Fantasy Hoops Mock Draft at

Tom and I took part in a mock draft with fellow staffers at, and Tom wrote about it here.

LeBron went first, and I got Durant second, Dwight Howard went third and Chris Paul fourth, so things got a little wacky right away (it was a Head to Head league format, so crazier things have happened). They settled down after that, but some interesting risers and fallers in my eyes were: Tyreke Evans with the 13th pick (way too high); Amar’e Stoudemire falling to the middle of the 2nd round; John Wall in the 4th round (could pay off); Baron Davis sliding to the 7th (I think he could be great if he plays 75 games).

The lesson: mock early and often leading up to the season. Gives you a comfort level and an idea of the various strategies you’ll see once the drafts get real. Enjoy.


One response to “Fantasy Hoops Mock Draft at

  • bubbly

    Well done team. I thought jonathan penney’s team stood out. Although that is through roto colored glasses and he would need to trade a big. Michael Redd in the 10th round? The gentleman who made that choice also made other mid and late round jaw droppers. Take him aside.

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