Power Forward Rankings: Jeff’s Top 30

Time for the final set of player rankings as we careen towards our drafts. Someone called “Tom Lorenzo” has written up his Top 30 Power Forwards over at RotoExperts, and I thought I’d throw my two cents in. I’m basing mine on Yahoo!’s positions, so it will include all hybrids. We’re also basing this on an 8-category, head-to-head league that doesn’t count turnovers.

  1. Dirk Nowitzki
  2. Danny Granger
  3. Pau Gasol
  4. Josh Smith
  5. Amar’e Stoudemire
  6. Gerald Wallace
  7. Al Horford
  8. Al Jefferson
  9. David Lee
  10. Tim Duncan
  11. Chris Bosh
  12. Andrea Bargnani
  13. Zach Randolph
  14. Kevin Love
  15. Joakim Noah
  16. David West
  17. Blake Griffin
  18. Nene Hilario
  19. Paul Millsap
  20. Rudy Gay
  21. Marcus Camby
  22. Carlos Boozer
  23. Andray Blatche
  24. Troy Murphy
  25. Jeff Green
  26. Antawn Jamison
  27. Lamar Odom
  28. Rashard Lewis
  29. LaMarcus Aldridge
  30. Kevin Garnett

Lotsa centers on that list. There are still tons of regular PFs you should consider since a lot of these guys will be slotted in at center. Quite a few fantasy folk worry about “depth” at center and power forward, but I feel there are plenty of options. Here are some further PFs to think about: Luis Scola, Michael Beasley, DeMarcus Cousins, Andrei Kirilenko, Anthony Randolph, Carl Landry, Elton Brand, J.J. Hickson and Tyrus Thomas. Corey Maggette, Wilson Chandler are eligible at PF. Sleepers at the position include Josh McRoberts, Drew Gooden, Amir Johnson, Greg Monroe and DeJuan Blair. And don’t forget that Hedo Turkoglu is likely to earn PF eligibility quickly. Good luck!


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