2010-11 Fantasy Hoops Mock Draft: 10th (and final) Round

We wrap up our Mock Draft, with the 10th and final round.

Rules: 8-category rotisserie league, 12 teams, 10 rounds, picking best available player (not building teams).
The participants: Steve Alexander (Rotoworld), Jeff Andriesse, Tom Lorenzo and Greg Fox (Damn Lies).


ROUND 1 with commentary
ROUND 2 with commentary
ROUND 3 with commentary
ROUND 4 with commentary
ROUND 5 with commentary
ROUND 6 with commentary
ROUND 7 with commentary
ROUND 8 with commentary
ROUND 9 with commentary

109. Steve – Mike Miller
110. Jeff – Corey Maggette
111. Greg – Anthony Tolliver
112. Tom – Elton Brand
113. Steve – Derrick Favors
114. Jeff – Vince Carter
115. Greg – Evan Turner
116. Tom – Rodrigue Beaubois
117. Steve – Charlie Villanueva
118. Jeff – J.R. Smith
119. Greg – Brendan Haywood
120. Tom – Wilson Chandler

Steve Alexander:
In the 10th, I went with Mike Miller, Derrick Favors and Charlie V. Miller should hit a ton of threes for the Heat, Favors should have an open door to start without Yi Jianlian around and Charlie V can’t possibly be as bad as he was last year, right? Again, happy with any of them in the 10th. Maggette is going to be interesting in Milwaukee, which is now just too deep for my liking. He and Salmons may not share the ball too well. Tolliver is a roll of the dice, Brand looks like he’s running in quicksand, but is a solid center pick this late. Jeff finally took the Vinsanity bait, and I find it hard to believe he won’t give him solid returns on his investment, although JJ Redick is nipping at his heels. Turner’s awful summer league saw him drop, and I’d rather have Favors as of today. I like JR Smith this late, especially since he has newfound respect for George Karl, and I love Haywood starting for Dallas, but don’t love Ty Chandler stalking him off the bench. Wilson Chandler should be a solid 10th-round pick, but he’s got competition with Bill Walker and now Roger Mason around.

Jeff Andriesse: I had been daring the other guys to take Vince Carter, so I figured I might as well do it myself. His numbers last year were even worse on paper than I imagined in my head, but at this point in the draft, a 16-4-3 with some three-point shooting isn’t horrible. I just wonder if J.J. Redick will indeed eat into Carter’s minutes as Stan Van Gundy realizes the Magic are better with J.J. in the lineup. My choice for coming to that realization: the Celtics series in the playoffs, but that’s just me. I took to other fantasy headaches in Corey Maggette and J.R. Smith, and the thing to know with either is that they will only be good in patches. Maggette is a selfish player who learned bad habits in Golden State; he’ll need to adjust to earn Scott Skiles’ trust. That said, he’s walking in their as their best offensive player. Smith is somehow not the best player in the NBA. I think he can jump higher and shoot it from deeper than anyone else, while also possessing one of the quickest first steps in the league. Sadly, he will again fight for minutes behind Arron Afflalo and test fantasy owners’ patience with his fluctuations. When either Maggette and Smith are going well, you’ll want them in your lineup, but have backup plans. Greg’s selection of Anthony Tolliver only serves to remind me how finicky Don Nelson is. I fully expect Jeremy Lin to be a waiver pickup in January. I agree with Steve on Derrick Favors – he should get going by December and be a solid 10th-round choice by the end of the season.

Greg Fox: I never thought I’d see the day when perennial top 15 choices Elton Brand and Vince Carter were relegated to the 10th round, but here we are. And I think they’re both fortunate that Tom and Jeff selected them this high. Brand had been an absolute grizzly bear in the paint most of his career, but injuries and a system unsuited to him, render him almost an afterthought in Philly. Carter will continue to sulk up and down the court and his albatross of a contract will be a key factor in Orlando not being able to get out of the East. I’m pleased with my selection of Anthony Tolliver at No. 111. At this point, he is expected to sign with either Minnesota or back in Golden State. I vote for the Warriors, where he could log big minutes and put up some fancy all-around numbers. There aren’t too many three-point threats who also block shots and Tolliver is one of the few. Evan Turner, who I turned to at No. 115, has been pathetic this summer, but he is the No. 2 pick in the draft and the Sixers will undoubtedly give him the opportunity to play big minutes. Many say he has a well-rounded game and we’ll surely find out before long. I like Tom’s selection of the speedy and talented Rodrique Beaubois at No. 116. The backcourt situation is a bit congested in Dallas, but Beaubois proved that he is an electric offensive player and should have the opportunity to log bigger minutes. Brendan Haywood, who went from 10 years of mediocrity into one of the top fantasy centers last season, will man the pivot in Dallas. I’m not expecting him to duplicate his ’09-10 numbers, but he doesn’t have to to be worthy of the 119th spot.


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