Center Rankings: Jeff’s Top 30

Time for more positional rankings!’s Tamer Chamma gives us his Top 30, so I figure I’d do the same. Tamer held out most of the power forwards that Yahoo! includes as centers, so I’ll give you a very different list that includes all players eligible at center in Yahoo!’s rankings. As you’ll see, this position is pretty deep. Now, pay attention: format matters. For this list, I’m basing it on an 8-category, no-turnover, head-to-head format. That makes Dwight Howard the clear No. 1 center since his major turnovers don’t hurt you and his bad free throw shooting is only in one category out of eight each week. In a rotisserie league, Howard’s free throws will drag you down in a big way and you should slide him down to the second round at best in those formats. Now, if you take Howard in any league, you need to have a strategy that follows. Mainly, you should decide if you are going to punt free throws or not. If not, make sure you take high-volume, high-percentage free throw shooters like Chauncey Billups, Kevin Martin and Paul Pierce to surround Howard, but even that might only guarantee you a couple of FT points in a roto league. If you give up on free throws, get a guy like Rajon Rondo so you can get a stranglehold on FG%, assists, steals, blocks and boards right away. Howard-Rondo in a head-to-head league is a perfect 1st-2nd round combo.

Onward to my rankings:

  1. Dwight Howard
  2. Pau Gasol
  3. Brook Lopez
  4. Amar’e Stoudemire
  5. Al Jefferson
  6. David Lee
  7. Al Horford
  8. Tim Duncan
  9. Joakim Noah
  10. Chris Bosh
  11. Andrea Bargnani
  12. Zach Randolph
  13. Marcus Camby
  14. Marc Gasol
  15. Nene Hilario
  16. Kevin Love
  17. Andrew Bogut
  18. Carlos Boozer
  19. Roy Hibbert
  20. Andray Blatche
  21. Troy Murphy
  22. Chris Kaman
  23. LaMarcus Aldridge
  24. Emeka Okafor
  25. DeMarcus Cousins
  26. Andrew Bynum
  27. Anthony Randolph
  28. Luis Scola
  29. Yao Ming
  30. Anderson Varejao

Check out all of the RotoExperts NBA Draft Kit articles here, and let me know what you think about these rankings.


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