Fantasy Roundtable: Shameful Draft Picks

For this week’s fantasy basketball roundtable, we had to pick one player who was our most shameful draft pick. Since I’m in a thousand leagues, there were many to choose from. But in the end my decision was easy. The question and my answer is below. You can read the entire roundtable over at fBasketball Blog.

Who has turned out to be your most shameful draft pick?

My answer:

Shame on me for going down the Rashard Lewis road again. My thinking was to grab him in the middle to late rounds as a cheap source of threes, but all I’ve gotten has been a cheap source of nausea. Lewis was terrible last year, just brutal. He had to be better, right? Well, he is worse, if that is possible. There aren’t enough rebounds to go around for Lewis playing with Dwight Howard, but just 4.4 per game? At 6-foot-10? And the threes – 1.8 per game through Tuesday – don’t make up for his anemic numbers across the board. This is a man making $19 million per year and he can’t use his skills to take advantage of mismatches against either smaller or bigger opponents. The basketball equivalent of a wallflower, he remains one of those players who you can’t quite drop but are loathe to count on as a starter. Never again, Rashard. Never again.


One response to “Fantasy Roundtable: Shameful Draft Picks

  • bubbly

    jazz music and good weed helped during the early and middle rounds but MARCUS THORNTON was part of the late round funeral. I accept my week long ban from DLAS with as much good grace as someone who has been rejected by a hermaphrodite can have.

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