Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show #5: Draft Recap

Jeff and Greg man the controls this week on the Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show. This week’s twist: they decide to go back over one of their roto drafts and lament all the horrific picks they made. Let the whining commence…

Damn Lies & Statistics Fantasy Hoops Show #5


2 responses to “Damn Lies Fantasy Hoops Show #5: Draft Recap

  • Jeff Andriesse

    Thanks to anyone listening. I felt like Greg and I kind of ran out of time (we’re limited to a half hour right now) and didn’t get to really delve into our draft.

    My picks (in order or round taken):
    Durant, G. Wallace, Horford, Collison, Duncan, Hibbert, Holiday, R. Lewis, Salmons, Nelson, Batum, Kleiza, Haywood, Hamilton, McRoberts, George Hill, Hinrich, Douglas, Budinger, Mohammed
    Pickups so far: Glen Davis for Hill; Aminu for Budinger

    Curry, Granger, Evans, Noah, Z. Randolph, M. Williams, Nene, Kevin Martin, Ty Thomas, Hickson, Varejao, Augustin, Daye, Afflalo, Hawes, Belinelli, Outlaw, Beaubois, Shelden Williams, D. Greene
    Pickups so far: F. Garcia for Greene

    Kobe, Dwight Howard, Billups, Iguodala, J. Richardson, Camby, Murphy, Mayo, T. Parker, Brand, Yao, Calderon, Gooden, Barbosa, A. Johnson, D. Wright, DeRozan, Teague, Haslem, D. Jordan

    We didn’t get to Tom’s stellar 9th & 10th rounds (Parker and Brand) and also his Dorell Wright steal. Maybe if you were on the show, Lorenzo, we would have thrown some love your way!

  • bubbly

    Wow. I am having trouble contacting yall via roto experts. Did my atheist fight song offend that much?

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