Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Stephen Curry

The good folks over at Give Me the Rock hosted this week’s fantasy roundtable. This week’s question:

What do you think of Stephen Curry going at an average of 7.9 in Yahoo drafts? That’s above Danny Granger, Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Amar’e Stoudemire, and David Lee… What do you think of Curry’s prospects compared to those other potential first round picks?

My answer:

I’m a fan of Curry’s. He kills it in three categories (threes, steals, FT%), is very solid in two others (points, assists) and will have a full season coming up of playing close to 40 minutes a game for the Warriors. Don Nelson leaving gives me a little pause, but I’m willing to pull the trigger on Curry ahead of all the players mentioned in the question. Now, there are some caveats. In a head-to-head league, I consider Howard the No. 4 overall pick and will take him over Curry, but not in a roto league. Granger’s numbers are better than Curry’s, but I’m reluctant to spend a first-round pick on someone who is hurt as often as Granger is. While it is true that Curry’s assists aren’t what they should be for a first-round point guard, he trumps Deron Williams in almost every other category. I also think Curry will average around 20 points per game this year, an improvement on last season’s numbers. All he has to do is get along well with Monta Ellis and the two of them can form one of the most explosive offensive backcourts in the league. Keith Smart might play a more structured style of ball, but that doesn’t mean the Warriors will be much better defensively. They will have to push the pace and give Curry and Ellis free reign most nights to attack and attack as they will play from behind often. All of this adds up to a middle of the first round type of selection, and 7th or 8th seems about right. Match Curry with an efficient shot-blocking big in the second round (Brook Lopez?) and you have nearly every category covered right away. Curry’s a solid building block if you miss out on one of the few elite superstars early in drafts.

What do you guys think of Curry?


One response to “Fantasy Basketball Roundtable: Stephen Curry

  • bubbly

    This may get me banned but I really will take steph curry if burdened with the 2nd pick. Gamble my season on grumpy CP? This gamble is more fun and roto driven. Have at! I deserve it! bubbly

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