A meaningless statistical analysis of Jeff’s fantasy teams

Several of Jeff's teams hang on the exploits of Linas Kleiza.

Number of teams: 8.5
Number of teams Jeff will be intense about: 6.5
Number of rotisserie leagues: 4
Number of head-to-head leagues: 4.5
What is this .5 crap?: I’m splitting a team with Tom Lorenzo in the Yahoo! Friends & Family League.
Jeff’s draft slots (player taken & format in parentheses): 10 (Pau Gasol; H2H), 3 (LeBron James; Roto), 4 (Dirk Nowitzki; Roto), 7 (Stephen Curry; Roto), 1 (Kevin Durant; H2H), 9 (Deron Williams; H2H), 15 (Josh Smith; H2H), 1 (Kevin Durant; Roto), 4 (Dwight Howard; H2H)
Most common players taken: Linas Kleiza (6 times); Rajon Rondo (4); John Salmons (4); Luke Ridnour (4); Blake Griffin (3); Roy Hibbert (3); Kevin Martin (3); Monta Ellis (3); Jameer Nelson (3)
Deepest league: 20-team, 11-round H2H league
Leagues with weekly locked lineups: 2
Favorite pick: Blake Griffin, 8th round (in H2H league in early September)
Least favorite pick: Yao Ming, 8th round (in Roto league in mid-September)
Strongest team: My last draft Monday night, H2H league, 4th pick: Howard, Rondo, Monta, Griffin, Kevin Love, Mo Williams, Jeff Green, Eric Gordon, Lamar Odom; Bench: Serge Ibaka, Anderson Varejao, Mike Conley, Kleiza, Ridnour.
Longest on-line draft, in hours: 4.5 (10-team, 20-round draft with no time limit between picks)
Really?: Yup.
Ugh.: Tell me about it.
Why wouldn’t you have a timer fo-: Just shut the f%#k up. We had our reasons. I don’t wanna talk about it.
Leagues with Tom Lorenzo: 5.5
Do you guys have lives?: Yes. We have .5 between us.


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