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"If you want people to stop calling you 'baby'..."

I have to admit that I get more e-mails this time of year than any other in regard to Fantasy Basketball. This is the week when most Fantasy players are just about done caring about their lost-cause Fantasy Football team and starting to turn their attention to hoops. I get so many, “So, I, uh, am finally looking at my Fantasy Basketball team and, well, I need help!” e-mails that I can’t find the time to answer them all. But, I, like many of you, was knocked out of my Fantasy Football league thanks to Aaron Rodgers and now have little left to play for on the gridiron.

So this week in honor of you, Mr. Fantasy Football, I will give you some tips on who to look at on the waiver wires and help you figure out how to make up that lost ground. These are the players most widely available in Yahoo! leagues who are worth sniffing off the wires. You deserve a little help. After all, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t there to pick you up when you needed him the most!

Reggie Williams (SG/SF, GSW)
With Stephen Curry out for “a while,” Williams has stepped up as a scoring threat for the Warriors. He’s played 35-plus minutes in two straight games, including a 33-point performance against the Spurs in which he hit 8-of-10 three-pointers. He does little else but score and hit threes, but the occasional steal also helps and so does his ability to go off and make eight three-pointers in a single game. While Curry is out Williams is a definite add.

Glen Davis (PF, BOS)
What can you say about Davis? Well for starters you can say that the dude loves the number 16! In five of his six December games Davis has scored exactly 16 points. He’s also averaged just under seven rebounds per game, added a steal and shot over 50 percent from the floor. He’s been a pleasant surprise off the bench for the Celtics and is among the top sleepers of the year thus far.

Robin Lopez (C, PHO)
Lopez has finally returned to practice for a Phoenix team that so desperately needs his size in the middle. Lopez has been out since November 14 with a left knee sprain. Since then the Suns have had to run out Knicks cast-off Earl Barron in the middle, who has been quite underwhelming. Lopez was a disappointment prior to his injury, but we know the talent is there. He’s a guy who can block shots and rebound in the paint, while chipping in put-backs under the basket. He’s not the talent his brother Brook Lopez is, but he’s worth adding for his big-man stats.

Terrence Williams (SG/SF, NJN)
Williams has returned from his brief stint in the Developmental League and seems to have learned his lesson. In his first game since returning from the D-League he logged 26 minutes against the Mavs, scoring six points with four assists and two steals. He followed that up with a 21-minute, seven-point performance on Sunday against the Lakers. He’s better than those numbers would indicate and is going to get more minutes over the next month with the injury to Damion James (broken right foot). You’ll have to be patient with Williams, but he could be worth the wait if you have the roster space.

DeJuan Blair (PF/C, SAS)
Blair posted back-to-back double-doubles this past week, adding seven steals along the way. He then went for eight points, six rebounds and one steal on Sunday against the Blazers, but that’s to be expected with Blair. He’s inconsistent, but when he’s on he can be among the top rebounders in the game and one of the more proficient stealers from the center position. You might have some luck going forward with Blair, but know that you’ll have to live with the inconsistent nature of his game.

Francisco Garcia (SG/SF, SAC)
With Tyreke Evans out for at least the next three games (possibly more?), Garcia is the likely candidate to benefit most from the injury. He’s having an awful season to date, averaging just seven points, under two rebounds and just over one assist per game. Let that be your warning. But we know the talent is there. We also know, though, that Paul Westphal can be a tough guy to read. Heck, we might be seeing a lot more Pooh Jeter instead. I’m leaning toward Garcia here, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone else emerge.

DeAndre Jordan (C, LAC)
I might have to put Jordan among the short list of players who I strangely must own in every league, even when they’re doing absolutely nothing from a Fantasy perspective. Those who read me know that Tyrus Thomas has led that list for some time now. See how that one has turned out… Well, anyway, Jordan is starting at center for the Clippers with Chris Kaman out for the next three weeks. This means, of course, I will raise my expectations for him only to be disappointed once again. I can’t wait! Jordan is a guy who can go out there and foul-out in 18 minutes or turn in a performance like he did on Saturday where he grabbed 14 rebounds and blocked four shots against the Grizzlies. You never know which player is going to show up. But if you’re in need of rebounds and blocks he can make up for an off-night with a healthy performance like Saturday’s. At the very least you know he’s going to get plus-minutes with Kaman out. Just be prepared to rip your hair out in disgust when he commits three fouls in the first four minutes of a game!

Brandon Bass (SF/PF, ORL)
Bass has been starting in the frontcourt for the Magic and his bump in minutes has led to a nice spike in production. In fact, he’s hit double digits in scoring in six of his last seven games and has averaged a double-double in his two starts in December. He too can be streaky and has been a tough player to rely on in the past, but with the Magic dealing with injuries and an opening in the frontcourt, Bass has done his best to try and cement some minutes for himself. He’s an add for now, but be careful because he’s almost sure to drop off.

You can contact Tom at Send him your Fantasy questions and he’ll make sure to get back to you in no time.


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