Damn Lies Chat: NBA Offseason Fantasy Implications

So much has happened since we last convened here at Damn Lies & Statistics following the Lakers’ 7-game victory over the Celtics in the Finals, a treat of a series that unfortunately became quickly overshadowed by the NBA free agency period from hell. Not since Jeff Andriesse, Tom Lorenzo and Greg Fox decided to start this blog has a troika stirred up as many visceral emotions as LeBron James’ and Chris Bosh’s decisions to join Mario Chalmers in Miami. And with the Bulls, Knicks, Nets and others forced to scramble, the NBA landscape has changed significantly. We now live in a world where Amir Johnson is due upwards of $35 million, and the Minnesota Timberwolves, fresh off two straight years of procuring nothing but point guards, now need a point guard. Al Jefferson is a Jazz? Is that grammatically correct? So many questions.

That’s why we’re here. Jeff, Tom and Greg take their talents to Cover It Live for a noon EST chat on Wednesday, July 28. Join us. Ask questions. Bask in fantasy advice. Allow us time to double- and triple-check the rosters. And for God’s sake, stop biting your fingernails already.

To read the chat, click on the following link:
Damn Lies & Statistics NBA Offseason Roundtable


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