Damn Lies & Statistics Live Chat

Join us for a live chat, starting Friday, Sept. 10 at 11:30 a.m. On the docket: Early real and mock drafts – who is going where and why?; Sleepers and busts; Whatever you want to talk about; Lots of stream of consciousness rants.

Join us, won’t you? Click below:

Damn Lies & Statistics Live Chat


6 responses to “Damn Lies & Statistics Live Chat

  • bubbly

    great chat team. I hope ya’ll do another. We spent too much time talking seton hall glory days but I am the clown who brought it up. bubbly

  • bubbly

    Team! I am going to post a few things here, taking advantage of my status as official jurior writer here at DLAS………..I was planning on not drafting nenad kristic but that brawl sheds new light. Will his OKC teammates veiw him differently? Will they think ‘man! He’s no soft euro! We need to get this crazy man the rock!!’ Worth considering………I was wrong when I claimed Ramon Sessions played in 82 games last year and only made one 3; he played in 82 games last year and made NO 3’s. Stay away!………..someone pointed out that if Dwight Howard could make FT’s fantasy basketball would be no fun since whoever had him would win easily each year. Howard, Josh Smith, Marc Gasol are all caveats in roto leagues………Luke ridenour may be a real steal this year-with telfair as the only backup PG……….Except for Brandon Jennings the Bucks should be avoided………. jermaine o’neal may be an acceptable center this year. He shot 70% from the line last year. Perkins is out til Feb-and shack is shack.

  • Jeff Andriesse

    Well said, Bubbs (I call you Bubbs. Sorry, Wire fan here). I don’t think OKC will be running more plays for Krstic, unless he threatens them with a chair. Let the Cleveland situation play out before splurging on Sessions… and yes Jermaine O’Neal is going very late in drafts. In one mock, I took him in the 13th round, which was a steal but unfortunately caused him to sprain a knee.

  • bubbly

    Thanks Jeff! The other reason the nenad donneybrook might have some fantasy impact is that I was high on cole aldrich. Less so now! Yes. They will make that rookie rather than risk angering that mountain. If I was not clear pray forgive me. let me be so now. STAY AWAY from ramon sessions! I do hope he helps the CAVS but I need 3’s almost as much as caffinated brown pop. Almost. Guess who had Latrell Spreewell whem when he choked Carlisamo? Guess who had Areanas last year? Season busting clowns. In both cases it was what they did after the fact. areanas hamming it up with the finger pointing. Spreewell appearing on camera some hours later higher than I have ever been. Almost. ‘I’d like to apologize to all my fans’ was the first thing out of him. Dopey grin and red eyes. YOUR APOLOGY IS STILL NOT ACCEPTED, SPREEWELL!! I did not have artest his suspension year so I missed the triple crown of NBA bad behavior. Thank you for your kind indulgence. bubbly

  • Cam

    You never know with Krstic, I thought he played well and I think that may offset his little behavioural problem during the world champs!

    bubbly, you interested in joining one of my leagues? need a passionate manager or two!

  • bubbly

    CAM! This may be blasphemy to ya’ll but I only do one league a year. You are welcome to join the CHUD worldwide yahoo roto leaugue! Group ID=14061 PW=chud shanghi. DC. SF. among cities already represnted! Long shot but do you recall and aussie baseball pitcher named Cameron Camcross? He had a short MLB stint with the Indians. He once made a local sports reporter look very foolish(admittedly that is easy to do). WRITE BACK! The aussies we had in the league last year were stonewalls. lol the comissioner said we could get better aussies this year!

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