2010-11 Fantasy Hoops Mock Draft: Seventh Round

We continue our Mock Draft, with Round Seven.

Rules: 8-category rotisserie league, 12 teams, 10 rounds, picking best available player (not building teams).
The participants: Steve Alexander (Rotoworld), Jeff Andriesse, Tom Lorenzo and Greg Fox (Damn Lies).


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ROUND 2 with commentary
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ROUND 6 with commentary

73. Steve – Hedo Turkoglu
74. Jeff – Marcus Thornton
75. Greg – Luke Ridnour
76. Tom – Luis Scola
77. Steve – Yao Ming
78. Jeff – Carl Landry
79. Greg – Sam Dalembert
80. Tom – Rashard Lewis
81. Steve – Michael Beasley
82. Jeff – Luol Deng
83. Greg – Jameer Nelson
84. Tom – Jamal Crawford

Steve Alexander:
Round 7 was kind of fun, although my favorite pick of the round wasn’t my own. Marcus Thornton should have a big year – no Morris Peterson to stand in his way anymore and the guy lit it up off the bench last year. Now a starting job looks like an absolute no-brainer (come on, Monty, play along) and he should be seventh-round gold. I went retro in this round, going with Hedo Turkoglu, who should see a rebirth playing in a warm climate and for an run-and-gun offense where he is not expected to be a focal point. Should be a total bounce-back year for him and there’s no way he shoots it so poortly again this time. I also took Yao Ming (was toying with Landry too), who will supposedly be ready to start the season. If you draft Yao and get him in the 7th round, the risk is fully minimalized. No way he’ll make it through the whole year, but could give you a big first half – could. Beasley was my last pick in this round and while David Kahn has not called him “Manna from Heaven,” he has told us he’s stopped smoking weed – or at least cut back. All upside for me in Round 7 and I just couldn’t let Yao fall any farther. I really do like all the picks in this round, outside of Luke Ridnour. I think he could have been had later, and while he’s starting for the Wolves, that doesn’t mean his numbers will be too much better than they were as Brandon Jennings’ backup last year. Could be wrong, but in Round 7 I’m looking for guys who have the potential to blow up.

Jeff Andriesse: Rashard Lewis was going in the sixth round last year, and that with people knowing he was going to miss the first 10 games of the season. Now he’s the 80th pick, a clear indication of his putridity last season and of Vince Carter’s zen-like ability to fit in on a team like a tapeworm. When Tom was drafting Rashard, I was sitting on my bed clutching a teddy bear and penning yet another love letter to Carl Landry, my pick two spots prior. Of course I didn’t have Landry in any leagues last year despite hyping him as a sleeper, and he was great. Is there any doubt he regresses should I secure him in real drafts? Yao Ming is the real conversation-starter in this round, and I was internally debating him for several rounds. Right now I’m leaning to taking a chance on him in drafts, and the seventh seems like a decent spot. I also humbly take a bow for the Thornton pick, which has made my colleagues a little jealous. I simply don’t want to miss out on Thornton if he continues to put up huge numbers playing alongside Chris Paul, and will gladly burn a 7th-rounder on him if I have to.

Greg Fox: Things took a slight turn for the worse in this round as Hedo Turkoglu, who ruined many a fantasy season in ’09-10, was taken off the board by Doctor A at No. 73. Playing alongside Steve Nash should help his owners not hurl when looking at a Phoenix box score. Jeff hopped on Marcus Thornton a pick later. Was there a better fantasy backcourt combination than Thornton and Darren Collison after Chris Paul went down last year? I grabbed Ridnour next whose per-minute numbers were a thing of beauty last season. He should be the man for about the first four months of the season while running the show in basketball Siberia. Scola is a solid selection at 76 and I think everyone was about to jump on Carl Landry with their next pick. I selected Sammy Dalembert, now the starting center in Sacramento, at 79. Even in a highly inconsistent campaign with the Sixers, he posted just under 10 rebounds and 2.0 blocks per game. Tom took a gamble that Rashard Lewis will again resemble a professional basketball player following his best John Rudd impersonation last season. For my last pick in this round I was happy to see Jameer Nelson available. After an injury-riddled season in which he egregiously underachieved, he put it together in the playoffs, averaging 19.0 (48% fg) and 4.8 assists.

Tom Lorenzo: I think we’ll see a nice turnaround from Turk this season. As they say, Steve Nash makes everyone around him better. I love the Thornton pick by Jeff. He could have a Ben Gordon type season this year. The Hornets have cleared the way for him to start alongside CP3. I also think the Ridnour pick might surprise people. Jonny Flynn is out for 4-6 months and the Wolves now have to go with Ridnour as their main point guard. Scola and Ming go back-to-back. A nice place for both players. If Yao plays a full season Dr. A got a Top 20 player. Then again, there are questions as to whether or not he plays again… ever! I was happy to snag Shard Lewis here, mainly for his 3-point shooting. It’s pretty clear that he’s no longer a second-round pick, but getting him in the 7th seems like a bargain. Mike Beasley is a sneaky pick. The change of scenery might actually do him some good. Also like the solid picks of Deng and Nelson. Jeff and Greg got two productive starters this late in the draft. As for me, I went with Crawford hoping to find about 18 points per game at the end of the 7th round. We’ll see how that turns out.


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