Fantasy Roundtable: Overlooked Bargains

Thanks to Will Overton over at for hosting this week’s fantasy hoops roundtable. This week’s question was:

Looking at the owned percentages on different popular fantasy basketball sites, who is one player you feel is still being overlooked and should be added in more leagues?

My answer:

I think it’s about time folks hopped on the Al-Farouq Aminu Bandwagon. Has a ring to it, no? Okay, so maybe pronouncing his name could give you a hernia, but it’s his game I’m more intrigued by. In this admittedly small sample size of a season, Aminu has shown the ability to provide both threes and steals, and in a season-high 36 minutes on Monday night he had two blocks as well. Now that he has secured the starting small forward spot for the Clippers, I think he deserves a look in all but the shallowest of leagues. He’s at 9 percent ownership right now in Yahoo!. That should start increasing. While the rookie is sure to stumble once in a while, he can only get better with experience and increased minutes.

Each week the top fantasy basketball bloggers from around the web will contribute to a roundtable discussion about the issues of the day. We’ll post ’em here.



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