Moving And Shaking: Thanks. Giving Props.

What you talkin' 'bout, Lorenzo?

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving time and I am here to give thanks. I am thankful for… No, just kidding. I am not going to put you through that. Let’s get into the waiver wire discussion. Each week I bring you the best and worst moves via trade or free-agent transaction in my 173 leagues.

I’ll start this week by saying: I’m a sucker. I bought into the Erick Dampier pseudo-hype and picked him up in three leagues already. Why? I don’t know. Really, I was hoping that he would have a breakout game against the Magic and I could then move him for something (or someone) of real substance. Well, maybe Tuesday was too soon. Jamaal Magloire banked more minutes than Damps. Well, I guess it didn’t cost me much. But then again what does Dampier have to offer? He won’t play more than 22-23 minutes, will only grab 6-7 boards and maybe 1.3 blocks. Was that really worth me trying to beat everyone to the punch? This is the same guy who Shaq called “Erica” Dampier. Fool me once, shame on…me.

Add: Brandon Rush (SG/SF, IND)
Drop: Al-Farouq Aminu (SF, LAC)

I will start by telling you that I secretly love Brandon Rush. I have picked him up and dropped him more times than just about any other player in the league (note: I never, ever drop Tyrus Thomas). So I obviously like this move from owner Greyone. Rush has been in and out of the starting lineup over the past four games, but let it be known that he has outplayed Mike Dunleavy along the way. Over his last five he’s averaged 13.8 points, 4.0 rebounds, 1.6 blocks, 0.8 steals, 1.4 threes, and a 56.2 FG%. I know that Rush will play his way out of the lineup and wind up back on the wires in the not so distant future, but he is one of the best adds in fantasy right now. As well as Aminu has been playing for the Clips, he’s more prone to growing pains than Rush and will prove to be more inconsistent this season. Add Rush, he’s a real Tom Sawyer (anyone?).

Traded: Stephen Curry (PG/SG, GSW) and Zach Randolph (PF/C, MEM)
Traded: Joakim Noah (C, CHI) and Elton Brand (PF/C, PHI)

I hate this deal on the Noah/Brand side. Two things: First, Curry and Randolph are the best two players in this deal. Second, Brand will not, I repeat, will not keep up his current value. And Curry and Randolph are only going to get better as the season goes. Noah will lose some value once Carlos Boozer enters the fray for the Bulls, so consider him on the way down. This is a fine example of an owner buying low and selling high. Curry is going to be a Top 10 player by season’s end. And I say that as if he’s not already having a highly productive season. Yeah, his threes are down to 1.4 per game on the season, but the rest of his numbers are on par or in some cases better than they were last season. Not a fan of this move at all, in case you haven’t noticed.

Traded: Ben Gordon (SG, DET)
Traded: Darko Milicic (C, MIN)

I LOVE this trade. You take my overrated junk and I’ll take yours! Both Darko and Gordon are playing a bit over their heads right now. The Darko jokes have been rolling out all over the place. From “yes, pigs are flying” (Tamer!) to “too bad Chad Ford built that spare room in his house.” It’s hard to argue either end — Will Gordon keep up his current pace? Maybe. Will Darko? Who knows. We do know that this is the kind of deal that neither wins or loses fantasy leagues. And for that, I like it. No harm, no foul.

Traded: Vince Carter (SG, ORL)
Traded: O.J. Mayo (SG, MEM)

I don’t care how poorly Mayo is playing less than a month into the season (38.8 FG%, 13.3 points, 2.1 assists… you get the picture), but there is no way that Carter is going to have more value this season than Mayo. No way at all. Right now their numbers are nearly identical, save for the FG%, but Carter is less than a month into the season and already injured (sprained knee), missing Wednesday’s game against the Heat. His backup, J.J. Redick, played great in his absence (20 points on 5-of-12 shooting) and could easily maintain the starting two-guard position even as Carter returns. Hold the Carter, give me the Mayo.

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2 responses to “Moving And Shaking: Thanks. Giving Props.

  • bubbly

    It’s easy to do the ‘what I am thankful for!’ format if you have Kevin Love. BLISS. Carmelo and Steph Curry form a triumverate better than…..well, I am on thin ice here. No need to mention harem girls and laudanum. Jrue. Thankful. 6 weeks of Taj Gibson was worth a 12th round pick. I curse Gilbert Arenas for lots of reasons but he is a blast to have on the team. A fond farewell to Sonny Weems and Eric Bledsoe as they head back to my bench. Scrappers.

  • John

    You should consider adding a “this or that” for waiver wire fodder.

    I’m in a dynasty league where I’m in contention to win…

    Should I go with Big Z or Jeff Teague? I could use help in all categories since right now I’m just trying to bolster my team in general.

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