Moving And Shaking: General-Lee Happy.

"David, I would like to insert a camera into your elbow to document the surgery. Big ups?"

Maybe it’s because the RotoExperts In-House league is the only one of my 175 leagues in which I am completely bombing in, but I made a big trade this week in which I am already having some buyer’s remorse. I know, I know, it’s still early and I am freaking out over a team which on paper is one of the three or four best in the league, despite my last place standing. I have Kevin Durant, Steve Nash, Al Jefferson, Elton Brand, John Wall, Serge Ibaka, Danilo Gallinari, Kevin Love, Trevor Ariza, AK-47, Eric Gordon, Antawn Jamison, and Drew Gooden. It’s a H2H league, so don’t come at me with “where’s the balance, Lorenzo?” Winning at least five categories is the key — for now.

Now, though, I have to update my roster to exclude two players. Two players who I like and who are liked amongst most fantasy ballers out there.

I’ll be the first to admit that less than a month into the season I may have jumped the shark. But, then again, the real implications of my deal won’t be known for some time. Right now I do have a bit of remorse, but I believe that I will generally be happy with the deal 2-3 weeks from now. Assuming that my target returns to the court within that time-frame.


Here now are some transactions which have happened in my league, with only one of which belonged to me. “The one,” you ask? Why the following trade!

Traded: Al Jefferson (PF/C, UTA) and Eric Gordon (SG, LAC)
Traded For: David Lee (PF/C, GSW) and Jamal Crawford (SG, ATL)

Of course I knew that Lee was injured, but in my defense I did make this move just as reports had Lee returning this Friday from his minor elbow surgery. Now, we’re hearing that it’ll be another 2-3 weeks before Lee returns now that he’s had to go under the knife for a second time. My bad. My thinking was that I was holding onto Jefferson for all the wrong reasons. I was holding onto him for his minimal blocks. Knowing that my only other shot-blockers were Ibaka and Brand, I concluded that I was probably going to lose that category from week-to-week. So, I opted to deal for Lee who is better in the FG%, FT%, rebound, and steals categories. He’s also capable of scoring more points. Coupling Lee with Love would almost guarantee that I win rebounds each week. And with my team already strong on steals, I was happy to add a few extra thefts. The injury hurts, but remember that the deal was accepted when I thought Lee would return on Friday and knew that the waiting period for the trade to be finalized was two days. Meaning, I would only miss him for one game. I think this side of the trade was well justified.

The Gordon for Crawford portion of the deal was maybe a little hasty. Granted, I made it knowing that I had to sweeten the deal in order to get Lee. Gordon’s scoring numbers are way up this year (22.3 per game), but his steals aren’t that impressive (1.1) and his 3-point shooting has been awful (17% from beyond the arc). Gordon has also been hampered a bit by a sore shoulder and he’s had some trouble staying healthy early on in his career — played just 62 games last season. Crawford hasn’t been much better this season, but I’ll simply look the other way and chalk it up to a slow start. He’s taken four fewer FGAs this season compared to last. He’ll get a rhythm going, and once he starts knocking down his 3-pointers and picking a few more steals I think the trade will level out.

Again, this trade looked much better for me when Lee was supposed to return on Friday. Now, however, it’s going to be a frustrating two weeks while I wait his return. With it being so early in the season we can’t say whether I’ve won or lost this one — yet.

Added: Wesley Matthews (SG, POR)
Dropped: Taj Gibson (PF, CHI)

This one belonged to Jeff Andriesse, ladies and gentlemen. Well, duh, this move makes sense and Jeff knows he did a fine job. Matthews dropped 30 points on Tuesday night against Memphis. He was starting in place of the injured Brandon Roy who is going to miss many games this season, book it! Matthews uncharacteristically hit five 3-pointers and stole two balls in this one as well. He only had six threes and five steals over the first 11 games, so slow your roll playboy. He also isn’t one for dishing the ball or grabbing rebounds, but boy can he score. The move makes complete sense as Matthews is in line for more playing time, while Gibson is about to lose his PT to Carlos Boozer who is weeks away from returning. Nice one, Jeff.

Added: Channing Frye (PF/C, PHO)
Dropped: Yao Ming (C, HOU)

An un-named owner in my league made this add/drop. Two things. First, Frye should not be available in any league. Not before Robin Lopez got injured and especially not now that Lopez is out for the next month. That one was my bad for letting him slip on the wires. Second, let’s not get carried away here with Yao. You knew he was going to get injured. At least with this one he’s expected back by next week. What’s his value? Huge upside, limited ability. I for one aren’t so sure that I’d bail on Yao just yet. But that’s also because I took him in one league with the understanding that he wouldn’t play any more than 50 games this season. I was willing to take the chance on him. That said, I’m not blowing a No. 1 waiver priority on him. Sorry.

Added: Landry Fields (SG/SF, NYK)
Dropped: Tyler Hansbrough (PF, IND)

A 21-point, 17-rebound performance on Tuesday night made Landry a fantasy-household-name. He saw his ownage-rate increase by %14 in Yahoo! leagues just this morning. Good for him. He’s an energetic wing who if he continues to rebound and hustle on both sides of the ball will get minutes. D’Antoni loves guys like Fields. Always has. He’s not a double-double guy, but he does have some nice value going forward. More than Hansbrough does, that’s for sure. Especially now, given that he’s struggling with a sore ankle. An impulse move for sure, but one that’ll pay off in the near future.


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