Fantasy Hoops Roundtable: Selling High

Props to Justin Kendall over at Life is Just a Fantasy Basketball Blog for hosting this week’s fantasy hoops roundtable. Justin posed the following question to the web’s premier fantasy bloggers, and then also let me answer:

Who do you recommend selling high on, and who are some possible targets?

My answer:

I see the starts that the old warhorses in San Antonio and Boston are off to, and I can’t help but begin there with my sell-high advice. Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Richard Jefferson are all worth dangling while they are hot. Ginobili won’t play 80 games, Parker’s 2.2 steals and 7.7 assists are way over his career norms, and Jefferson is scorching from the field. All of this while Tim Duncan is off to a slow start. It shouldn’t last at this pace for any of them.

In Boston, Kevin Garnett is healthy and putting up huge numbers, Paul Pierce‘s stats are off the charts and Ray Allen is simply the ageless one. I don’t see these good times lasting either. The slightest injury and these guys will be taking regular breaks in preparation for the playoffs. Their minutes will be monitored going forward. Time to get what you can from them.

My target right now: David West. West’s numbers are pedestrian for him – under 17 points and around six boards a game. We all expected him to be closer to 20 & 9. It is still possible as West tends to be a slow starter. The Hornets will need him to improve offensively if they are to keep up their pace. In a month or so, he’ll be pouring in 20+ points with those great percentages we have come to expect from him.

You can read the rest of the responses at Justin’s blog.

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