Moving And Shaking: Hoopsters Gone A Courtin’

The early movement in my 7,145 fantasy hoops leagues continues. I am seeing guys come off the free-agent list daily, and I generally like what I see. I’m even starting to see some trades happen, for better or worse. It’s that time of year: panic is setting in! I continue to preach patience, but you never listen to me anyway. This week I saw one blockbuster-type of trade in one of my leagues and successfully pulled off a “meh” for an “eh” in another.

Comparing Bosh to Wallace is a slap in the face... for someone.

Trade: Chris Bosh (PF/C, MIA)
Trade: Gerald Wallace (SF/PF, CHA)

Both players have been disappointing early on. I would say that Bosh has been more disappointing, but that depends on what your expectations were for each player. Bosh hasn’t been this bad since his rookie season. He’s averaging just 14.8 points on 47.7% shooting and 5.9 rebounds on the season. Just awful for a late-2nd, early-3rd rounder. He’s only taking 11.5 shot attempts per game on the season, proving that he can co-exist with the ‘Big Two’ — but if this is co-existing I’d rather he simply exist. (You following me?). I would much rather have Wallace in this case. I don’t see Bosh getting much better. How about 16 points, 7 rebounds, and less than a block per game? That’s just terrible. At least with Wallace he has the upside to give you 2.5 blocks+steals. He’s already scoring more points, pulling down more boards, and playing better defense than Bosh. And he can only get better. I’ll take Wallace in this deal. Besides, I’ve already got the letters “BU..” stitched on my Bosh jersey. The “ST” aren’t too far behind.

Trade: Shane Battier (SF, HOU)
Trade: Boris Diaw (SF/PF, CHA)

This trade was pulled off by Jeff and I in the Yahoo! Friends and Family league. We received Diaw in this deal and admittedly were ready to pull the trigger once the trade was offered to us, however, we did have a brief moment of pause. The offer was sent to us by our good friend Matt Buser, who as you all know is one of the absolute best fantasy basketball minds out there. It led to a discussion between Jeff and I which was essentially, “What does Buser know that we don’t?” Because when Matt Buser wants a player you know that player has some nice value. Diaw is, as usual, off to a fat and lazy start, but his 11.7 points, 5.0 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 0.9 blocks, and 1.1 threes seem more enticing to us than Battier’s usual less-than-stellar hustle play. Buser knows something that Jeff and I don’t, which concerns me. I expect to see Battier leading the league in points and steals any day now. Until then, we’ll say that we made a good decision to take on Diaw.

Add: Wesley Matthews (SG, POR)
Drop: DeMar DeRozan (SG/SF, TOR)

Add: Rudy Fernandez (SG, POR)
Drop: Spencer Hawes (PF/C, PHI)

I put these two transactions together because they were made simultaneously by the same owner. You can tell that he is banking on Brandon Roy missing significant time after he was heard complaining on Tuesday night about his left knee. The two obvious adds with Roy out are Matthews and Fernandez. Which one will get the time? Who cares, right? He picked them both up! Smart move, if you have the room. While I think dropping DeRozan was a bit of a mistake, you can’t argue with getting Matthews and Fernandez who can both provide great value with Roy out.

Add: Tyson Chandler (C, DAL)
Drop: Landry Fields (SG/SF, NYK)

This summer I was drafting in a 30-team league. The draft clock was one hour per pick, since it’s impossible to get 30 guys together to draft at the same time. So once your pick was up you got an email telling you to get to picking! I was away from my computer in the 7th round, about 200-plus picks in. I had one center, Greg Oden, and knew that I needed another center on my roster. I e-mailed the league commish and told him that if Chandler was available could he please draft him for me, “thanks.” I then admitted that this was the first time I ever thanked someone for drafting Chandler for me. It turns out, I made a decent pick. In this case, the owner added Chandler just after his 12-point, 13-rebound, 2-block performance on Tuesday night. I like this move, since Fields is nothing more than a deep-league guy. Chandler will have nice value this year, believe it or not. He’s looking motivated early on and could put up Emeka Okafor type of numbers. He’ll give you headache games, but he can also double-double on a given night. Let’s just hope I didn’t jinx him.

Add: Mike Dunleavy (SG/SF, IND)
Drop: Al Thornton (SG/SF, WAS)

Nothing like adding a guy after a 31-point performance on 9-of-13 shooting from the floor and 5-of-5 shooting from beyond the arc. Such was the case with this owner picking up Dunleavy. Thornton has been fairly hot early on averaging 13.3 points per game, but he’s not the fantasy talent that Dunleavy is. I’m not buying Dunleavy as a plus-talent, but he’s worth the gamble. If he can stay healthy he’ll bring back nice value. Better than Thornton, that’s for sure.

Add: Eric Bledsoe (PG/SG, LAC)
Drop: Wesley Johnson (SG/SF, MIN)

This one was me. I have to say that I hate dropping rookies, especially high-ceiling ones. Seriously, how many of you dropped Stephen Curry last season? Yeah, exactly. But, when I can drop one to pick another up it’s a lot less painful. This one was in my FanHouse points league, so I wasn’t considering categories as much as I was overall production. With Baron Davis out I expect to get some nice return from Bledsoe. He doesn’t have the ceiling that Johnson does, but I’m tired of waiting for World-Wide Wes to start realizing that talent. Bledsoe, at least, has been productive in his minutes. I’m a bit biased, but this one looks like a winner to me!


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