Point Guard Rankings: Jeff’s Top 30

Articles for the RotoExperts 2010-11 Draft Kit, ably spearheaded by notorious Tom Lorenzo, have started to post. Here are my Top 30 point guard rankings with stat projections, for a Head-to-Head league that doesn’t count turnovers. Here’s my list:

  1. Chris Paul
  2. Dwyane Wade
  3. Stephen Curry
  4. Deron Williams
  5. Rajon Rondo
  6. Jason Kidd
  7. Steve Nash
  8. Tyreke Evans
  9. Monta Ellis
  10. Chauncey Billups
  11. Russell Westbrook
  12. Darren Collison
  13. John Wall
  14. Mo Williams
  15. Aaron Brooks
  16. Baron Davis
  17. Derrick Rose
  18. Devin Harris
  19. Raymond Felton
  20. Brandon Jennings
  21. Gilbert Arenas
  22. Jrue Holiday
  23. Jameer Nelson
  24. Tony Parker
  25. Rodney Stuckey
  26. Mike Conley
  27. Beno Udrih
  28. Jason Terry
  29. Jamal Crawford
  30. Andre Miller

We used Yahoo!’s positional eligibility, so guys like Wade were counted. Predicting stats for players like Curry, Collison and Wall were very difficult to do, but the bottom line is they are ranked about where you are going to need to draft them if you play in a competitive league.

Good luck to everyone as you start drafting. Let us know how things are going.


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