I buy into the East Coast bias in the media. Sorry. But I have no beef either way. Well done, gents.

Added: Ben Gordon (SG, DET)
Dropped: Marcus Camby (C, POR)

Hey, I feel the excitement too! Ben Gordon is in the starting lineup for the Pistons, the league’s most underwhelming team. Oh boy. And in his first start since Nov. 5 he scored 25 points with four  3-pointers and seven rebounds in 43 minutes against the Hornets. Feel it! He’s definitely worth adding, don’t get me wrong. But at the price of Camby? Not…so…sure. I get that Camby is injured right now and dealing with a sore shoulder. He’s missed the last 2-plus games with said shoulder injury. But the injury isn’t deemed serious. Right now Camby is averaging 10.8 rebounds, 1.9 blocks and 0.9 steals in what can be considered a quiet year. Looking at this owner’s roster (he will remain anonymous, since I don’t want you all to hurt him), he’s guard-heavy and light on big men. I can pick about three other guys on his team who I would have rather dropped. Namely, Arron Afflalo, Ronnie Brewer and… all right, maybe two. He can keep D.J. Augustin. I just don’t think bailing on Camby is the right move. I do believe adding Gordon makes sense, but the price was not right on this transaction.

Because you still have shopping to do and I am already at 1,000 words, I’ll give a few bits of advice on trends I’m seeing in my leagues.

-It’s OK to drop Joakim Noah in a daily league. You almost have to. Ten weeks is a long time. I saw him dropped for C.J. Miles in one of my leagues. Can’t really argue with that.

– Do not, however, drop Brandon Jennings. At least in most cases I wouldn’t. It’s a bit of a different case. Jennings will be back on the court and have played at least a month before Noah even returns. Wouldn’t drop him.

Troy Murphy is getting dropped in many leagues. I still think he has some value, or better I should say that he will have some value at some point. He’s worth keeping an eye on, if you ask me.

Hey, happy holidays all!


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