Shooting Guard Rankings: Jeff’s Top 30

My latest positional top 30 was published over at RotoExperts: Shooting Guards. I called them the “necessary evil” of fantasy hoops. Usually, to go after three-pointers you need to sacrifice elsewhere. And threes tend to be pretty easy to find on the waiver wire. Always value steals and blocks over threes.

I picked Dwyane Wade over Kobe Bryant, but not because I loathe Kobe. I do loathe him very much, but I’d actually prefer him in a roto league, where he is more likely to play a full season and his free throw volume and percentage can help you. Wade fits with the mindset already touched upon: steals and blocks. A shooting guard who excels at both. In a head-to-head league, I want that. The rankings below are based up an 8-category, head-to-head format that doesn’t count turnovers and uses Yahoo!’s positional eligibility. As always, tweak your own rankings based on your league’s settings.

  1. Dwyane Wade
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Andre Iguodala
  4. Tyreke Evans
  5. Monta Ellis
  6. Brandon Roy
  7. Joe Johnson
  8. Stephen Jackson
  9. Paul Pierce
  10. Manu Ginobili
  11. Jason Richardson
  12. Kevin Martin
  13. Raymond Felton
  14. O.J. Mayo
  15. Trevor Ariza
  16. Caron Butler
  17. Eric Gordon
  18. Hedo Turkoglu
  19. Gilbert Arenas
  20. John Salmons
  21. Ray Allen
  22. Marcus Thornton
  23. Rodney Stuckey
  24. Nicolas Batum
  25. Jason Terry
  26. Jamal Crawford
  27. Ben Gordon
  28. J.R. Smith
  29. Vince Carter
  30. Linas Kleiza

Thornton’s stock is very shaky right now as he can’t get it going this preseason. Marco Belinelli is starting at the ‘2’. I’m feeling Batum and will make an effort to get him late. Ariza’s percentages knock him down a few pegs in a roto league. I’m going to let veteran guys like Johnson and Pierce get taken by someone else and instead try to wait for an Eric Gordon, Mayo or Batum.

Check out all the articles from the RotoExperts NBA Draft Kit. New ones are added every day.


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