Moving And Shaking: Reality Vs. Fantasy. Who Ya Got?

This piece from week-to-week is simply one man’s take on the free agent adds and trades he sees in his many fantasy leagues. Simple as that.

You get Terrence Williams, I get what's behind the curtain.

This week I intended on starting my piece discussing a trade that my colleague Jeff Andriesse made in one of our leagues. Instead, I decided to focus on the one thing that everyone wants to talk about: Terrence Williams.

Apparently, Williams, an 8-time All-Star, has been traded to the WNBA and his stats are made available to fantasy basketball owners if they jump on him NOW. Tomorrow, however, you’ll have to deal with Juwanna Mann.

Of course none of that is true, but it is funny how excited everyone is about T-Will going to Houston, where he will come off the bench to play about 22-23 minutes per game. I’m all for adding him, but I don’t want to hear questions about whether or not he’s worth picking up in place of Eric Gordon. I like Williams and think he’s better off in Houston, where he’s wanted, but there comes a time when we have to realize that we’re just talking about a third-year player who has shown some promise… on the Nets!… going to a situation in Houston where the backcourt is a bit crowded and the wings are plentiful (no, not Buffalo). Isn’t there more important news out there? Like, Robin Lopez returning to the Suns?

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

Traded: Rajon Rondo (PG, BOS) and Micheal Beasley (SF, MIN)
Traded: Danilo Gallinari (SF, NYK) and Al Jefferson (PF/C, UTA)

This was the trade that I referenced earlier. Jeff received the Gallo-JeffAndriesseerson part of this trade. I’ll note first that this deal was done exactly one week ago. But that’s only because Jeff waited until I published my last week’s column to make the deal. He wanted time for this deal to sink in before becoming legendary among the movers and shakers. I have to say that Jeff got the second and third best fantasy players in this deal. So, with that, he’s the winner, right? (Isn’t there some mathematical explanation for Jeff’s victory?).  Especially since the “first” best player in this deal, Rondo, is not playing like the best, nor is he healthy enough to be considered the best. BEST OVERLOAD! Gallo, as you may well know, I love like a man is supposed to love another man — nominally. So I can’t say enough about how much of an impact he’ll have on Jeff’s team. He’s starting to re-find his 3-point stroke and has been about as good as it gets from the free-throw line. Jefferson has struggled of late, but he’s still among the more proficient centers in the game. To be fair, too, Jeff traded Rondo away in a 9-cat Roto league — free throws and turnovers, anyone? I’m not sucking up to the boss here, although I’ve been told that we are on the verge of being sold to Bubs Inc., but I do think that Jeff made out nicely here. Heck he’s climbed a few spots in the standings since the trade was made. That’s all the proof one needs, right?

Traded: Stephen Jackson (SG/SF, CHA), Lamar Odom (PF, LAL) and Elton Brand (PF/C, PHI)
Traded: Baron Davis (PG, LAC), Eric Gordon (SG, LAC) and Tony Parker (PG, SAS)

This was part of a 3-team trade, where one owner received Davis, Gordon and Parker, while another owner grabbed Jackson and Odom with a third taking Brand. You with me? Basically, I lumped them into one deal, since Davis, Gordon and Parker are all going to the same place. Someone was having a guard problem! Well, if you have to take on some trash I suppose the only thing you can do is give up some trash of equal or lesser value. Brand was playing over his head, so I’m fine with you dealing him. Odom I like, but he stands in line to lose value with Bynum back. S-Jax I’ve never liked as a fantasy player. B-Davis I can’t come to own, so I’m not with you on this one. Gordon I recently traded away, getting Crawford back in that deal. Parker is better in real life than he is in fantasy, which is what we are playing. What to think, what to think… I guess my favorite player in the deal is Gordon. Maybe? I think it’s a real wash. The only thing I can say is this: I hope you have enough boards and blocks, because you got none of that back in return. If you must know, the owner who receiver the three guards doesn’t. Currently his three best rebounders are Al Jefferson, Joakim Noah and DeJuan Blair. It is a head-to-head league so I guess he can punt rebounds and blocks.. and FG%. But in fairness he did get back the best player in return… I think.

Traded: Brandon Roy (SG/SF, POR) and Michael Beasley (SF, MIN)
Traded: Rudy Gay (SG/SF, MEM)

Now we’re talking! this trade happened in one of my other leagues. No, I was not involved in it. At first glance you would think that Roy and Beasley is too much to give for Gay, but that may not be true at all. The Blazers are already capping Roy’s minutes, and he’s not happy about that. Roy is a tough cut or a hard fall away from missing the rest of the season, and I’m not happy about that. Beasley is playing way over his head right now, possibly, or up to his ability, which really isn’t fantasy friendly. Yeah 21 points and 6.1 rebounds are nice, but he’s not a guy who “wow’s” you anywhere else. Beas gives you less than a block, steal and three per game. Gay, on the other hand, gives you 21 and 6 rebounds, plus 1.4 threes, 1.5 steals and 1.2 blocks. He also gives you much better percentages. So, assuming that Roy goes down with a season-ending injury any day now, this deal is a steal for the Gay owner. (Behave yourselves…).


One response to “Moving And Shaking: Reality Vs. Fantasy. Who Ya Got?

  • Jeff Andriesse

    To go further into my reasoning, there were a few factors: 1) fear of Rondo shutting it down or occasionally resting; 2) I was in desperate need of a center/big man in that league (wasting PF/F/C spots on Cousins, Kaman & R. Lewis); 3) Thinking Jefferson is a nice buy low. He’s 17 and 9 right now, but has the upside of 19 and 10 by season’s end.

    Oh and Tom: Have that report on my desk by 5 o’clock!

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