Moving And Shaking: Baron Davis Sees The Waiver Wires

As we’ve mentioned a number of times on this site, Jeff and I are in a combined 20-some-odd leagues (give or take a few). Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the player movement in our various leagues, but like any fantasy expert will tell you, it’s important to stay on top of the waiver movement, especially early on when fantasy owners are getting a little impatient. Remember, ya’ll, each player has only played 3-4 times over the past week and a half. Tommy says, “relax.”

This week I’ll let you in on which players I’ve seen flying off the waiver wires and which ones have been sent to bed without dinner.

Dropped: Baron Davis (PG, LAC)
Added: Arron Afflalo (SG, DEN)

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

This transaction happened in one of my experts leagues. I was a little shocked to see that the owner had already decided to drop Davis. I get it, Davis is fat. I get it, he has a sore ankle and will miss a game or two. I get it, he’s shooting 32% from the floor. I get it. But it seems a little premature to me to outright drop Davis. I can assure you that someone would have traded for B-Drizzle in this league. And you likely could have had better than Afflalo. If Davis does get dropped in your league, pick him up. At his worst he’s still good for 5+ assists, 2 steals, some threes, and the ability to breakout in the scoring category.

Dropped: Greg Oden (C, POR)
Added: Antawn Jamison (F, CLE)

This one belonged to me. I had drafted Oden with the hopes of holding onto him, but the prospect of getting Jamison who is probably only about 15 percent as good as he was in his prime over Oden who sits at a 15 percent chance of even playing this year was enough for me. Jamison has been just awful this season, averaging 6.3 points on 31.8% shooting, 2.3 rebounds, and 1.4 assists. But, he has been dealing with a knee injury that has him listed as day-to-day. I know he’s only scored 19 points this season, but that may be 19 more points than Oden gets all year.

Dropped: DeJuan Blair (F/C, SAS)
Added: James Jones (SF, MIA)

This one belonged to our friend Jeff Andriesse. I can see the appeal that Jones has. He’s averaging 3.6 treys made over his first five games, 11.6 points and 51.4% shooting from the floor. The problem is, that’s all he gives you. He still hasn’t gotten to the free-throw line this season and is providing fewer than one assist, steal, and block per game. But, not speaking for Jeff here, Jones is a huge add for the 3-point category in particular. So assuming he was chasing help in that category, I have to give him credit. Especially considering that Blair is struggling early on and shooting just 20% from the floor on the season.

Dropped: Caron Butler (SG/SF, DAL)
Added: Carlos Delfino

This one puzzled me a little. Butler surely hasn’t been shooting the ball well, but he has been shooting it often. He had 33 shot attempts in the first two games and is averaging 16.0 points per game on the season. He’s also providing a respectable 4.0 rebounds and 1.3 steals per game. His percentages are low, he’s not making threes, and his turnovers are up a little. But I still wouldn’t have dropped him. Not while the owner who made this move has Antawn Jamison and George Hill still rostered. I do like Delfino, but wouldn’t have added him at Butler’s expense.

Dropped: Roddy Beaubois (SG, DAL)
Added: Jonny Flynn (PG, MIN)

This move was made by our good friend Andre Snellings of RotoWire. It’s hard to argue against it, especially given that Flynn is about a week away from returning while Beaubois is likely 3-4 weeks from seeing action. One piece of advice for other owners out there is that if you have the space to hold onto Beaubois, be it in a weekly league, I would consider holding. In daily leagues you probably can’t afford to sit on an injured player who has upside talent, but still isn’t a sure thing.

Dropped: Leandro Barbosa (SG, TOR)
Added: Mike Bibby (PG, ATL)

I’m a bit surprised by Bibby’s play early on. It’s not to say that he’s playing like the Bibby of old, but 13 points on 55% shooting and 2.3 treys are good enough to see him rostered in most formats. He won’t maintain that FG% and his 3-point shooting will take a bit of a dip, but it’s not a bad idea to ride him out. He doesn’t play enough defense or dish the ball well enough (3.9 assists) for me to get excited about him, but while you can get the FG% I say take it. I’ll say this, though, by the end of the season I expect Barbosa to have better value than Bibby.

Traded To: Stephen Jackson (SG/SF, CHA), Marcus Thornton (SG, NOH)
Traded For: Eric Gordon (SG, LAC), Serge Ibaka (C, OKC)

Believe it or not, I actually like the Ibaka side of this deal. Jackson is probably the “best” player in this deal, but I love what Ibaka has done early — 8.3 rebounds, 3.0 blocks, 10.0 points, 55.0 FG%, 88.9 FT%. I also think that Gordon can catch fire this season and provide better value than Jackson, especially if the Clips lose Baron Davis for an extended period. Thornton is a bit of a question mark. He was an early favorite of many fantasy experts, but lost favor on his own team and has been mediocre to start the season. Maybe the names aren’t as sexy, but I’d lean toward Ibaka/Gordon on this one.

If you have any deals or transactions you’d like to show up on this weekly piece, email Tom at


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